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    Hello, DKR players,

    As part of our commitment to keep you posted on our Anti-Cheat solutions, we wanted to give you a quick update on what we’ve been doing the last few months. There’s a lot in the works on the anti-cheat front and while we can’t get into specifics on everything, as doing so could actually harm progress, we wanted to go over a few categories to show where we’re at and where we intend to go.

    • Improvement of Anti-Cheat Solutions
    • Benefits of a strong Anti-Cheat System

    Improvement of Anti-cheat Solutions

    Recently multiple upgrades have been made to our Anti-Cheat to protect the game and maintain fairness. So far, our detection system has been 100% successful at detecting cheaters; this means that the detection system has never flagged any non-cheating players.

    However, the cheaters that manage to "bypass" our Anti-Cheat system are still flagged by a separate system which is closely monitored by GM staff 24/7, around the entire world.


    We will continue to improve our Anti-Cheat systems to further strengthen our game security.

    The Anti-Cheat team analyzes a massive amount of game logs and cheat logs on a weekly basis. Users that are verified as cheaters at the conclusion of the investigations receive permanent bans on all of their accounts.

    Also, our systems are regularly updated to ensure cheats that we have blocked before aren't modified to work again.

    The graph below shows the monthly character bans from February 2018 to February 2019.



    Majority of users that received player reports were permanently banned. Cheaters that were reported by multiple users were also almost always permanently banned, so if anyone ever thinks that their report doesn't matter, just know that your reports are making a positive impact towards a fair-play community.

    On the topic of hardware bans, we began these back on January 17th, 2019. This is a very sensitive method of banning, so we take extra precautions to ensure that PC cafes or public PCs are not impacted unfairly. We are very carefully picking out which machines are to be banned in order to prevent innocent PCs from being hit. When a hardware ban is performed, the user will be disconnected automatically from the game servers and that piece of hardware will not be able to play DKR anymore.


    Alongside hardware bans, we also changed the way we ban AFK and macro users. The plan is to warn first time AFK farmers and macro users, then, if they are detected AFK farming or using a macro again in the future then their accounts will be permanently suspended. The plan is to deploy this effort as soon as possible to assist in limiting the total amount of characters banned on a monthly basis.

    The screenshot below is a sample of the Ban Warning System.


    Benefits of a strong Anti-Cheat System

    This is only the beginning. By having a powerful Anti-Cheat system, this allows the Developer Team to bring fun new content to the game with no worry that cheaters will destroy the economy or harm the fun for other players.

    Certain features like Solo Dungeons have been turned down previously due to the number of cheaters that would utilize them and hurt the economy by pumping too many rewards into the economy at one time. Ultimately, this caused the supply of such items and dil to vastly increase which in-turn caused inflation.

    Over the course of the past year, the price of items and D-Shop have mostly stabilized into lower prices which shows us that our Anti-Cheat solutions are working.

    Great things are coming to the Dekaron community this year.

    We will continue to devote ourselves to fairness. We greatly appreciate the patience and trust of all of you and will do all we can to repay that trust. Thank you for your continued support and reporting.

    –The DKR Anti-Cheat Team

    Edited by Fayth


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    • Executive Staff
    4 hours ago, DageraBG said:

    I have a question if you are using the game only for example learning and you dont influence other players are you going to get banned ?

    I do not understand your question.

    Please clarify so that I can answer your question to the best of my abilities.

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    • Executive Staff
    5 hours ago, DageraBG said:

    I have a question if you are using the game only for example learning and you dont influence other players are you going to get banned ?

    Using any types of hacks will lead to a permanent ban. Regardless of your intentions. 

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