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[Guide]: Siege Battle


S I E G E   B A T T L E   G U I D E  -  R I S I N G

On request by the community and from previous Siege experiences, I'll be trying my best to explain every aspect of the Siege Battle in Dekaron Rising, since I've noticed a lot of players who aren't sure about how Siege works and what their role is in the war. The guide is built up in different sections so that each player is able to achieve the knowledge they lack as fast as possible. I hope everyone reading will find this useful & please report back to me if I missed any important information. 


xQ3oa1q.jpg   rCHgkZo.jpg



I - What is Siege?

II - Requesting Siege & The Siege Ritual

III - When does the Siege Battle take place? 

IV - How does my guild enter the map "Genoa Castle"? 

V: Genoa Castle - Functions & Important Objectives (Pictures)

VI: Attacking & Defending Guild Role

VII: Tips & Tricks

VIII: Consequences of losing the Siege Battle


I - What is Siege?

Siege is a massive war between an Attacking Guild and a Defending Guild. To clarify;

- The main goal for the Attacking Guild is to capture Genoa Castle. 

- The main goal for the Defending Guild is to defend Genoa Castle from the Attacking Guild. 

Genoa Castle becomes the possession of the winning guild, and the Guild Master becomes the ruler of Genoa Castle until another guild succeeds an attack towards the castle. When players say "Castle-holders", it is, therefore, a reference to the guild who won the latest Siege War. For competitive guilds, winning the Siege War can, therefore, be defined to be the most prestigious achievement. 


II - Requesting Siege & The Siege Ritual

Firstly, the requirements to request Siege are the following: Guild Level 3, a minimum of 3 players, and 50M dills - Until then, you'll be unable to register for the Siege Battle. Also, Siege applications open up 4 days before the actual war. 

When the guild meets these requirements, the Guild Leader must talk to the NPC "Leonhart" in Ardeca and select the following options:

1: Request Siege

2: Initiate Signet Ritual

Once this has been done, the guild is now eligible to complete the Siege Ritual.

- The Siege Ritual can be begun in Deneb by completing the dungeon "Evil Abyss". The guild leader must form a party, and afterward enter the dungeon. (This ritual isn't hard at all, but expect it to take around 10-20 minutes). Everything is very straight-forward, and there will constantly be messages of what you're supposed to do in there; the main task is to kill monsters & collect souls - in other words, there is no way to get confused.

When this ritual has been finished, the Guild Leader must return to Leonhart and select the option "Register Siege Signet". After this, your guild is officially registered to participate in the upcoming Siege Battle. 


III - When does the Siege Battle take place?

The Siege Battle takes place every second week on a Sunday and it lasts for up to 80 minutes. There is a timer on forums that clearly states when the next Siege is. Additionally, when Siege has been requestedthe defending and the attacking guild can in-game click:

"G" --> "Func." --> "Battle Status"


IV - How does my guild enter the map "Genoa Castle"?

Defending Guild: The Castle-Holding guild can ALWAYS enter Genoa Castle, as they own it until another guild captures it. The members of the defending guild are able to enter Genoa Castle through a portal in the South-Western section of Ardeca. 

Attacking Guild: The attacking guild can enter the map as soon as the Siege Battle starts. Genoa Castle can be entered from a tunnel in Deneb.



V: Genoa Castle - Functions & Important Objectives


1. Castle Gates: The South Gate leads to the inner castle; the West and East Gates lead to the central keep of the castle. The Defending Guild's leader can enhance these gates with Lorenzo’s help. All gates can be destroyed by the attackers, however, only PHYSICAL damage works.

2. Pendants: There are FIVE pendants; Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire, & Wind. These stones can be hit with physical damage AND magic damage - as long as it is NON-ELEMENTAL (For instance, Incar Magician's Aqua Circle,
Urzer Gain & Wand Smacks.)  When a Pendant is captured, it'll be invulnerable for 5 minutes, however, as soon as the Attacking Guild starts communicating with Juto, ALL pendants will be vulnerable again. --- Thank you for clarifying, @AzaNezz &  @Tamia :wub:

3. Teleports: Only members of the Defending Guild can use the teleports. Anyone who belongs to the Defending Guild can swiftly move back and forth between teleports of the same color.

4. Siege Tunnels: Explained in the previous section.

5. Lorenzo [Castle Manager NPC]: The Defending Guild leader can purchase additional defenses from the Castle Manager NPC, Lorenzo. Defenses that can be purchased include 6 types of guards (up to 100 total) and special enhancements to strengthen the castle gates against attacks.

6. Teleporting NPCs
Yordes NPC,  Rocky NPC, and Valdur NPC are NPCs who manage the warps within Genoa Castle. Using these warps, members of the Defending Guild can move quickly and freely from one location to another.

7.  Juto (NPC): Juto is the key to win/lose, Genoa Castle. The Attacking Guild needs to communicate with Juto for 5 minutes WITHOUT dying. If the attacking guild is unable to complete this during the Siege Battle, the Defending Guild will win. 


VI: Attacking & Defending Guild Role

The Attacking Guild's Role: 

1: As soon as the guild is inside the map, your main focus is to destroy the South Gate. The defending guild will be doing everything they can to prevent the Attacking Guild from this. 

2: When the South Gate has been breached, rush to either the Western Gate or the Eastern Gate. (In my experience, these usually take a bit more time.) - Once again, the Defending Guild will do everything to prevent the Attacking Guild from this. 

3: Once the Attacking Guild has captured AT LEAST 2 of the Pendants, a chosen player (preferably someone tanky - Bagi Warriors are brilliant for this) must start the communication with Juto. During these five minutes, the Attacking Guild must protect pendants and at the same time defend the player communicating with Juto. NOTE: If the Attacking Guild gets down to ONE pendant during the communication with Juto, the communication will fail immediately. 


The Defending Guild's Role:

1: The Defending Guild's Leader should prepare Genoa Castle with the help from Lorenzo NPC - buy health for both the Western Gate, Eastern Gate & the South Gate. At the same time, the Defending Guild can buy guards to help to secure the castle. 

2: Main focus is initially to defend all the gates and afterward the pendants. 

3: PREVENT the enemy guild from starting AND finishing communication with Juto. 


VII: Tips & Tricks

- ALL BUFFS ARE ALLOWED - This includes D-Shop, Chocolates, Flowers etc.

- Do NOT rush things, and do not go alone, unless you know it's going to be beneficial.

- As a guild leader, pick shot-caller(s), and tell members NOT to spam the guild chat. (Calling which pendant to focus on is a massive help for everyone, for instance.)

- Siege is team-based. Do NOT think you can rush 50 enemies on your own. Instead, group up and fight as a guild. There is absolutely no point in rushing alone, dying, then repeating. 

- When organizing parties Pre-Siege, try to get as many buffs in each party, EX: Seg/Segu buffs, VS/CS Chakras, Aloken Buffs, AK buffs etc. This helps a lot in the first minutes of the battle!

- To the Defending Guild: Organise which party protects which pendant PRIMARILY. Obviously, in some cases, there's going to be a need for additional players to defend a pendant. 

- To the Guild Leader: Inform your guild that everyone needs to meet up sometime before the actual battle. I prefer 40-60 minutes preparation to get everyone in the right parties, and so I'm able to explain Siege in the guild chat. 

- Restart your PC an hour before the battle.

- Do not have any programs running in the background; there is nothing worse than disconnecting during Siege. 



VIII: Consequences of losing the Siege Battle

The consequences of losing a Siege Battle aren't that big to be honest, but they can definitely be annoying.

- 50.000.000 Dills will be spent for nothing.

- Your guild will lose 600 Adventure Points. In other words, it'll decrease the losing guild's level to 2. You'll, therefore, have to do commission quests all over again to achieve level 3.

- You will have to wait two weeks for the next Siege Battle. 

Edited by Fayth

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