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The biggest update we've ever released.

Halloween Content Series

DK Square Ranking System

V1 (Open Beta) of our new DK-Square Ranking System has been released.

New Transup & Skills

Part 1 of the new contents update is here!

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

Patch 21.3: New Player Improvements, Quality of Life Changes, Balance Part 13 & More!

















The following patch focuses a lot on New Player Improvements and Quality of life changes, but don't worry the patch also has something for the endgame players!
Balance Part 13 is part of this update aswell.
A lot of the changes in this patch was based on you guys feedback and suggestions so thank you very much to everyone who took the time to share their feedback and suggestions!
Halloween content? It will already arrive by the next weekend so stay tuned for that!


Manual Patch:


Treasure of Crespo Dungeon



We understand that it can sometimes be hard to find a proper group for the Tower of Spell dungeon especially if you're a new player who is playing Dekaron for the first time.
We decided to rework the Treasure of Crespo Dungeon as an easier but less rewarding solo alternative to Tower of Spell Dungeon.
Although the dungeon is balanced for egutt gear level 180+ solo play, it is however still possible to bring friends with you if you wish to do so.
It is possible that we will rework the A version of this dungeon for endgame players in the future.

The dungeon offers similar rewards and EXP to Tower of Spell but in a lot less quantity.
The level requirement to enter Treasure of Crespo is 180+ and the rewards are as follows:

  • Dil
  • EXP
  • 6% Elemental Damage Gems
  • Gold Argates
  • +8 Osmium Belt
  • +8 Osmium Armlets
  • Obsidian (For Faded Obsidian Ring to help new players early on)

Here is a quick miniguide to help you understand how the dungeon works.

Start be talking to NPC Rezeena in Ardeca and teleport to Treasure of Crespo (180+)
Pay the Entry fee and enter the dungeon.
The dungeon itself is pretty straight forward for the most part. All you have to do it pull levers and clear out monsters to proceed deeper into the dungeon.
At one point however you will arrive at a crossroad and here you have to activate the blood altar twice and slay the Lupains inside.
Once you have slain the Lupains you have two options. You can either continue down the middle path and fight the main boss straight away or you can break the wooden gate on the left to unlock the optional room.
The optional room offers additional monsters for EXP aswell as a treasure box and miniboss both which drops Dil.
Additionally killing the optional boss also allows you to unlock the optional gate at the end of the dungeon. The treasurebox behind the optional gate will drop an additional 3 Gold Argates upon completing the Dungeon.
Once you have killed the final boss and claimed your treasures, continue up the stairs and speak with Rezeena to receive your Obsidian reward which can be used at the Obsidian exchange outside the dungeon by speaking with NPC Incar Scholar.
Have fun!




Blood Altar crossroad





Optional boss room to unlock bonus reward chamber at the end of the dungeon



After defeating the last boss



If you killed the optional boss you can activate this lever to get the bonus treasure reward









New Purchase Point Exchange Items


We haven't forgotten our endgame PvPers!
The following items have been added to the Purchase Point exchange:


Alchemist Scroll

The Alchemist Scrolls cost 8m Purchase Point each and is used at a new NPC in Elonohm to exchange 1 Alchemist Scroll and 1 Dragons Eye to upgrade the Dragons Eye into an upgraded version called Fiery Dragons Eye which offers twice as high stats as the regular version of the gem. You are however still only able to socket the gem into your Armlets.
Note: You can't upgrade your Dragons Eye gem if it's already inside your armlet. The Dragons Eye gem needs to be in your inventory. Time to pay good old Atramentous a visit again!








Ultimate Gladiator Randombox

The new Ultimate Gladiator Randombox offers a variety of new 4% gems for your belts.
Some of the 4% already exists as 2% and 3% gems in the game while some are completely new and didn't exist until now!
The box contains a total of 5 different 4% gems for your belt and you have an equal chance of getting each gem when you open a box.
The box itself costs 5m Purchase Points.









  • Slightly increased the EXP from Egutt 160 zone monsters
  • Slightly increased the EXP from Egutt 181 zone monsters
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of Copper and Silver Argates in Egutt 181
  • Slightly nerfed the Damage and Defense of the Sap Testee monsters in Parca Temple
  • Slightly nerfed the Defense and HP of all monsters in Mitera
  • Increased Sap Bottle drop rate of Sap Testee from 18% to 20%
  • Increased the amount of Dil most bosses drop to make boss hunting a more viable option for farming Dil
  • Slightly increased the EXP of all monsters in Tower of Spell since we did the Crespo Dungeon rework. Tower of Spell is still superior to the Crespo Dungeon in terms of EXP and loot
  • Slightly increased the EXP of Hirsch Dolls in Shangri La
  • Slightly increased the EXP from all monsters in Deadfront Hell
  • Added AmberCool to the Hall of Fame in the Colosseum lobby
  • Updated a lot of item and exchange descriptions that were wrong or were completely missing
  • Added the teleport level requirements on NPC Rezeena in Ardeca since those were missing previously
  • Added the option to teleport to Cherubims Nest entrance on NPC Rezeena in Ardeca aswell because why not
  • Added Aqua traps around the edges of Skywhales arena to prevent people from luring the boss to the wall in an attempt to bug it
  • Updated a bunch of skill descriptions
  • Removed [Skin Diamond] Rainbow from the Dshop (Will return next Easter)


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to open the [Legendary] Friendly Soul pet box from the Siege Exchange
  • Fixed the right hand effect of the Arch Gauntlet that would be on the ground instead of on the right gauntlet
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Half Bagis Lethal Cutter skill to give HB 50% Damage Reduction while on HP instead of ignoring 50% Defense of targets hit
  • Fixed a bug that would make the buff icon of Segnales Amazing Attack buff say increase defense instead of increase attack
  • Fixed missing animation on NPC Rezeena in Ardeca
  • Fixed DKSQ Emblems having wrong inventory models and textures
  • Fixed incorrect item description on [Skin Diamond] Tech
  • Fixed a bug that would make paranoia unable to move and attack targets unless they came into close range
  • Fixed Half Bagis missing Trans up buff icon
  • Fixed the Siege timer (you should now be able to register your guild for Siege Battle again)
  • Fixed [Skin Diamond] Siege exchange


Balance Part 13



Halloween Update?



We know you are excited for the halloween patch!
The halloween patch is already landing next weekend so stay tuned for that!



Thank you all for your love and support!



User Feedback

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AMAZING UPDATES.. Now StaffTeam, needs to put other ways to adquire PP becoz new people like me, cant go to dksq .
Also, i guess the drop of argates must be raised, aswell the drop os itens in mitera.

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The quality control of this update is unreal, the professional level top notch.

You guys should really consider giving a seminar/educational conference to other servers including the so called ''''officials'''' that have absolutely no clue as to how to deliver a proper, acceptable, genuine new update patch to their loyal player base.

Great job DEV team! 🤩🥰🙃

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8 hours ago, Guest xAvataR said:

AMAZING UPDATES.. Now StaffTeam, needs to put other ways to adquire PP becoz new people like me, cant go to dksq .
Also, i guess the drop of argates must be raised, aswell the drop os itens in mitera.

Would love to hear a feed about this one. Overall, UPDATE is great! 

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  • Executive Staff
16 hours ago, hyskal said:

 Hello everyone! Thanks for this amazing patch..... i little problem Summoners cant sumon at now, pls fix this.

Hello hyskal, thank you for the kind words.

Part of the update was a pet rework for summoners and concerras, so make sure you are high enough level to summon the pets.

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