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[Class Guide]: Seguriper


You are afraid of the darkness that dwells inside you

But sometimes you gotta fight darkness with darkness



The Seguriper is a really interesting class. It is a hybrid class which means it's not a pure elemental damage based class like mage nor a pure physical damage based class like Azure Knight. I will talk more about this later in this guide.
Segupriper is an amazing all-round class which is easily noticed by the sheer amount of seguripers seen in the game especially by hard farmers and new players. This is due to Seguripers ability to not only dish out some crazy amounts of DPS in PvE as well as PvP, but also due to its ability to buff and heal itself. If that isn't enough the Seguriper also uses a freaking scythe as a weapon, so if you're the type who is into dark themes, weakening your opponent with curses and tearing them apart with scythes then the Seguriper is definitely your class!


In this guide I will talk about:

1) Seguriper is a Hybrid class
2) What skills to level up
3) Important skills and what they do
4) Possible Stat Builds
5) Seguriper Playstyles
6) Bonus: Segureaper in team PvE


1) Seguriper is a Hybrid Class

Yes, I mentioned that Seguriper is a hybrid class, but what exactly does that mean?
It means that Seguriper uses skills that are both Curse Elemental Based AND Physical Damage Based as well.
Curse Elemental Based skills have higher damage the more points you put in SPR and Physical Damage Based skills have higher damage the more points you put in STR.
Oh no this sounds really complicated, how do I know what skills are Curse and which are Physical?
I will show you right now!



2) What skills to level up

Like with every class, some skills are more useful than others, but how do you know which skills you should level up to avoid wasting your precious skillpoints?
I will show you right now!



3) Important skills and what they do

Now a lot of people who make guides often talk about combos. "What combos should I use so I can always kill my enemies?"
I'm sorry to break it to you, but I'm not going to do that, because Dekaron is a fast-paced action MMORPG, if you are just going to use the same combo over and over you will never be a strong player.
Instead, I will show you some important skills and explain what they do and how they can be used in various situations. This way you can practice and shape your own combos and playstyle.
The most important trick to becoming a good player is experience. Learn everything you can about all the classes so you can figure out the best way for you to counter each class and each different player's playstyle. This goes for all classes by the way, not just segu.
I will, however, show you my skillbar setup as well, just to show you that there isn't much logic in how I set up my skillbar. I can't just 1 2 3 4 5, I play with whatever I'm most comfortable with and then I adjust my playstyle depending on the class and player I'm facing.

Knowledge is power so allow me to share mine:

t6G2FP3.png RgrIizR.png - Self Healing and Healing Moss. Pretty self-explanatory. You use these to avoid getting killed. Timing on these however are actually quite important. You don't wanna use them too early and you don't wanna use them too late.

5nyU5cF.png - Recover Shield. Also pretty self-explanatory. Once again your timing is important. I usually use this if my enemy is hesitating to attack or if they are running away from me and I choose not to pursue because I know I can't finish him off yet.

k6giOwQ.png - Dark Circle. Do your very best to always keep this buff activated as it increases your Curse damage by 10% while active.

QAfBohP.png - Removal. This is actually one of your most important skills. This skill is able to remove severe debuffs from yourself. This includes both PvP and PvE. Do you know that annoying web/hp drain from the first spider in Tower 2nd floor? remove it. Know that annoying 20-second stun from Rudene? remove it.
Some important skills you can remove in PvP though would be (There may be more but I can't recall all of them right now, feel free to comment if you remember more):
 - Palpus slow/poison resistance debuff (Vicious/Concerra Summoner)
  - Vulnerable Arrow defense debuff (Segita Hunter)
Note: Removal can NOT remove curses (segu and segnale debuffs)

l2qFC4x.png - Paralyze. Decreases the opponent's movement speed by 100%. Can be used for escapes, catching running targets and even disrupting combos of classes such as Dragon Knight that are reliant on short duration buffs/pulses for burst dps combos.

WjCo49G.png - Reduce Curse. Reduces the opponents curse resistance by 650 for 14 seconds. If you are quick this can be used to increase the potency of a curse damage combo on a sleeping target.

doMZQJH.png - Sleep. Much like, but more efficient than Paralyze. Puts your target to sleep and can be used to interrupt your opponent's combo, but also to initiate your own.

LwXr1vl.png - Cursed Fog. This aoe debuff decreases your targets critical rate by 644 and hit rate by 1089 for 60 seconds. Keep this on your opponent as much as possible to minimize the damage you take from their attacks.

3X3YF8G.png - Cursed Mist. This aoe debuff decreases your targets max hp by 15% but also reduces all healing efficiencies by 45%. This is especially effective when you believe your opponent is on HP and you wanna finish them off as their max hp is reduced by 15% and their hp potion effects are almost halved. This means an imperial potion (heals 8000 HP) will instead only heal 4400. This debuff also lasts 60 seconds.

OCmFGfm.png - Curse Legion. While this skill isn't that harmful compared to some others, it can be used to throw off some people chasing you in wars, as it is natural for them to dodge aoes even though the skill is pretty much harmless. Can also be used in huge cluster fights to deal a small amount of damage to a lot of targets.

we0hgcT.png - Blood Hit. This is an extremely important skill. What makes this skill so deadly is that all hits track the target. That means you can't dodge this skill. This makes the skill extremely good for finishing off running targets.

l0LIBXH.png - Pillages. These skills are extremely important and can be used in a variety of ways. A lot of segus will just spam them for the increased damage, however, I prefer to use them to interrupt other peoples combos (mostly).  The Soul Pillage is especially effective against kiting enemies such as hunter and mages.
Example: If you have ever fought a mage you know they are extremely combo reliant (emitted flash, transfer lightning, and aqua circle). Simply throw a pillage as soon as you see a mage do Emitted Flash and their main combo is already ruined.
Check the skill description in game to see what their buffs/debuffs do. They mainly lock your targets use of skills and then absorb their magic attack, physical attack at the cost of sacrificing some of your own magic resistance or defense.

mloJe8r.png - Tizen Storm. This skill increases your movement speed by 20% and your PvP damage tolerance by 10% for 8 seconds. This is extremely useful for escaping combos or minimizing the potency of another players combo on you. It also pulses dealing small damage to surrounding targets.

FX5MbIT.png - Fin Rising. This isn't the most important skill, but I do like to use it when fighting classes that rely on kiting and aoes such as hunters and mages as it slows the target, but also dodge their aoe by moving towards them.

lY5Yfqy.png - Envoy Other Self. This skill has high physical damage and is also a really good skill for chasing down kiting or running targets. Not only does it pursue your target, but it also increases your critical rate by 12% for 8 seconds, which allows for a follow up combo.

6lpWSJz.png VMGJtBF.png - Envoy Prison and Curse Circle. Envoy Prison lowers your targets movement speed by 100% for 3 seconds while dealing damage. The reason I combined these is that this is one of my favorite combo starters with segu on targets that are far away. I sleep or paralyze them then throw Envoy Prison followed up by Curse Circle. Curse Circle is hard enough to dodge as it is an even harder with the movement speed debuff. Additionally, Curse Circle also decreases ALL damage of your opponent by an incredible 20% for 5 seconds.

YxM7yh6.png - Diskalo. This skill causes curse damage to pulse around you 5 times having a 75% each hit to reduce your opponents curse resistance by 5% and 150 for 10 seconds. This is a skill that most opponents would like to stay away from, as it is extremely punishing for someone to tank this debuff as the segus curse based skills will deal incredible amounts of damage 10 seconds after. This skill can be used both as defense and offense.

mmc1Kn5.png - Dopios. This is the last skill I'm going to talk about. This skill has extremely high damage, but should only be used when an opponent is asleep or when an opponent is engaging you in close range combat as the range of this skill is extremely low. It can be a hard skill to use, but if you successfully land it the damage is insane. Additionally, this skill also reduces the target's critical damage by 10% each hit for 7 seconds.

There are more important skills, but I left some out because I figured they were pretty self explanatory.


4) Possible Stat Builds

Like with all classes there are 3 overall stat builds:

- Heal build
- Mixed build
- Str/Dex/Spr build

Whether you follow these or find something in between is completely up to you. It is a matter of preference.
Str is what segu uses for his physical skills, but a str build is mainly used by people who farm easy targets in PvE such as Shadowkris.
Full Heal build is definitely something I can recommend for any new players as it allows you to survive.
A heal build is definitely also something I recommend just overall, for both PvE and PvP alike, it doesn't have to be FULL heal.

This is my stat build on Seguriper for reference:
333 STR - 5 DEX - X HEAL - 222 SPR
X means just add all remaining stat points on heal.
Also, note that since I use a heal build the majority of my combos consist of Curse based skills. However, this doesn't mean I don't use physical based skills as well.

Like I said, in the end, its a matter of preference.
You can copy my build or find one that suits you and your playstyle.


5) Seguriper Playstyles

I feel like a lot of this has already been covered in "important skills and what they do", but I have a quick suggestion that I hope you will take into consideration if you wish to become a good Seguriper.
When you play you will see A LOT of segus doing the following:
Sleep > Use all 3 pillages > Culpierd > Blood Hit
This is without second thought one of the WORST combos you can use as a seguriper in my opinion. You literally just threw away all your combo breakers and counter possibilities just for some extra damage. This is something only a very unskilled seguriper would do UNLESS you are certain that your target has no shield left and you want to finish him off as quickly as possible. Wasting your pillages like this leaves you extremely open and vulnerable especially against classes such as Concerra Summoner and Dragon Knight whose only purpose in life is to erase you from existence.
Anyways that is just my opinion on that "combo".

As promised here's a picture of my Seguriper skillbar to show you that I don't have any logical setup or 1 2 3 4 combo setup. Obviously, if I used 1 2 3 4 5 with this skillbar I would get my ass handed to me in an instant. I simply put the skills the way I'm most comfortable with:



6) Seguriper in team PvE (BONUS)

Just a few quick tips when you're doing PvE and fighting strong bosses as a segu in a party.

- A lot of boss debuffs can be removed with "Removal" If you see any party members in trouble don't hesitate to help them
- As a segu you're obv not a segnale, but IF you see someone about to die while you're doing fine yourself, don't hesitate to throw them some of that juicy healing moss
- Please always keep your party buffed ❤️


I hope you will find this guide to your liking. It has been a while since I've played Seguriper, however, I can comfortably say that this is one of, if not my overall strongest class.
Also, feel free to share in the comment section if you have any question or have something I left out then I can add it to the guide :)

          - Sparky


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