Velikas Weapon Skin

One of the rarest weapon skins we've added yet.

Pyrion Wings

Harness a slither of the power of Karon.

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

New Map: Shangri-La

Breathtakingly beautiful, but extremely dangerous.

Patch 15.0: Contents Update


Completely re-designed DKSQ, New Weapon Skin, More UI Upgrades, Bug Fixes, and other Miscellaneous Improvements!


Manual Patch:




DK-Square v3.0


We have added a new DKSQ map and reworked the grade points/purchase points system so no matter what rank you are you will get GP/PP for killing someone lower or higher rank than yourself. The lower the rank of the person you kill compared to yourself the lower the points and vice versa!

  • Even if you kill someone with a significantly lower rank, you will now get points.
  • Grade points and purchase points earned are now based on the rank of the player you kill. Higher rank = more GP/PP
  • New map applied 
  • Updated locations of guard stones (Base 1, Base 2, and Middle)
  • Updated warp stones
  • Updated anti-spawn kill system to accommodate for new map
  • [NEW] Ultimate Gem RandomBox added to NPC Lowe in Ardeca (Purchase Point Exchange) Costs: 2,750,000 Purchase Points
    • heYv2Wm.png



New Weapon Skin






We added a new Weapon Skin and it's called [Skin Diamond] Sun!
This Skin Diamond can be obtained by killing Incarnation of Helion!


World Event Boss


Incarnation of Helion

The Incarnation of Helion himself. One of the 12 Incar Gods. The strongest boss in the game so far and the ultimate PvE challenge.

  • Difficulty: Extremely Hard
  • Drops: [Skin Diamond] Sun + 200m dils
  • Drop Rate: 100%
  • Respawn Time: Every Sunday at 2pm UTC+2
    - Check your time at:
  • Map: Python Castle (Deux Marbles Arena)
  • Channel(s): Ark
  • HP: 330000000
  • Attacks:
    1) Normal fire attacks that damages the player on impact
    2) A linear AOE attack that deals heavy fire damage to all players in a straight line and causes severe burns for 10 seconds
    3) An AOE attack that deals heavy physical damage to all players in a large area around Helion which also slows and decreases everyones defense for 8 seconds
    4) Minions. Helion will spawn Fire Fairies in the Arena. These will burn any player who gets in range and they will also spawn Cores of the Sun. Cores of the Sun chases down players and hits them with debuffs that drains the players MP
    5) Meteos. Helion will call down Meteos that will deal heavy damage to all players caught within their impact zones
    6) Passive Ability: Helion is one of the 12 incar Gods and is somewhat resistant to all elements and 100% immune to knockback and abnormal statuses

Tactics: Pray



Updated Launcher Final Touches


  • New launcher is now compatible on all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10)
  • The launcher no longer needs you to install .net framework (unless you are on Windows XP)
  • Repair feature now works reliably
  • Game Account Registration now works reliably
  • Game Account Password Change now works reliably


Note: The new launcher uses a new News engine. The news engine doesn't work on operating systems below Windows 7. Below Windows 7 the news page won't load the news, however the game will still update properly.




  • Updated A.K. Weapon Stance --- player suggestion
  • Parca Tears are now SEALABLE! Cost: 50ea Sealing Powder
  • Fixed a bug with Yoshima Diameki that was giving players 10,000,000 Purchase Points
  • Removed Dshop emblems and added them to NPC Lowe instead -- player suggestion
  • Lowered the cost of Imperial Potions on Blood Bottle exchange from 4,000 to 1,000
  • Increased the duration of all Dshop Buffs to 20 minutes. (They used to last 10 minutes, and some lasted only 5 minutes)
  • Fixed the emblem description of new emblems on NPC Lowe
  • Slightly lowered to AOE range of one of Tritone's attacks
  • Visual changes to Parca Temple
  • Ardeca Spawn Location is now blue instead of red
  • Fixed a bug with the water at Ardeca flowing red, water now correctly flows blue


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Hallo fellow Rising players once should be said no1 is buying a box for 2,75m where u cant even choose what u get, 1m for that box is more than fair enough. according to what u get for being max rank in DKSQ even after the new rework of PP / GP it is still a mission of weeks grinding unless u host 24/7 dksq events (max ranks) to get with high chance something u dont even need, my luck (mana stone, some kind of resistance gem), i like the ideas u have tho but there should be done something

PS: i love the visual remake of DKSQ

also love the dshop buff duration

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