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Patch 20.3: Crash Fix - Public Testing


Warriors of the Rising,


I'm extremely excited to announce that we're entering a public testing phase of the crash fix update we've been working on.

This is still an early version, but we're expecting this to have a very positive effect on several game crashes we've identified. Overall, we identified three different types of game crashes. This public test update (Patch 23.0) has fixes for all three types of crashes we identified. This is also, by far, the most work and effort we've done yet on this issue and this is the product of several months of work.






How do I participate in the test?

How do I provide feedback?

  • There are two ways to provide feedback. The better one is to comment on this post with as much detail as possible.
  • We've also added a survey in the launcher and the website that you can use:
    • image.png


Important Notes

Please remember that this is a public test version and we still have a few more changes and fixes to make. We're hoping for the best with this, but unexpected issues may occur. We will continue to monitor the situation and proceed as necessary.


Let us know how it goes! Hope you guys are as excited as we are!

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First Round - 1 client opened for DKSQ testing, didnt crash

Second Round - 2 clients opened, 1 for DF and 1 for DKSQ testing, both didnt crash

Really really appreciated the effort you did to eliminate that annoying crashes.




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