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[Guide]: Parca Temple


Hello Warriors,

Some users have been having some troubles understanding some of the new things that were brought to Dekaron Rising in the recent Parca Temple revamp so I decided to create a guide explaining everything.

If you have any questions related to Parca Temple comment below and myself or another user will do our best to answer it!



Guide Contents:

:: Polluted Shadowakris and Cocoons
:: Withering Evangelist (Boss)
:: Lab Chief Verdia (Boss)
:: Binaelle Fairie and the Sap Bottle Exchange Rewards
:: Sap Testee, Failed Sap Testee, Fresh Sap Testee, Slime


1.) Polluted Shadowakris and Cocoons

There are 8 Shadowakris and several Cocoons on Parca Temple.

Polluted Shadowakris drop 5,000,000 dil and 1 random Argate. (Respawn time 5 minutes)
Cocoons drop 6 Sap Bottles and are guarded by Fresh Sap Testees. (Respawn time 4 hours)

Polluted Shadowakris only spawn at the bottom of Parca Temple, near the fountains. However, Cocoons spawn across the entire map.

(See the image at the very bottom of this post for the respawn locations of each monster)


2.) Withering Evangelist (Boss)

This boss spawns in the upper section of Parca Temple and respawns two-hours after it is killed.

Difficulty: Medium


  • +50% 1-Day EXP Amulet Ex-boxes (Does not begin expiring until you open the ex-box)
  • Random Pets
  • Lollipop weapon and Pumpkin Heads
  • Dshop Masks 30-Days
  • Ice buff ex-package (Each contains 15ea Anima Secret Remedy, 30ea Ice Flower, and 30ea Ice Mushroom)

Note: This boss has a lot of HP and is easiest to kill with a party. His special attack applies a -50% Max MP drain on a single target for a few seconds and prevents the target from using Mana Potions while the debuff is applied.


3. Lab Chief Verdia (Boss)

This boss spawns in the Upper Section of Parca and respawns 4-hours after it is killed.

Difficulty: Very Hard


  • 33% Drop rate for [Skin Diamond] Sap
  • 100% Drop rate for 10,000,000 Dil

Note: Traps. Verdia summons Sap Shurikens all around the edge of the arena, which will kill anything caught within their range. Poison Eggs. Verdia has 4 Poison Eggs in her arena. These eggs will randomly spawn poison bombs around the arena. Passive Ability: Being experienced with poison experiments has made Lab Chief Verdia resistant towards Poison. She also has a linear AOE attack that damages all players in a straight line 1-3 times. This also drains the HP of all targets hit for 30 seconds.


4.) Binaelle Fairie and the Sap Bottles Exchange Rewards

Lab Chief Verdia offered to help getting rid of Seleana from Parca Temple, however, what we didn't know was that Verdia has gone mad from her Sap experiments. To get rid of Seleana, Verdia released her newly crafted Sap Gas into Parca Temple!
Well, the Sap Gas got rid Seleana, but it also turned Parca Temple into one BIG mess.
All the creatures of Parca Temple have mutated and turned into atrocious beings!

You can interact with NPC Binaelle Fairie near the Teleporter of Parca Temple.


Exchange Table:


Sap Bottles drop at a 30% rate from the monsters in Parca Temple.
At this time, Blood Bottles are tradable.


5.) Sap Testee, Failed Sap Testee, Fresh Sap Testee

These new monsters drop Sap Bottles and give high EXP. See the image below for their spawn locations.

Difficulty: Hard

Sap Testee -- Melee
Failed Sap Testee -- Ranged
Fresh Sap Testee -- Melee & Ranged

Slime -- Melee (1% Chance to Drop a Slime Pet 30-Days)


Purple = Polluted Shadowakris
Orange = Slime
Yellow = Withering Evangelist
Green = Lab Chief Verdia
Blue = Cocoons & Fresh Sap Testee's
Red = Sap Testee's & Failed Sap Testee's

Extra Information:
- The use of return scrolls is blocked on this map.
- You can set your respawn location to this map at NPC Kata located near the fountain.
- Potions and arrows can be purchased from NPC Assam.

- There is no lure limit.

Edited by Fayth

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