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[Class Guide]: Incar Magician



Suffer and Perish
Disintegrate and Vanish
For I am the Queen

Of Lightning, Ice, and Fire


After a year and a half of being inactive, I’m finally back in Rising again. I can see that there are so many improvements happening here and there all over the game—from class balancing and new gears or items to frequent in-game events and creative user interface/skins. In my opinion, it’s a delight to see all of these updates. I’d like to thank @Nitex , @DEV Fayth@Dannyboi, the rest of the staff, and all of the balance testers for the effort in making the game as exciting as possible. 

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about making a mage guide for a long time; however, it’s been quite tough for me to find the energy and motivation to do so. Honestly though, after hearing that free coins are given to class guide contributors, I was quite inspired to draft this guide. (also me: plz send +10  MC 2 and V3 boots for Segnale or a perf level 200 whip plz as a reward instead???)

On a serious note, more than anything, I believe it’s my desire to see more decent Incar Magician players around that’s driving me to create this guide. Just like the Segnale guide I first made, this one will follow the same outline. 

  • Reasons why you should play a mage 
  • Secrets to becoming a strong mage
  • Different mage breeds—which one are you?
  • Various stat builds you can try
  • My personal skill bar setup
  • Skill chain combos for maximum damage 

Are you ready? It will take you 15 minutes to finish reading this entire guide. Let’s get the ball rolling.


There’s one thing that should be clear if you want to become a mage: you’re CRAZY about dishing out DAMAGE. It’s not that you simply like dealing a lot of it; you REVEL in being that one guy doing the most damage among them all. I’m talking about a situation in which Mages outshine all other classes in terms of damage—i.e. DKSQ—which leads me to my next point.

Of course, becoming a stronk mage cannot be done by playing alone. You need to be cooperative and strategic—a team player whose situational awareness, fluid gameplay, and determined bloodlust to demolish the enemy are all second to none. You love seeing piles on top of piles of enemies who have been electrocuted, frozen, and burned alive by you until they have met their untimely demise.

Unlike other classes that look like complete savages while fighting, the Incar Magician has a smooth, fluid, and entrancing fighting style. While the animation of most skills is slow, they’re aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

You don’t go ahead and smash the keyboard at the first sighting of an enemy Aloken or Bagi; instead, you wait for the most opportune moment to unleash the wrath of the elements onto unsuspecting foes. The next time they see you on the battlefield, they’ll be sure to approach you with caution—all the while sensing and fearing the aura of death looming over their heads. 


Playing as an Incar Magician requires you to have great foresight, reflexes, and timing. I know you’re thinking: 

Thanks Capt. Obvious. All players need those attributes to become good at the class they play.”

That’s right. While the requirements are true for all other classes, for ones without much natural abnormality resistance (e.g. Mage, Segnale), these mentioned attributes are all the more crucial. If you have a great grasp of all these attributes, mastering the class becomes a tad bit easier. How do you get started? 

(1) Get yourself some decent equipment.

You don’t need a perfect set to become a good mage. However, you do need some decent gear to compete. For starters, you have to look for the following:

  • Lvl 200 Wand/Staff 
  • +10 Tera Helmet, Armor, Gloves, and Pants
  • +9 Tera Belt with 3% PvP/PK Gems
  • +9 Tera Armlets with Max Shield Gem (options: ice/light/fire/magic)
  • Upgraded Squama
  • Upgraded Vit Necklaces
  • Upgraded Spell Kracions 

When I first competed as a mage in Rising or even in Global (now Papaya) server, getting the perfect set or accessories was never the priority. The perfect stats can only do so much in improving your gameplay. Sure, it feels awesome to have the best items in your arsenal. However, at the end of the day, it’s how you maneuver your character to win any kind of fight. As long as you’re not missing any of the key equipment listed above, you’re on your way to becoming a worthy mage.

(2) Get comfortable knowing that Incar Magician is not a PvP class.

The Incar Magician is probably one of the worst classes to do PvPs with because of three reasons: 

  • No mobility - The class has no speed buff. If your positioning or placement on the battlefield is poor, your death is almost always guaranteed. 
  • Slow casting time - In addition to having no mobility at all, Mages have one of the slowest skill-casting times among all classes in the game. This affects our gameplay in a way that makes us want to avoid a head-on collision with anyone. It is way too easy for other classes to interrupt our skills and that means bad news for us, which leads us to the next point.
  • Skill-chain combo reliant - While mages have the highest damage output among all classes especially in DKSQ, it’s only possible because of specific skill-chain combos that we cast. If one skill gets interrupted, it’s all over for you: say goodbye to that enemy escaping from your damage barrage. 

You might get disheartened after reading all these reasons why Incar Magician is bad for PvP. Now, if PvP is your thing, go ahead and play any of these awesome PvP classes: Segueripper, Aloken, BW, Bagi, and AK. Capiche???

(3) Understand the nature of all the other classes and learn how they generally fight.

This point might come as a surprise because it’s not about the Incar Magician at all. What I want you to understand is that for you to become good at playing a mage, you need to know your enemy well—their skills and their effects, as well as their buff duration and attacking pattern. 

With that in mind, you’ll know the best timing when to cast Stasis Orb or Ghost of Time to interrupt the enemy. Likewise, having the knowledge about your enemy’s behavior can help you properly time the usage of your Shield of Siz—your trump card to escape deadly situations. You have to be familiar with the kinds of skill buffs they use so you don’t waste your attack chain combos. 

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t want to cast Stasis Orb on a Bagi or HB with the Resistance Buff on; you wouldn’t want to use your hard-hitting combos on an Aloken with La Defense; you wouldn’t want to go Rambo on a VS who has just used Shadow Vengeance. You get the point. 

Understanding your class well helps you become good at playing it. However, learning how other classes play and creating customized strategies based on your opponent’s fighting style separate the truly great from so-so players. 


Nowadays, so many players consider someone who’s geared as OP (if you’ve been living under a rock, you wouldn’t know that acronym means “overpowered.”) Anyway, I always believe that it’s actually your skills as a player that makes you great and not your equipment. 


If all else is equal, meaning everyone has the best of the best gear, only the most skilled ones will take home the bacon. In some very rare instances, however, those who have mastered the art of playing while lagging, become winners. (no shade intended) 

Now, let me just give you a brief description of the different mage “species” you’re all familiar with in-game:

(1) The first is the useless ones, geared or otherwise. These are mages who suck at making a proper skill chain combo. These are the mages who don’t buff the team. These are the mages who constantly switch targets every 10 seconds. These are the mages who spam their skills even when they’re stunned, thereby getting themselves bugged over and over. These are the mages who are shit at coordination, placement, and targeting. They are nobodies who die in the crossfire.

If you spot them in the enemy team, be sure to eliminate them fast if they have high DKSQ ranking (easy kill = easy points). If they have low DKSQ rank and noticeably under-geared, you can just let them be and focus on killing/targeting somebody else who’s more important.

(2) The second breed of mages is the one usually targeted first in team fights. They’re not technically skilled but are either heavily geared or fully buffed (or even both). Hence, they are troublesome to be left alive. They try their best to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy team. Once ganked, they persist to fight, but unfortunately, perish in the end. 

(3) The third breed of mages is the rarest—and most dangerous— of them all. These are elusive mages who disengage from head-on fights because they know that’s not where they should be. They are the ones constantly scanning the entire battlefield, finding the perfect target that could be killed right away. They are the ones who know how to command the group, defend someone by tanking some damage, and decisively kill the key support of the enemy team. 

These are the mages whose goal is to never die in a DKSQ match, yet kill as many targets inconspicuously. They’re not scaredy-cats or cowards; they’re strategic. Dying means giving the enemy some advantage and this mage breed fully knows that well. They want to keep the score gap as wide as possible so that their team will win. 

After reading all that, which kind of mage breed are you? 


Since Incar Magician is a damage dealer class, some n00bs might think that full SPR is the way to go. You’re not a hunter, who manages to survive just fine in fights with a glass cannon build, so don’t even think about it. You only have one stat build, whether you’re going PvP, PvE, DKSQ, BR, PTM, or Siege—and that is heal build.

Now, this section is going to focus on this topic: WAND VS. STAFF. I’m going to make this as simple as possible especially for you newbies.


If you want consistently high “white” or normal damage, go for a wand. Not only is it cheaper to socket, it’s also more inexpensive to buy when compared with its counterpart. What you need is a wand with the highest lightning % gems available, and has perfect full magic damage options. The stat requirements are as follows:

STR: 35
SPR: 447


On the other hand, if you want considerably higher critical damage, go for a staff. It is way more expensive than a wand because of vitality options. If you can’t afford a full vit staff, settle with a full damage wand instead. Trust me, it’s not worth it to get a staff that doesn’t have full vit options. Using a staff requires more strength points:

STR: 86
SPR: 426

Let’s move on to the next big question: can I use two weapons as a mage? 

The answer is: ABSOLUTELY YES. If you can afford it, you should have two weapons as a mage. It’s up to you whether you want to use two staffs, or two wands, or one of each. What’s important is that you get to maximize your damage as a mage. 

Personally, I suggest that you do the following if you can afford it: get a full vitality staff then put % lightning gems on it; after that, get a second weapon, preferably a wand, then place % ice gems on it.

You’ll need to train yourself to play like a hunter (i.e. switching back and forth between two weapons) as you cast your skill chain combos. Got it? This takes a lot of practice. You’ll know you’re good enough when you can switch weapons smoothly without thinking too much as you’re fighting—like it is muscle memory already. 



There are many ways to personalize or customize your skill bar setup. You do you. 


As mentioned quite a number of times already, Mages need to do proper skill chain combos to become devastating damage dealers. Otherwise, they’re useless. End of story. Before we get to the breakdown of the attack combos, let’s begin with your buffs:

Use the following skills before you engage in any fight (the first five skills can be cast in no particular order):

30nj7v9.pngSeize Nimbus: Increases defense and resistance against every attribute for 5 minutes.
33w137a.pngMagic Power: Increases magic attack for 5 minutes.
2my0txv.jpgMind Blessing: Increases the spirit of the party by ~85 points for 20 minutes.
rr3uw5.jpgNeon Blessing: Increases the fire, ice, and lightning resistance of the party by ~5%  for 20 minutes.
33ldmb4.jpgPin Bless: Increases defense by ~1.5% and all resistance by ~5% for 10 minutes.
mjmi9z.jpgMana Force: Increases MP regeneration by a lot for 2 minutes.
281sd9k.jpgGlawar: Incar magician trans-up skill
mcdusg.jpgUrzer Gain: Reduces mana consumption by 50% and increases abnormality resistance by 10% for 50 secs.

For the combos, here’s how you get started.

Combo 1:
Ghost of Time (or Stasis Orb) > Emitted Flash > Transfer Lightning > Deuplace 

This option deals the most damage out of any other skill chain combos you have. As you can notice, there are technically only three attack skills here. Transfer Lightning reduces the enemy’s lightning resistance by a bit, and Deuplace diminishes the overall attack of the enemy by a whole chunk while dealing a lot of damage. Just a reminder: you need to approach the enemy for this combo to work.

These three skills are more than enough because you shouldn’t be staying at one point for more than 2-3 seconds anyway. Right after casting this combo, you’ve got to move away then reposition yourself and prepare for the next attack while switching to your 2nd weapon immediately (if you have it).

Combo 1.1:

In an unlucky chance that either Stasis Orb or Ghost of Time misses, you need to be quick in changing your skill chain combo. Here's my recommendation:

Ice Wave > Emitted Flash > Transfer Lightning > Pseudo Space or Aqua Circle

Ice Wave is a good skill to use if you want to quickly slow down the enemy. Once the debuff takes effect, proceed with the usual combo, except instead of Deuplace, you will use Pseudo Space. I prefer casting Pseudo Space instead of Aqua Circle in this scenario because you'll want to use Aqua after casting Inor. Combo 1.1 is your Plan B, in case Ghost of TIme or Stasis Orb fails.

Combo 2: 

Measure > Gracious Eddy > Flame Gusher > Inor > Aqua Circle 

Before using the combo, start with Measure real quick to widen the gap between you and your enemy while burning his mana pool to ashes. This combo makes use of your two other elements: Ice and Fire. At this moment, you should have the ice wand equipped.

Gracious Eddy provides a temporary movement speed slow to the target. Don’t use the skill if the enemy has resistance buff on or has Aqua Remover that has just been triggered. In such cases, it’s more effective for you to continue building your distance away from the enemy while casting Firemass (to deal quick damage) or Energy Hammer (to slow down the enemy) in between.

Flame Gusher provides temporary HP drain (which is annoying for the enemy), while Inor deals a lot of damage in just two seconds. This is the reason why I prefer using Aqua Circle right after Inor. What’s more, Inor also lowers the critical attack chance of the opponent by a bit.

Combo 3: 

Stasis Orb | Freezing Spirit | Energy Hammer | Frost Nova | Vertex Halt | Ice Wave | Vellocia

The following attack chain can’t really be considered as a combo because these are just the filler skills that you have to use while waiting for Combo 1 and Combo 2 skills to cooldown. I love using all of these skills to slow down the enemy or keep them in one place. You may cast them in any particular order. 

I usually throw any of these skills against enemies in DKSQ, especially ones who are being targeted by my raid members. From time to time, I also cast Pseudo Space to deal damage or Spoiled Divinity to lower the Fire, Ice, and Lightning resistance of the enemy by a bit. I don’t usually recommend using these two skills because they have such slow casting time—they really make you vulnerable to ganks and enemy ambush. 

Combo 4:
When your Combo 1 and 2 skills are ready, you should quickly rush to your enemy to prepare for the next combo. This time, you’ll use the following:

jh7yww.png + 2cgmquf.png
Infernal Pillar > Gracious Eddy > Measure + COMBO 1 

Infernal Pillar “disarms” your opponent for 3 seconds—this is very useful as you’re about to cast Gracious Eddy to slow him down. Meanwhile, you want to further build the distance between you and your enemy that’s why Measure is needed. When that’s done, you only have to repeat Combo 1 > Emitted Flash, Transfer Lightning, Deuplace


The Incar Magician is a fairly decent PKer as she has a lot of single-target skills. Here's a list of all the available decent PK skills for Incar Magician.

34eysed.png Firemass: Sends 6 burning fireballs to the enemy in a linear AOE.
dy0f0n.png Flame Burning: Intensively throws 6 fireballs at a target.
4sectf.png Cruelty Lightning: Deals 6 balls of lightning at a target.
2afgx9y.png Infernal Pillar: Throws two fire pillars at a target while closing in the distance between you and the enemy. Disarms your target for 3 seconds.
2vwcmk2.png Ice Blanket: Throws icicle shards at a target 6 times.
j5id0p.png Blast Phoenix: Summons the Phoenix and deals damage 3 times.
64ni42.png Thunder Spear: Gathers powerful lightning then hits the target twice.


11hyrug.png  Gleam Boom: Slow casting time, deals weak-ass damage for a 180 skill, does nothing useful really
23j60cz.png Elemental Master: Very slow casting time, deals insignificant damage, has no special effect
Gravity Ruin: Very slow casting time, deals insignificant damage, has no special effect

I only have Gleam Boom in my skill bar for PvE purposes...

These are the combos I normally use in DKSQ or PvP. Now, mages are totally fun to play because there are a whole lot of other skill chain combos that you can use depending on the situation. There will be times you have to change your Control Type option to A as you’re using some skills, especially when fighting Aloken, VS, AK, or Bagi. I won’t go into detail why this has to be done—figure it out yourself. 

I’m challenging you to begin playing this class and explore a whole new world of DKSQ carnage with the Goddess of Lightning, Ice, and Fire! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I did while making it. 

Cheers ❤️

Ximena | Maleficia

P.S. I’m expecting some valuable donations from all you rich people out there. Send a lvl 200 vit staff and a perf wand via mail goddammit.  

Edited by Fayth

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