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[Guide]: All 12 Classes Overview



If you are having trouble deciding which class to play, hopefully, this guide will help you make your decision!


“I am an Aloken, hidden in the Eternal Forest no more. Demons beware my spear!”

Aloken is a class that deals stable damage and helps allies with spells that raise their power. This class uses a spear to deal melee damage and also has several skills to attack effectively and survive. The Guard Arms Alokens use protects them and raises vitality. They are the only class that can detect summoner's hiding skill. Unlike Segnales' buffs, Alokens can use spells as many times as they want, not affected by time. There are 2 types of spells; attacking spells and defending spells. Attacking spells are those that randomly take effect when attacking, and raise the attack of self or party members. Defending spells are those that randomly take effect when being attacked, and reduces the damage or raise the resistance or recovery rate.

Alokens are a very useful class when it comes to large pvp fights since they can buff their team and stun the enemy. They can also drain the HP from their targets.

Important skills:

Skill_Mana_Shock.jpg Mana Shock: Takes a large chunk of Mana away from the target and prevents them from using Mana Potions for a short time.

Skill_Judgment_Step.jpg Judgement Step: Prevents skill use and moving for 3 seconds.

Skill_La_Defense.jpg La Defense: Self-buff that allows the Aloken to resist almost all damage dealt to them for a short time.

Skill_Shock_Spear.jpg  Shock Spear: Stuns a single-target at 100% chance.

Skill_Punish.jpg  Punish: Drains the HP from the target.





Azure Knight

“I’m a son of Shumatra Choi, the hero of the Trieste continent and an Azure Knight of the Incar!”

For Azure Knights, there is [Protective Knights] that mainly uses one-handed weapon and shield, and [Destructive Knights] that mainly uses two-handed weapons. Also, dual weapons can be used to deal more aggressive skills. [Protective Knights] uses benefits of wearing a shield to protect self and even the party members from the threat of enemies, and this is based on their elaborate defense mechanism. And to add, they can increase the morale of party members to maximize the combat capabilities but also has skill to focus the party's target to one enemy, lets the Knight play the role as the leader. [Destructive Knights] shows the aggressive style with two-handed weapons. They have benefits to deal pre-emptive attacks based on the skill to approach the enemies quickly. And also becomes a threat to enemies with stun, destroy and shock skills with heavy weapons, that deals effective damages to wide range. The heavy weapon has slow attack speed, but it is still worth to use. Dual Knights are able to attack much faster. It is characterized with the fast and most glamorous from the skills that Knight class has.

In large PVP fights Azure Knights can buff their party members for a short time giving them extra attack, health, speed, and resistance against enemy attacks.

Important Skills:

Skill_Sacritection.jpg Sacritection: Gives self or single-ally increased PK/PVP Damage Tolerance for a short time.

Skill_Break_Arms.jpg Break Arms: Targets are unable to use skills for 3 seconds.

Skill_Charged_Shock.jpg Charge Diss: This skill deals no damage, but allows you to approach the enemy quickly (even from far distances). This skill also stuns the single-target for a brief period.

Skill_Energetic_Blade.jpg Energetic Blade: Dual Weapon skill that when upgraded fully slows a single-target greatly.

Skill_Counter_Hit.jpg Counter Hit: Shield skill that causes the targets detarget you and makes them unable to re-target you for a short time.





Segita Hunter

“It’s simple. I look at only one point when aiming at my target. I am never distracted. I am unseen, as I am only the arrow.”

There are 2 types of Segita Hunters. First is the Missile type that uses Bows or Crossbows, and the other is Melee type that uses Dagger as the weapon. At the current state of the game, daggers are not useful as a weapon choice as they only have 4 skills. Bow and Crossbow have specialized skill trees, separated from each other. The Bow skills are based on rapid fire. Each arrow can be weaker than crossbow, but the rapid fire recovers the lower damage. Crossbow skills are based on strong damage. Crossbow is slower than bow, but each bolt deals greater damage. There are missile skills that can be used for bow or crossbow. These skills reduce the movement speed of enemies, and reduce the defense that helps to benefit from missile attacks. Daggers are usually preferred by low level hunters.

Segita Hunters are one of classes with the highest mobility in game. Although they have low defense they are able to survive through avoiding damage if you evade the enemies successfully.

Important Skills:

Skill_Elastic_Force.jpg  Elastic Force: Self-buff for Segita Hunter that lowers the chance that they will receive a critical hit.

Skill_Vulnerable_Point.jpg  Vulnerable Point: Single target, one shot Bow skill that decreases the targets Defense, Guard Rate, Block Rate, and Critical Resistance.

Skill_Chaos_Blast.jpg  Chaos Blast: Crossbow skill that helps you retreat from the enemy and causes them to lose target on you for a short time.

Skill_Slow_Arrow.jpg  Slow Arrow: Single target, one shot Bow skill that prevents the enemy from being able to move for 5 seconds when fully upgraded.

Skill_Crazy_Arrow.jpg  Crazy Arrow: Bow & Crossbow skill that applies a movement speed debuff to targets in a medium AOE and also helps the Hunter from evading the target.





Incar Magician

“I am a messenger of the Incar.”

Incar Magicians display the powerful magic damages based on the 3 elements; fire, ice and lightning. The Energy skill tree also gives buffs and usable status disorder skills. Magicians can use a wand or staff. Unlike other classes, the selection of weapon doesn't effects the skill tree they are able to use. Wands deal higher overall damage and Staffs have the ability to deal higher critical energy damage when the weapon is perfect. Staffs can also hold one more gem inside their weapon than wands can use. Energy tree skills have buffs that escalates own abilities, and some can even raise abilities of party members. There is also a skill a magician can use to resist damage with a barrier, and can snare an enemy making them unable to do anything. Energy skills are effective as enemies can rarely resist it. Fire elemental skills mostly make the enemies burn. Burned enemies get a decreased health status, and the damage is highest between 3 elements. Fire damage is unguardable. Ice elemental skills freeze enemies and make them hard to move. Lightning elemental skills are based on transfer and shock, which raises the elemental attack or drops the elemental resistance. It is also good to deal combo attacks with other elemental skills.

Incar Magicians are a great class for dealing large amounts of damage in very large areas.

Important Skills:

Skill_Aqua_Circle.jpg  Aqua Circle: Gives the caster +75% Magic Damage for a few seconds.

Skill_Shield_of_Siege.jpg  Shield of Siz: Allows the caster to protect herself and resist almost all damage.

Skill_Stasis_Orb.jpg  Stasis Orb: Locks the enemy for several seconds, during this period they are unable to do anything!

Skill_Measure.jpg  Measure: Has a very high chance to drain Mana away from targets in a small AOE and also increases distance between the caster and her enemies.

Skill_Ghost_of_Time.jpg  Ghost of Time: Causes a single target to "faint". During this time they cannot do anything for several seconds. However, if they are attacked they will wake up immediately.






“I will let you come close, but not too close.”

Segnale is a class specialized for healing allies and cursing their enemies. It is the only class that has HP and shield recovery skills, which makes the class essential in a party play. The class has several healing skills that can be variously used depending on the situation, and also has several buff skills that can raise the attack and defense of the party members. Also, Segnale is the only class that can resurrect others and even their own self. Segnale's curse skills are specialized on debuffing the enemies. The skills drop opponents attack and defense and other various status, and even can make someone fall asleep to prevent them to fight. Also this class has skills that nails an enemy making them not able to move, and drops the recovery rate.

Having just one segnale join a battle can change the entire fight.

Important Skills:

Skill_Paralyze.jpg  Paralyze: Almost completely stops the target from being able to move and decreases their curse resistance.

Skill_Sleep.jpg  Sleep: Puts the target to sleep for 7 seconds.

Skill_Cruelty_Whip.jpg  Cruelty Whip: Drains Mana away from the target greatly.

Skill_Detonate_Edge.jpg  Detonate Edge: Decreases curse resistance of targets in a medium AOE.

Skill_Bloody_Mist.jpg  Bloody Mist: Single-target debuff that lowers the targets' Maximum HP and HP Recovery Rate for 1 minute.





Vicious Summoner

“Black Magic- Call it what you will. I’m just a Summoner because I like the power.”

Vicious summoners do battles based on summoning. There are two types of weapons that summoners use, staffs and twin swords. Summoners use totem buffs called Chakra to fully control an area. There are two types of Chakras, one gives you buffs and the other debuffs the enemies. Most of their attacks are poison based, and they can debuff their enemy. They may summon allies in danger, and can cure the curse status disorders. Melee attacking summoners have hiding skills that allow them to be unseen for a long period of time. Also the twin swords helps the summoner effectively battle enemies and summon minions to fight and take damage for them. These summoners also have a skill that allows them to teleport to an enemy or ally in sight, which makes summoners able to hit and run.

Summoner Chakras also buff their party members, which makes them very important to have in any PK, PVP, or PVE situation.

Important Skills:

Skill_Shadow_Revenge.jpg Shadow Revenge: Twin-blade attack also gives the summoner increased ranged resistance, melee resistance, monster resistance, and damage resistance.

Skill_Cane_Hawk.jpg Cane Hawk: Self-buff that gives increased Critical Rate, Hit Rate, and Poison Damage.

Skill_Darkness.jpg Darkness: Twin-blade skill that decreases nearby enemies damage and critical rate in a small AOE.

Skill_Summon_Ghost.jpg Summon Ghost: Staff skill that decreases the targets vitality and critical rate in a small AOE.

Skill_Dark_Avatar.jpg Dark Avatar: Large AOE attack that deals massive damage and has a fast cooldown time.





Bagi Warrior

“Warriors! Who is the common foe-”

Bagi Warriors have strong health and buffs that strengthen the body, which makes them the class that defends the front line. Bagi warriors have a special ability to absorb the damages received by party members and change it to raise attack. They are strong against magic and have special skills to resist every status disorders for a while. They also have a last call surviving skill to raise their resistance to the limit at the last minute when their life is near to end. They utilize martial arts using their body. Gauntlets are not only effective for interpersonal but also for wide ranges. They can control the cool time of their enemies and knockback them to disturb their fighting rhythm and counter-attack.

Bagi Warriors get the most amount of Health and Shield per stat point than any other class in the game. This allows them to become one of the best tank classes.

Important Skills:

Skill_Bulls_Cry.jpg Bulls Cry: Self-buff that increases attack, critical rate, and hit rate for several seconds.

Skill_Divide_Force.jpg Divide Force: Shares damage between party members with yourself. When damage is taken defense, melee damage, all resistances, and HP recovery increases.

Skill_Shock_Wave.jpg Shock Wave: Puts a single target in a stunned state but also deals damage to nearby enemies in a small AOE.

Skill_Vital_Drain.jpg Vital Drain: This skill reduces your max shield, but allows you to resist almost all damage for several seconds and has a decent cooldown time.

Skill_Splinter.jpg Splinter: A skill that casts quickly and allows you to knock back nearby targets in a 7m AOE. This can be used in many situations.





Half Bagi

"Incarnation of Battle"

Half Bagis are both beautiful and powerful. Katars are their weapon of choice. Coupled with their ability to use Great Pulsion, they dominate battlefields with their rage. Half Bagis use two weapons, Katar and Falchion. They are also a very tanky class just like Bagi Warriors and have many of the same skills, including: Abnormal Resistance, Vital Drain, Stuns and more. However, Half-Bagis have other skills that set them apart from the Bagi class. Half Bagis are able to stun many enemies in large AOEs for several seconds while their team is able to deal damage to them. Also, Half Bagis have a skill that allow them to reflect damage back to their attackers Shield.

Half Bagis are a very versatile class that can be used in many different situations.

Important Skills:

Skill_Fury_Shield.jpg Fury Shield: Resists harmful status effects for a long period of time.

Skill_Burst_Slash.jpg Burst Slash: Attacks all enemies around you and prevents them from being able to move. The last hits has a chance to stun enemies at a certain rate.

Skill_Bone_Crush.jpg Bone Crush: Very strong skill that deals strong damage and decreases the defense of its targets for a few seconds.

Skill_Earth_Divider.jpg Earth Divinder: Returns some of the damage you receive back to the attackers Shield.

Skill_Vampire_Dance.jpg Vampire Dance: Katar skill that recovers a massive amount of the casters HP in 2 seconds.




"Reapers of Death"

Segeuripers appeared in Trieste after learning about the Segnales' threat. By absorbing the blood of contaminated creatures, they have gained more raw power than the Segnales. They wield scythes, curse magic and absorb the power of their enemy. Segeuripers have many skills that deal lots of high damage and fast hits, but with less healing skills than Segnales.

They are able to debuff opponents and put them to sleep for short periods of time. Their pillage skills allow them to snare enemies, prevent them from using skills, but at the cost of debuffing themselves for 1 minute.

Important Skills:

Skill_Tizen_Storm.jpg Tizen Storm: This self-buff gives the caster increased movement speed and PK/PVP damage tolerance for a few seconds while also dealing pulsing curse damage to nearby enemies.

Skill_Element_Pillage.jpgSkill_Soul_Pillage.jpgSkill_Aretius_Pillage.jpg Pillages: These attacks cause the target(s) to be unable to move or skill for brief periods of time, however they also debuff the caster. (A trick to getting rid of the debuffs early is to use Transup after Pillages to remove your debuffs early.)

Skill_Envoy_Other_Self.jpg Envoy Self: This skill is a gap closer that brings you much closer to your target. Also, your critical rate increases for a few seconds.

Skill_Cursed_Fog.jpg Cursed Fog: Single-target debuff that decreases Critical Rate, Hit Rate, and Vitality for 1 minute.

Skill_Reduce_Curse.jpg Reduce Curse: Single-target debuff that decreases Curse Resistance for several seconds.





Dragon Knight

"Knights of the Goddess of Earth, Siege"

Dragon Knights use their berserk powers to maximize their damage potential. They can use Seal Force and are powerful melee warriors.
Although Dragon Knights do not have very many party buffs, they have several buffs for themselves that make them a very dangerous class to fight against. One of their buffs allows them to have increased Defeat Resistance which prevents enemy damage from knocking them back and disrupting their skills. They also have many skills that deal pulsing AOE damage around their character and each hit stacks a debuff on their enemies.

DK's also have very high mobility and are able to escape or rush into fights very easily.

Important Skills:

Skill_Sphere_Strike.jpg Whole Strike: This skill does massive damage in a large, linear AOE. This skill hits a lot of times.

Skill_Rabat_Julrin.jpg Rabat Julrin: A single-target stun that also decreases the targets' guard and block rate by 15% for 3 seconds.

Skill_Charge_Diss.jpg Charge Diss: Allows you to charge a single-target from a long distance and stun them.

Skill_Defence_Crash.jpg Defense Crash: Wide AOE attack skill that decreases the targets Defense with each and every hit.

Skill_Defeat_Reject.jpg Defeat Reject: Self-buff that increases Defeat Rate. This makes it very hard for enemies to knockback you and interrupt your skills.





Black Wizard

"Fear my Black Magic feeble creatures"

Black Wizards were initially accepted as Incar priests, but constantly yearning for a greater power. They were led to the great power of Black Magic. A magic so great it strikes fear into their enemies. Wizards deal fire damage that is very strong. They are also able to decrease many different statuses of targets including: mana, HP, fire resistance, damage, movement speed, and much more.

Black Wizards also have very high mobility and their skills help them avoid damage and keep a distance from their opponent. It is often hard to determine where a Black Wizard will move next. Black Wizards also have the largest range of any class, which allows them to attack players from very far distances.

Important Skills:

Skill_Great_Mana_Barrier.jpg Great Mana Barrier: Summons a powerful shield around you that protects you from 100% of damage for a short time.

Skill_Back_Step_Shot.jpg Back Step Shot: Attack the target by jumping backward and also causes the target to lose target of you.

Skill_Death_Link.jpg Death Link: Link yourself to an opponent, when they attack you it reflects damage back to them while you take the rest.

Skill_Weakness_Mana_Recovery.jpg Skill_Heartache.jpg Weakness Mana Recovery & Heartache: These two skills drain mana and HP away from your enemy. Both of these skills have fast cooldown times.

Skill_Limit_Rush.jpg Limit Rush: Charge towards an enemy to prevent them from using skills and causes them to be unable to move for a short time.





Concerra Summoner

"Kings of Assassination and Poison"

Concerra Summoners were once assassins but now have gained poison and summoning skills. Using only the strongest poisons and stealth, by the time the enemy can see their shadow, they are already dead. They are very good at one on one fights because they have lots of skills that prevent the opponent from moving, using skills, or targeting themselves. They can also go invisible for a long period of time to sneak up on players or escape. Concerra Summoners can use two weapons; Staff and Dual-blade. However, it is better if they use both weapons at the same time. This lets them debuff their enemies with staff skills while stunning or killing their enemies with their Dual-blade.

Concerra's may also summon pets to fight for them or absorb damage from enemy attacks.

Important Skills:

Skill_Shadow_Attack.jpg Shadow Attack: This skill always does a critical hit and prevents the enemy from being able to attack.

Skill_Achilles_Burst.jpg Achilles Burst: Prevents target from being able to do anything for 3 seconds, and also decreases their movement speed for a few more seconds afterwards.

Skill_Numb_Pain.jpg Numb Pain: All targets in the large AOE will be unable to attack.

Skill_Poison_Shock.jpg Poison Shock: Very strong skill that bleeds the targets, lowers their resistances, and damage.

Skill_Palpus.jpg Palpus: Staff skill that prevents the enemy from attacking, lowers the poison resistance by a large amount, and decreases their movement speed significantly for several seconds.



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