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    Rising 2022: Open World Dungeon, New Mechanic, New Content

    Patch Notes

    Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

    Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.
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    Segita Shooter El Mar

    Patch Notes

    DK Square Ranking System

    Patch Notes

    Rising News - Siege Changes, Guild War Battle



    The last Siege was the biggest one in a while, and we're super excited for everyone that participated.

    Siege is unfortunately a very old system, and while it's very fun and engaging, it definitely has its downsides. The biggest example of this is alliances. Siege was actually created before alliances existed. That said, there isn't really a good solution -- if we ban alliances a bunch of people wouldn't be able to participate, and if we don't, there's an issue with numbers. However, there is good news. We will be making some changes to Siege and releasing a new Guild War.

    We're working on a LOT of new PvP/PvE modes including matchmaking, revamped Colosseum, Siege V2, and much more. One of these new modes/systems will be ready very soon, and we'd like to give everyone some information about it so they can prepare.



    Experimental Siege Changes



    NOTE: These changes are not final and are happening mostly to give us some data we need. This does not mean that every Siege going forward will be like this, but this is something important for us to test. The next Siege will be this test.

    • Attacking guilds will be limited to ONE guild. This guild cannot be an alliance or in any way affiliated to the guild defending the castle.
    • Guild application requirements will change to the following:
      • 40 members
      • Guild Level 3
    • To compensate for there only being one guild attacking (as opposed to 3), advantages that defending guilds have will be limited (gates will be weaker for example).


    We understand this will stop some people from participating in Siege and apologize for those players that will be left out.




    MAX PLAYERS: 500 (50 members each)



    NOTE: This will be a new system, and the first release will be a "BETA".

    1. Each guild will register/apply for the guild war (registration details coming soon). Only the guild master must register.
    2. Once the guild war begins, each player will be automatically teleported to the battle map along with their guild.
    3. Each guild should then form raid parties so that they don't attack each-other (each will need about 3 raids). The distribution is decided by the guild or guild leader.
    4. After 5 minutes of preparation time the barriers separating each guild into their area will be broken.
    5. The battle will be live-streamed and will continue until only one guild remains standing.

    Additional rules and information :

    • Application requirements:
      • 40+ Guild Members that have logged in for at least 1 hour in the past 30 days
      • 20+ Guild Members level 211 and above
      • 5 BIL Dil (will be rewarded to the winning guild, along with other rewards)
    • Alliances and teaming between guilds is not allowed (and not really possible since there could only be one winner anyway, and friendly fire will be everywhere).
    • Strategy is completely open. The map will be (mostly) open, but there will be areas in the map that can be used in defensive ways.

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments


    Remove alliances from the game all together, right now this whole game consist of 1 MVP alliance filled with fc*king morons that will spam guild/allychat if they get killed. The outcome of this is that 5-8 people come to help the fckwit and ruin the experience for the rest of us. Whats even worse is that these "mvp" communitues are run by staff members. You give this kind power to 1 alliance and whole point of this game is gone. Its a pvp game, how the hell are smaller guilds supposed to compete with this shit when all the somewhat op players are in 1 alliance? its ridiculous. 

    There was a time i used to love this server and donated alot to support it, as of right now its trash, literally garbage. 


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