Black Friday

Coming Soon

The biggest update we've ever released.

DK Square Ranking System

V1 (Open Beta) of our new DK-Square Ranking System has been released.

New Transup & Skills

Part 1 of the new contents update is here!

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

[BLACK FRIDAY 2020] DOUBLE Donations


Hi players,

We're starting our traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday coins sale. We only have one donation event per year, and this is quite the deal.


2x Coins






Additional Bonus: Limited Edition


[Limited Edition] Ghost Ray Mount - All Donations $50 - $100



[Limited Edition] Ghost Phoenix Mount - All Donations $100+





Since a few months ago we increased the amount of coins per donations, this year we will be making a small change to the black Friday sale in regards to {VIP} memberships.

{VIP} will still apply to the 2x coins. However, the bonus % will only be applied on the non-sale coins.

For example, a $10 donation:

  • Normal:    $10 = 11,500 + 15% = 13,225
  • Black Friday:      $10 = ( 11,500 + 15% = 13,225) + 11,500 = 24,725

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On 11/12/2020 at 7:25 PM, Gilan said:

Hi, are the mounts received from this event supposed to be permanent?

I think they are. Last events mounts giveaway were permanent. There’s a 1 year counter on it, but just a bug. 🐜 🐛 

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18 hours ago, Guest asdasd said:

u top up 100$ + u get two mounts? 


u get ray mount when u donated 50$. 

u get pheonix when u donated 100$ and up.

If u will donate 200$, u get 1 pheonix, so better donate 2x 100$ so u get 2 mounts. but you’ll get less coins.


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