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[Guide]: Mavric and Argate System




[Mavric and Argate (Upgrade System) Explained]

This guide will help you fortify your high-level gear to make them even stronger and more effective than before.
This guide will be in three parts. It does not matter which part you start with.
Part 1: Argate/Fortification
Part 2: Mavric/Option
Part 3: Rising's Free-To-Play Policy


Part 1: Argate & Fortification

  • Before you begin Fortifying your weapons/armors/accessories you must first collect some dil and argates. To learn how to do this go check out Dannyboi's Newbie Guide!
  • There are three NPC's that you can Fortify with (all three do the same thing). There is no difference between them, it is all personal preference. The three NPC's are;  Maximus, Axion, and Pablos located in Ardeca.
    Maximus: 345:53
    Axion: 282:177
    Pablos: 291:180
  • Once you decide which NPC you wish to use, you can move the item you wish to upgrade and fortification tools into the menu.
    +1~3 Requires Copper Argate
    +4~6 Requires Silver Argate
    +7~10 Requires Gold Argate


  • With each upgrade, the weapons strength will increase, however, the 'Required Stats' to equip the weapon will always remain the same.
  • While upgrading from +1~+7 if you fail a fortification the item will be returned to +0. If you fail a fortification on an item going +8~+10 then the item will be destroyed if you do not use a protector.
  • You can increase your success rate percentage (%) by using Blacksmith Talisman which can be purchased from Battle Royale and DSHOP coins.



Part 2: Mavric & Options

  • When you are ready to add some options to your gear head to Carmen!
    *Note: Some items cannot have Options added to them.
    **Note: It is cheap to make random stats, but can consume lots of dil if you attempt to get only perfect stats.


  • Before speaking with Carmen you will need to farm 3 consumable items and a lot of dil! The items are as follows:
    Pass Mavrics:  Q4LMLOS.jpg               Nium Mavrics:  4tx3X5d.jpg              Tatum Mavrics:  QsZFqyq.jpg
  • Select '[Option Creation/Removal]' from her list of menus.



  • No matter what item you are adding options to they will always follow this format:

    Divine Noble


  • As you upgrade your item the Dil Fee will increase significantly from Magic ~ Divine Noble. There is a rare chance of losing the last stat upon failing. There is also a rare chance of losing all stats upon failing.


  • In the third screen capture above you will notice two special items used in the NPC's menu.
    ZNAaZiH.jpg : Protects your options from being removed upon failing, can be purchased with dshop coins.

    4VuXFz4.jpg : Increases your success rate of creating options on your items, can be purchased with dshop coins.

Part 3: Free-To-Play!

  • In Dekaron Rising, there are no over-powered items that are locked behind a "Pay Wall". Everything that a donator can get a free player can also achieve through grinding, selling, and trading.

    Donating is just a way for players to obtain things faster. Imagine it as a tall mountain, all players can climb to the top but some can jump some parts.
  • One example of this is below: 

hdihFrp.jpg At this NPC in Ardeca (Location: 420:65)

At Stacy, you exchange Dragon Bones M8UDzyz.jpg for D-Shop items like Blacksmith kHXbkOy.jpg and Alchemist Protectors ZNAaZiH.jpg.

You can farm Dragon Bones in these maps:

  • Egutt Desert: All monsters have a low drop rate and the seven bosses all drop dragon bones.
  • Draviss Field: Drop from the Juleigh and Cuff Juleigh monsters. See map below for their spawn locations. These monsters also drop Mavrics, Argates, and Dravice Normal Artifacts!


There is another Dshop-Exchange located at Parca Temple with NPC Binealle Fairie.



There you can exchange Sap Bottles DlAzZii.png for Alchemist's Will and Alchemist's Protectors.

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