Black Friday

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The biggest update we've ever released.

DK Square Ranking System

V1 (Open Beta) of our new DK-Square Ranking System has been released.

New Transup & Skills

Part 1 of the new contents update is here!

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

Patch 21.4: Halloween Content & More!



















Manual Patch:


Halloween Content



Happy Halloween!
What does the halloween content include?

Ardeca has been changed to Halloween theme



Pumpkin Ghosts are roaming Ardeca (These can drop [Rare] Pumpkin Ghost pets and Candy!)



Pumpkin Ghouls in DKSQ (These can drop candy)



Halloblade Wings (Limited Edition)

These wings only appear once a year! A special collectible item that only goes on sale for ONCE a year. After the sale, they are removed from the D-Shop. They are a Halloween special. I've seen some players that still have the Halloblade wings from last year, they are indeed one of the rarest wings of the game. If you want to be unique, stand out, and leave people wondering where you got your wings, these wings are for you!  Halloblade wings will be removed from the D-Shop in November

Every year, after these wings are removed, people constantly ask players who are wearing them where and how to get them. At that point, there is no way until next October :)



Helion Ghost Costumes! (Limited Edition)

Just like the Halloblade wings these costumes are only available during Halloween and will be removed from the Dshop in November



Nightmare Guardian Hider!

The ridiculously powerful Halloween boss you all love and hate is back!
But this time he has invaded Spirit Shelter in Space of Pilgrimage!
He will respawn every 12 hours!

- Dil
- [Skin Diamond] Nightmare
- [Legendary] Drake
- [Legendary] Zombie
- [Rare] Pumpkin Ghost
- Halloween Pumpkin Head Costume

Nightmare Guardian Hider drops multiple items so if you're really lucky you could get all items on the droptable on 1 kill
Good luck!



[Skin Diamond] Nightmare

The Nightmare skin has a small chance of dropping from Nightmare Guardian Hider!
Additionally it is for sale in the Dshop!



Legendary Halloween Pets

[Legendary] Drake and [Legendary] Zombie has a chance of dropping from Nightmare Guardian Hider!



Nightmare Costumes (Limited Edition)

Just like the Ghost Helion costumes, these lovely Nightmare Costumes are only available during Halloween and will be removed from the Dshop in November!



Extra New Content


We have added new Earrings for new players to the Obsidian Exchange in Crespo
These are slightly better than the amber earrings from Mitera and slightly worse than the Bloodstone and Moonstone Earrings from the Dream Powder exchange







We're happy to inform you that since it's Halloween the next two Weekly PvP Events will award all winners with DOUBLE the usual amount of coins!

  • 1st Place - 28000 Dshop Coins
  • 2nd Place - 20000 Dshop Coins
  • 3rd Place - 12000 Dshop Coins

The date of the Double Coins Weekly PvP Events are:


Additionally on Saturday (10/31/2020) we will be doing a few events aswell with DOUBLE Coins too!
It will be Hide N Seek and Sit with the GM!
This means each round of Hide N Seek will reward the winners with 18000 Dshop Coins instead of the usual 9000 Dshop coins.
The winners of Sit with the GM will be rewarded 10000 Dshop Coins instead of the usual 5000 Dshop Coins!




  • Increased level 4 Agares and Musfel level requirement from 190 to 200
  • Increased level 5 Agares and Musfel level requirement from 200 to 210
  • Increased level 5 Erigol, Gigantes, Arrogans and Paranoia level requirement from 190 to 200
  • Increased level 6 Erigol, Gigantes, Arrogans and Paranoia level requirement from 200 to 210
  • Slightly decreased overall damage of level 6 Arrogans
  • Slightly decreased overall damage of level 6 Agares
  • Slightly increased the HP of all monsters in Crespo Dungeon (Except last boss)
  • Updated Siege Winner Flag Wings texture to match the guild logo of the new Siege Castle Holder Guild
  • Added Osmium Belts to Agency
  • Added Osmium Armlets to Agency
  • Added Faded Obsidian Ring to Agency
  • Added Faded Obsidian Earrings to Agency
  • Added Grace of Arch to Agency
  • Updated a bunch of Consumeable Buffs item descriptions


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed Frost Gauntlet having bugged model
  • Fixed various AI bugs with Nightmare Guardian Hider
  • Fixed missing Mage trans up level 7 buff icon


Known Bugs


  • Legendary Drake and Legendary Zombie will copy the name of any currently equipped pet (just named egg if no pet is already equipped)

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2 hours ago, hyskal said:

I will need to reset my Summoner skills again!!!

for real reset is the only way? last time i had only upped arrogans so i could stick to rest before reaching 200 but now? reset is a must. another thing do i get free reset cuz if i used my previouse i would need to acquire new

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