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    [UPDATED] Siege Time

    UPDATE February 4th 2020:

    To accommodate players in the Asia region, we are updated the siege time to 2 hours earlier.

    17:00 server time 15:00 server time




    As we prepare for the upcoming Siege revamp, which features 3 new Siege maps, we have re enabled Siege. This will show in game after the next update.

    The next Siege battle will be traditional style. After that, we will slowly implement additional Siege maps. Siege will now happen every week.

    Siege time will be at 17:00 server time 15:00 server time (countdown on launcher and below). However, with the upcoming Siege revamp we are looking into having multiple Sieges at different times. More info will follow if we make that happen.

    The castle will be undefended. Certain GM commands (such as /kick and /return) will be temporarily disabled during Siege.


    Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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    wow havent played for a week. login in game crash cant play rofl 

    discord ain 't even working rofl tf with this game buging so hard

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