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[Guide]: Ruins of Rudene Instance Dungeon

1:50 First Miniboss
3:28 Destroy Fire Fairy
4:26 Second Miniboss
6:25 Third Miniboss
7:55 Fourth Miniboss
9:19 Tyrant Rudene


Big thanks to HoeWithBlades & ScykkGnOm for helping me create this full run video of the dungeon!

Objectives to complete a perfect dungeon run:

  • Kill all Monsters / Bosses to unlock the next portion of the InDun.
  • Destroy the Fire Fairy to gain immunity to all Fire HP Drains for 5 minutes, crucial to defeat the mini-boss.
    • Applies the buff to all alive party members.
  • Avoid the tornado's summoned by Nymph.
  • Avoid the ring that Selaena performs. (WARNING message at top of the screen).
  • Avoid the Lava Pools that are spawned by Rudene.
    • The safe zones move periodically and are displayed with Blue Lights.
    • The space between the Blue Lights is safe from lava.
  • Rudene's 20-second stun can be removed by a Segnale or a Seguriper. Make sure this stun is removed often for max DPS.
  • Designate one character to tank the boss.
    • Must have a high amount of HP.
    • Must have gear that allows them to tank better than the rest of the party and is supported by other members of the party.
      • Mablray Seal or Dragonic Squama
      • +9 Fire Necklaces or Parca Tear's
    • Classes that are good for tanking this boss:
      • Bagi Warrior
      • Half Bagi
      • Azure Knight
    • Bring consumable buffs, these are very important to make the dungeon easier. Even if you don't have D-Shop buffs the normal candies are just as powerful.
      • Malakites
      • Half-Cooked Laker Steak
      • Clear Mullet Stew
      • Greasy Smoked Carmin
      • Crisp and Pure Water of Avalon
      • Ice Mushroom
      • Ice Flower
      • Anima Secret Remedy
      • Aged Loam Cheese
      • Soft Faerie Cake
      • Fried Crunchy Mantis
      • Clear Parca Holy Water
      • Depellium
      • Saint Lana
      • White & Dark Valentine Chocolates

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