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[Guide]: Mitera



Beginners Guide to Mitera

Level Requirement: Level 170
Dil Required to Teleport: 1,000
Teleporter: Jerome


Mitera is where you can farm +8 Osmium sets, +8 180 Weapons, +7 Floss Rings, +7 Geiz Necklaces, Audax Earrings, Mavrics, and Dream Powder.

All monsters have a chance to drop 200,000 dil.

Certain monsters on the map only drop specific set pieces. You need to hunt certain monsters to farm class-specific gear.

There are 5 bosses on this map and each boss drops a certain set piece of Osmium for all 12 classes.

  1. Nubian (3x +7 Random Osmium Gloves)
  2. Pausha (3x +7 Random Osmium Pants)
  3. Grandis (3x +7 Random Osmium Boots)
  4. Foreman King Digger (3x +7 Random Osmium Helmets)
  5. Conjuror Edward (3x +7 Random Osmium Armors)

The 5 Mitera bosses have been removed, we will revamp them and bring them back in future updates!

Here are the locations to farm class-specific gear:


All monsters on this map have a chance to drop accessories.

  • Floss Rings: Increases elemental damage and hit rate slightly
  • Geiz Necklaces: Increases elemental resistance, str/spr/dex, and vitality (Recommended)
  • Audax Earrings: Increase stats based on the type of Audax you are wearing. They drop in a very wide variety.

You can wear up to 4 Geiz Necklaces or Floss Rings at once, and 2 Audax Earrings. You equip Audax Earrings in the 2 spots in your inventory that are on either side of your Helmet.


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