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    Staff Promotions & Additions (pt.1)

    Warriors of the Rising,


    The Rising Staff Team has been been working extremely hard in improving their server. As the server has been gaining popularity rapidly, especially due to summer we are excited to announce new additions to the Rising team. I'd also like to thank everyone who is currently on the Rising Staff Team and everyone who has been team before. The server has been up for 8+ years thanks to everyone's dedication, love, and commitment.

    We received a lot of applications. And I mean a lot. We have only picked a few so far but that doesn't mean we won't pick more soon. Our needs vary a lot based on time zone, languages, and other variables that we have to take into consideration. This post details the first 'wave' -- and will be as more staff members are added.



    • @hardcoreftw Rusted [OPR] -> [GM]
      • Rusted has been a great OPR. He logs off his personal character and immediately and logs on his staff character whenever a player is in need. He is receptive to feedback and genuinely cares about the server.
    • @SmalleR  [OPR] -> [GM]
      • His name might be SmalleR but he has a LargeR voice :). Not only has SmalleR been a great OPR, he has done a great job sharing ideas that the community presents to him, but even to me. SmalleR takes the initiative to come up with solutions to problems that he sees in game, and this is a great quality.


    New OPRs

    • Halo @Supreme-Halo
      • Halo is one of the most active players I have ever seen in the history of Rising. Halo is intensely passionate about the game and loves to see people enjoying it.
    • ColbyTw @{VIP}ZhiRen
      • ColbyTw is a longtime player with a focused interest on the game. He shares his vision to make Rising as best as it possibly can be. He will also help us make sure that the Taiwanese community can voice their thoughts and feedback, even if some of them cannot speak English.
    • SolAloe @LyteHeaded
      • If you've been in the Rising Discord channel, there's no way you haven't seen SolAloe. SolAloe checks and response to inquiries in the support channel as much as staff members do. He does his best to help players both in game and on Discord.
    • CuCum @CutieKitty
      • CutieKitty is another one of the most active players I have ever seen in the history of Rising. She is both passionate about the game and does not fear sharing her opinions and suggestions. Finally, she's in a timezone that we haven't previously covered and can help us both advertise and expand to a new server region.

    New DEV (Content Designer & more)

    • Doqen @Doqen
      • Doqen has been a longtime member of the Rising community. He is an extremely fast learner and has made contributions in the past such as as the Tritone of El Mar boss and the White Crystalline skin. He has also expressed interest in improving the gameplay experience for both new players and existing players. 


    Congratulations to everyone that has been selected so far. Welcome to the team, which in reality, is more like a family.  I am excited to see how we can all work together to achieve our most important goal: making Rising as best as possible.



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