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The biggest update we've ever released.

Halloween Content Series

DK Square Ranking System

V1 (Open Beta) of our new DK-Square Ranking System has been released.

New Transup & Skills

Part 1 of the new contents update is here!

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

Patch 21.1: Quality of Life changes, Balance, New cosmetics & More!













This patch includes a lot of Quality of Life changes aswell as other adjustments, a few GFX changes, bug fixes and new cosmetics!
Major update coming in Patch 21.2!


Manual Patch:


New wings!


We added 3 new wings for you to combine with costumes so you can really slay your opponents in style!
Summoners have been asking for green wings for a long time so we took the liberty to finally add some!

Green Swordmaster Wings:

Blue Swordmaster Wings:

Wings of Qune:




Baz Skin Rework --> Arch Skin


The baz skin has been bugged since it was released so we decided to completely rework the skin!
We may add a skin similar to the Baz skin in the future once we know how to properly work the Tornado effect.
Keep in mind that this is a rework and not an actual new skin. This means that all current Baz skins will automatically be replaced with the Arch skin and the Arch skin will still drop where the baz skin dropped previously (Emperor Baz in Ruins of Baz)





GFX Changes


We updated the Floating Damage numbers so they are much higher quality! (Thanks w1cked)




We added an effect to the Segnale Fastesten skill (The Healing Ward)


We also reworked the Bloom Effect!
It's no secret that the old bloom effect was intended for when the game was released back in 2006, so we changed it to be a lot more suitable for present day Dekaron (Thanks indrek)
The difference may be a bit hard to notice on a gif, so check it out in game!

Gif showing no bloom and new reworked bloom:




Hall of Fame & Gold Class Champion Statues!


We also took the liberty of adding a Hall of Fame NPC at the center of the Colosseum Lobby.
This is where we honor YOU players be it by winning our Yearly 1v1 Overall Best Player Tournament or just making an everlasting impact on the server! Check it out in game!
Additionally we changed all the Class Champion Statues from being normal stone to GOLD!






  • Concerra Tera Gloves now have the same option possibilities as Vicious Summoner Tera Gloves
  • Segeuriper Tera Gloves now have the same option possibilities as Segnale Tera Gloves
  • Ruins of Baz level requirement is now 200+
  • Lowered the Daily Coin cost of Abaddon Powder from 15 to 4
  • Lowered Daily Coin cost of Trieste Water from 15 to 4
  • Lowered Daily Coin cost of Great Abaddon Powder from 17 to 5
  • 6% Gembox on Dream Powder exchange has been changed to 7% Gembox and DP cost has been increased to 500 DP
  • Frost Skin has been removed from the Dshop (Will be added again in December) (Note: Rainbow skin will be removed from the Dshop next patch and also added again in Easter 2021)
  • Slightly lowered the stats on Bloodstone and Moonstone earrings to match the exchange description
  • Pylons in Ruins of Rudene now gives 8m EXP each instead of 6m
  • The 2nd Ekatls encountered in Ruins of Rudene now gives 12m EXP each instead of 8m
  • The reaper monsters (monsters before Ephri boss in Cherubims Nest) now gives 16m EXP each instead of 9m
  • Magimatas no longer drops Dil
  • First boss in Ruins of Baz now drops 10 Copper Argates instead of 8
  • Second boss in Ruins of Baz now drops 8 Silver Argates instead of 6
  • All enemies in the Deadlands Event now drops 3 Dream Powders instead of 2 (unless they drop Tatums and golds)
  • [Skin Diamond] Arch drop rate has been lowered from 14% to 10%
  • [Common] Slime pet is now a rare pet --> [Rare] Slime Pet
  • 115 AR gems have been added to the Agency


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the bugged models on all Frost skin weapons
  • Fixed the names of the Blue Dragon Wings in the Dshop (Were previously called Champion Wings)


Balance Part 11



Thank you all for your love and support!



Edited by Dannyboi

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I have another big thing coming your way...


Still needs some work, but with recent personal issues, i haven't focused on it too much.

A good friend of mine and Nitex's is going to help me script a plugin for modding .mesh files. If everything goes smooth we are going to be able to make real new costumes, wings and/or armor.

Edited by Chronos
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