Velikas Weapon Skin

One of the rarest weapon skins we've added yet.

Pyrion Wings

Harness a slither of the power of Karon.

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

New Map: Shangri-La

Breathtakingly beautiful, but extremely dangerous.

Patch 19.4: Deadlands Event, Deadfront Revamp, New Velika's Skin Effect & More! Part 1


Note: There will be another update in 1~2 weeks!


Manual Patch:



The Deadlands Event & Umbar's Hideout!



War is brewing in The Deadlands...
Destroyer Umbar and his loyal Destroyers are invading our forces in The Deadlands in an attempt to overrun the area.
If Destroyer Umbar manages to successfully gain control over The Deadlands he will most certainly go for Ardeca next.
You cannot allow this to happen!


The Deadlands Event and Umbar's Hideout mini dungeon have been reworked for mid-gear players!

How the Event works:

2 times per day at:


a notification will pop up and let players know that Umbar's forces are launching an attack in The Deadlands.
When the event starts all the regular monsters in the map will be replaced with stronger ones with unique drops such as Dream Powders, Tatum Mavrics, and Gold Argates.
Your objective is to kill 400 of these monsters. (Note: The monsters do NOT respawn)
Do not despair because these kills are shared among ALL players on the map regardless of party or not!
For every 50 monsters killed a message will pop up and let everyone in the map know how many monsters are left to kill!
Once all monsters have been killed and Umbar's forces have been successfully repelled you will have to go to NPC Antria at one of the outposts in The Deadlands. She will then give you a "Sign of Destruction" which lasts for 30 minutes.
The Sign of Destruction allows you to enter Umbar's Hideout and slay him!

Umbar's Hideout is originally designed for solo play, but we decided to make it so that you can bring friends with you if you wish to do so!
This means you need a party of at least 1 player to enter the dungeon.
Everyone in the party must have a Sign of Destruction in order to enter the dungeon though.

Once you have entered the dungeon simply wait for it to start and then clear all the monsters in the hallway to gain access to Umbar's Chambers where you will have to pull the lever to the left to summon Umbar's pet Bereth.
Kill Bereth from Hell and you will finally be able to fight Umbar himself!

Bereth will drop Pass and Nium Mavrics and Umbar will drop Tatum Mavrics with a small chance of dropping the new "Umbar's Shield" PvE ring!











Deadfront Revamp!


The Deadfront has been reworked!


We now have two tiers of Deadfront:
Deadfront [Doom] Lv. 170-199
Deadfront [Hell] Lv. 200+


Deadfront [Doom] is designed for new- and mid-geared players and focuses around EXP, Dil and a very small portion of Grade Points, Gold Argates and Dil from the small chests at the end of the run. The chests are only available to the party who wins the PvP party after killing the last boss.


Deadfront [Hell] is designed for level 200+ and is extremely hard compared to before.

However, as compensation for this increased difficulty, we have also made the EXP suitable for level 200-210 and added unique drops.
The last boss gives Grade Points, but the chests granted to the Party who wins the PvP part after the last boss contains the following:

  • 2000000 Dil per Chest
  • 100k Grade Points per Chest (Approximately 10% less GP for each member of the party)
  • A moderate chance of a 7% gem Random-box per Chest
  • A small chance of a Solon Necklace Random-box per Chest
  • A very small chance of the new "Ring of Greed" per Chest


Like in Deadfront Doom these chests are only available to the party who wins the PvP part at the end of the run.
(Teleporting in/trying to steal the chests from the winning party is a bannable offense)



Re-Introducing the Velika's Skin


We added an effect to the Velika's Skin!
We hope you like it!




Guild/Alliance of Glory - D


Customize your Guild or Alliance with the new Guild of Glory - D and Alliance of Glory - D now in the D-Shop!







Gold Blades:







  • Winter Ardeca Theme has been removed
  • Winter fortification glow has been removed
  • Snowmen have been removed from Ardeca
  • Umbar's Shield Ring added to Agency
  • Greed Ring added to Agency
  • Fixed a bug in Agency that was causing Segnale / Vicious Summoner Teragrace Set Parts to sometimes appear in the wrong sections
  • Fixed a bug in Agency that was affecting nearly all class Teragrace Gloves from not always appearing
  • Fixed a bug in Agency that was causing Dragon Knight Teragrace Boots to appear in the Dragon Knight Teragrace Gloves section and vice versa
  • All classes Speedboots V2 (+0~+10) added to Agency
  • All classes Speedboots V3 (+0~+10) added to Agency
  • Fixed a bug where Axolotl Dolls would only give 6m EXP instead of 10m
  • Fixed the Grand Meister skill icons that were incorrect
  • Changed Elonohm map level requirement to level 190+
  • Fixed the "Not enough exchange items" error on the 18% blacksmith Dream Powder exchange
  • All monsters in Shangri La now also drops +0 Tera gears
  • All monsters in Shangri La now also has a small chance of dropping a 7% gem random-box (0.1% chance per monster)
  • Slightly increased the Dragon Bone drop rate from Wisegons in Land of Illusion
  • Mitera monsters now drop +8 osmium set pieces instead of +7
  • Deadland event will be added to the launcher countdown soon, and all launcher countdowns will be fixed

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Wow... thats so cool... also i love DF so im very happy you make it alive and  ;). 

New rings around and drops yeah ;). 


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Guest Guest of WHO!!!


update and now launcher is broke....lmfao....guess i go play something else now.....

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1 minute ago, Guest Guest of WHO!!! said:

update and now launcher is broke....lmfao....guess i go play something else now.....

We restarted the update server, simple run your launcher again. If you're still having an issue, PM me on discord.

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I think the SHANGRILA map should drop items like weapons Lvl 200 + 0 with a fall percentage of 5% -10% or I'll leave it at their hands ... that would add a new trade to the market and make it more active for Players.
I am saying this because the recent SHANGRILA map is of lvl 200 and you are adding low lvl items as +0 tera parts. currently there is a map with that fall.
You could consider my idea or reform it to your liking.

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