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[Class Guide]: Segnale


She heals and she kills
She destroys and she rebuilds
Segnale — life herself

Before anything else, set your browser's theme to Dark so the text doesn't hurt your eyes.

All right. You all know me as Ximena and Maleficia (aka kimian), and I mainly play Incar Magician even in the official Dekaron. However, unbeknownst to most people, I actually have longer experience playing as a Segnale (8 years) than as a Mage (7 years). Anyway, this guide will cover the following:

  • Reasons why you should play a Segnale
  •  The 3 obvious secrets to becoming a strong Segnale
  • Your 3 main responsibilities as a Segnale 
  • Various stat builds you can try
  • My personal skill bar setup
  • Skill chain combos for maximum damage
  • Personal tips for 1 vs.1 and Mass PvP scenarios – COMING SOON! 

Now that you know the guide’s outline, read on to learn how you can be awesome as a curse-dealing, glamorous yet dangerous class — Segnale.


If you’re bored of playing tanking characters, DPS monsters, as well as glass cannon classes, choosing a healing support class can surely be a refreshing experience. As a “witch” whose curse damage can barely be defended against, Segnales can be formidable tanks and damage dealers when played right.

“Wait, what did you say?! A SUPPORT class that can TANK and deal DAMAGE at the same time?” 

Under the right circumstances, tanking, damage dealing, and supporting are all certainly possible for a Segnale. Now, don’t get me wrong. Segnale is an inherently fragile class. Her damage is average; mobility is slow; and tanking capability is quite poor. Having said that, if you use all the possible resources you have, you can be formidable as a Segnale.

Forget about those noobs who think you exist to be a heal slave. Forget about the clueless idiots who look down on your hidden awesomeness as a tank, support, and damage dealer. Are you ready? Let’s begin with the basics.   


The first obvious secret is the equipment. For starters, you need to have the following items:

+10 195 Whip with 7% Curse Damage Gems
+10 Segnale Tera Set
+9 Tera Belt and Armlets
+9 Defense and Resistance Accessories

As you notice, I didn’t write any particular options for the first three gear requirements. The reasoning behind this is that, you don’t need a perfect set to be strong. Having a decent one is good enough. Please note though that finding +10 Segnale Tera stuff is difficult. Be ready to burn some serious cash if you want to gear up a Segnale as main.

The second obvious secret refers to d-shop and food buffs. This is way easier to accomplish compared to first one, as there are many “free” buffs and d-shop stuff you can get just by playing every day (farming, PTM, BR, DKSQ). What you’ve got to remember though is you shouldn’t hesitate to use all of the buffs when fighting, be it in DKSQ, mass PvP, Colosseum, or Siege. Of course, with the exception of fighting in Lurile (Channel 3). Duh?

The third obvious secret is the time you gotta dedicate playing and understanding the class. This is the MOST CRUCIAL ASPECT of being a Segnale especially if you want to play competitively. If you’re gonna be half-assed about it, then just forget about playing this class.

Many people get frustrated when they’re not able to “rekt” or “pwn” everyone despite having great equipment. Please keep in mind that roflstomping isn’t your job as a Segnale. Leave that to keyboard-smashing classes like Bagi and Aloken.


Now, let me ask you, what’s your primary job as a Segnale?


If that is your answer, then you’ve still got more to learn, my young padawan. Your first job is not to heal but to survive. A Segnale is no good if she puts herself in danger just to heal someone. Your first concern is to heal yourself FIRST before anyone else.
*Just a little side comment here, don’t you also hate it when a high-ranking Segnale who just died resurrects herself in the middle of enemy AOEs? Please, please, please NEVER do that because that’s the hallmark of a NOOB Segnale. /end rant 

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let me ask you — what’s your secondary job now that you know surviving is your first priority?


Yet again, if that’s your answer then you’ve still got more to learn, noobie. Your second job is to be the Jason Bourne of the team. You’ve got to develop a keen sense of situational awareness to determine the following in mere split seconds:

1. Who your enemies are
2. Who to disable/debuff first
3. Who needs your support the most
4. Where to position yourself that you can safely heal yourself, and at the same time, heal someone
5. When to keep attacking
6. When to flee

In my honest opinion, mastering a Segnale requires the greatest level of situational awareness compared to playing any other classes. This ability differentiates a mediocre Segnale from a great Segnale. Obviously, it takes incredible amounts of practice, focus, and anticipation to be able to do all these. Don’t get disheartened yet. Isn’t becoming a great Segnale the reason why you’re reading this guide now? Moving on.

Your third and last job as a Segnale is to become the chief strategist of the team. You might be thinking that this assumption is a load of bull crap, but don’t stop reading yet. In a DKSQ match where sides are even — both sides with Alokens, CS/VS, and Segnales — which do you think would win? The side whose Segnale knows what she’s doing or the side whose Segnale doesn’t give a shit about the team?

The answer is painfully obvious, be that as it may, you’ll be surprised when you see a majority of geared Segnales acting like they’re the shit (no name-dropping or shade intended). Don’t be a Segnale like that.

Instead, man up, communicate, and lead your team. I know that every decent player (regardless of class) can do this, but since Segnale isn’t a front-line class, she’s in the best position to see the bigger picture. Tell your team mates who to target first, and command them to stay near you for healing and defensive purposes. Communication is key, never forget that.


(Dexterity: 139 points | Spirit: 309 points | Heal: Rest of Your Stat Points)

Best overall build for PvP/DKSQ
Decent Damage
Best build for tanking (obviously)
Can survive 1 vs. many scenarios especially if fully buffed

Gameplay can be boring especially during PvE
Damage can be underwhelming at times

(Dexterity: 139 points | Spirit: Rest of Your Stat Points | Heal: 300 points)

Best overall build for aggressive Segnales
Great damage for PvP/DKSQ
Decent tanking capability when fully buffed and in chakras
Good damage for PvE

Can be interrupted easily especially by damage dealers

(Dexterity: 139 points | Spirit: Rest of Your Stat Points | Heal: 4 points)

Best build for full-time attack/support Segnales (due to ub3r damage and insane heals)
Ub3r damage for PvP/DKSQ
Great Damage for PvE

Can be interrupted very easily



Segnale skill bars vary a LOT. You should create your own depending on how you want to play, whether offensively or defensively. My skill bar is perfect for support (first) then attacker (second) Segnales.  


FOR PVP, the Segnale’s skill chain combo can be divided into two parts: Debuffing/Disabling phase and then Attacking phase.

The trick to playing a Segnale is to be constantly on the move and to use debuffing skills whenever you can. It pains me to see Segnales running around in circles instead of debuffing their enemies strategically. Never stay at any point for more than 2 seconds. Always build distance away from your enemies. Attack only when you’re covered by someone, or when nobody in the party needs your heals immediately.

Once you’ve targeted someone who must be eliminated first, use your debuffing skills accordingly:


(from left to right)
Bloody Mist – Reduces Max HP and Healing Effectiveness of Potions/Healing Skills for 1 minute
Cursed Fog – Reduces Accuracy and Critical Rate for 1 minute
Decrease Attack – Reduces Attack Power, Accuracy, and Critical Rate for 2 minutes
Diminish – Reduces Defense, Guard, and Block for 2 minutes
Anti Magic – Reduces All Elemental Resistance and Magic Resistance for 2 minutes

You can select which ones you need to cast first, depending on the enemy* and your team mates:
If your team is full of magic classes, I would cast Anti Magic first followed by Bloody Mist
If your team is full of
physical damage classes, I would cast Diminish followed by Bloody Mist
If the target is a
damage dealer, I would cast Cursed Fog followed by Decrease Attack
*If it’s a Bagi or HB with resistance buff, stay away for 25 seconds then start debuffing

After debuffing the target, you should cast the following skills for maximum damage:

Sleep > Paralyze > Excranose > Fragrant Rain > Detonate Edge > Piuvelos


You can use other attacking skills as you see fit, however, when you have the chance to cast the skill chain above, do it by all means.

FOR PVE, the Segnale skill chain combo varies a little. There’s no need to debuff the mobs of course, so you’ll be focusing on using attack skills only. I personally prefer to use this combo when dealing with mobs:

Curse Field > Excranose > Fragrant Rain > Detonate Edge > Crimson Whip > Curse Blizzard > Rise Fierce


This is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s up to you whether or not you want to use these combos.



This is my very first attempt to make a class guide EVER. Please keep all the constructive criticisms coming. I’m looking forward to all of your feedback. I just wrote all these non-stop for 2 hours, so I’m stopping here for now. Stay tuned for the Part VII of this guide as well as my upcoming Segnale PvP/DKSQ/BR/PTM montage. ❤️

Ximena | Maleficia


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