DK Square Ranking System

V1 (Open Beta) of our new DK-Square Ranking System has been released.

New Transup & Skills

Part 1 of the new contents update is here!

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

  • 32 Patch 22.2 Performance Poll

    1. 1. Did performance (FPS drops, freezes, etc.) get better with Patch 22.2?

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[Guide]: Wings System

In Dekaron Rising there are currently four different types of wings you can use in the game.

UPDATE: The Wings System has been changed again. To see the stat changes please follow this link and scroll down to Wings.

To equip wings, simply click and drag them into one of the four empty slots located at the top of your inventory (Press I to open Inventory)

  • Level 70 Beginner Wings (Free)
  • Level 102 Wings (500,000 Dil)
  • Level 151 Wings (300 Mithril)
  • D-SHOP Wings (8,000-8,500 Deka-Coins)
  • How to upgrade Level 151 Wings


Level 70 Wings:

These are given to your character for free at experience level 1.  
Located in your Newbie Box, which also gives you some other free goods, are these wings.  
At level 70 you are able to use these wings and they look the same for ALL classes.  
If you discarded these wings you can still have them!  
Teleport to Parca Temple or Egutt Desert from Ardeca using the NPC Makaio or Jerome.  
Press M on your keyboard and search for the NPC Hosea located close to the center of the map.  
Talking to him will show you level 70 wings. 
These wings have no expiration.

Level 102 Wings:

Teleport to Egutt Desert from Ardeca using the NPC Jerome.  
NPC Hosea is close to where you spawn at, you can find him directly beside the teleport NPC.  
At this tier, every classes wings have a specific look.  
You can not wear Azure Knight wings if you are a Segnale!  
Finally, these wings have no expiration. 

Level 151 Wings:


These wings cannot be purchased with dil unlike the previous two types already discussed.  
Mithril can be obtained from the map Deadlands.  
You can teleport there using the NPC Jerome located in Ardeca.  
After killing enough monsters to receive 300 Mithril you then return to Ardeca 
and travel to the bottom left corner of the castle where you will find the NPC/Exchange 
Master Ishtar.  
Select the option that says "151+ Wings Exchange" and exchange the 300 Mithril towards the
class you are using.  
Once again you cannot wear the wings of another class.  
At the date of the post you can purchase 300 Mithril for an average price of 8-10 mil from 
other players. 
These wings have no expiration.

D-SHOP Wings:

These are currently the best wings in the game thus giving the best stats and 
highest speed bonus.  
To get these wings you can either purchase DSHOP from another player or purchase the 
DSHOP yourself here.  
To view the wings that are up for purchase click symbol in the bottom right-hand 
corner of your HUD (Heads-Up Display) that resembles a "D".  
Most classes can wear all of the wings however some cannot so check before you buy 
from another player.  
These wings will expire after 365 Days has elapsed.

How to upgrade Level 151 Wings

New wing upgrade system!
In order to help adventurers fight against the Doppelgangers, Kunda has appeared. This merchant in the Abandoned City sells upgraded wings. Bring your 151 wings, and wing fragments looted from the Dopplegangers to Kunda, to receive your new wings.
Wings upgrade from 151 to [Eo] wings for 100 fragments. From [Eo] Wings to [Xera] Wings for 200 fragments. And from [Xera] Wings to [Ys] Wings for 300 fragments.

D-Shop Wing stats will not change. They will remain the highest stats. [YS] Wing Stats = D-Shop Wing Stats


Wing Fragments can also now be obtained from the Ruins of Rudene Instance Dungeon!




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