DK Square Ranking System

V1 (Open Beta) of our new DK-Square Ranking System has been released.

New Transup & Skills

Part 1 of the new contents update is here!

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

[FIX] Screen Resolution


After seeing so many people with these problems I decided to make a simple tutorial for them!


For those people that reinstalled or just started and having resolution issues which you cannot see the “Create” char button

First of all close everything from dekaron, launcher, client, etc.


Step 1: Check your Windows resolution clicking with right click on Desktop and Screen Resolution


In Windows XP Case, right click on Desktop > Properties> Setting Tab


With the resolution windows open go to:

Step 2: C:\Dekaron Rising\bin

And open the option.txt (On notepad)


Find the display line (Wich as default in on display 800  600 16)


And change it for the resolution you found on your resolution windows setting and change the 16 value for 32, also change the mode from false to true

(In my case my resolution is  1920 x 1080)


Close the notepad and save it when it asks and then load the game again

Guide created by || Raph

Edited by Fayth

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