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    Segita Shooter El Mar

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    Patch 22.1: Segita Shooter, El Mar Map, and more!





    Manual patch: 



    New Class Events

    image.png                   image.png


    Segita Shooter [New Class]



    Since there were fewer men than women that were Segita, they did their best to avoid frontline warfare in the hopes of preserving their bloodline.  

    This led to them becoming extremely talented in crafting and magic research, rather than straight combat.

    In a freak accident, the elder male Segitas  refined the Karon fragments colllected from Crespo Abys and used them to create two types of powerful magic-based projectile weapons.

    Pistols were refined using lightning damage type in order to optimize accuracy and speed.

    The Cannon, while slightly slower, uses refined to do powerful fire type damage in a wide area of effect.


    El Mar [New Map]

    ※ Level Requirement: 205

    ※ You can access El Mar via Portal (ardeca)




    New Bosses

    ※ Rondow Whale

    Difficulty: Hard
    Health points: 300000000
    Drop: Rondow set pieces 


    ※ Tritone of El Mar

    Difficulty: Hard
    Health points: 300000000
    Drop: Rondow set pieces



    El Mar Monsters

    ※ All new monsters have low chance of dropping new set pieces

    Harder monsters have up to double the drop rate

    ※ The primary way to obtain the Rondow set is from the two bosses. For this reason, drop rates on the monsters are VERY LOW.


    El Mar Monsters






    New Set: Rondow

    It's been 4+ years since Teragrace was discovered. However, a new set was discovered in the depths of El Mar. This is now the latest endgame set.

    Rondow set will be updated so that is only slightly stronger than Teragrace. After the update, players with Teragrace will still be able to PvP and win against players in Rondow. The goal is for this to be more of an "achievement" rather than a huge competitive advantage.

    NOTE: Unlike other servers, our version of the set DOES NOT GO TO +15. The maximum is still +10.




    Balance Adjustments

    ※ Link : to be updated soon



    Graphics Engine Upgrade

    Core graphics engine has been updated with the release of the new class.
    The new engine has much better looking effects along with better performance.

    As of now, only the new class (Segita Shooter), new map (El Mar), and new map
    monsters use the new effects engine.

    Soon we will update all game effects (including other classes) to the
    new effects engine.

    Known issue: There is a small freeze that happens the first time a Segita Shooter
    uses a skill. After that first time, it will not happen again. This is due to our
    antihack and will be improved soon.



    Antihack has been completely revamped in terms of both detection and prevention.

    Furthermore, to protect the integrity of the new set, we've added added a new
    logging system that tracks the new set in realtime so we can see which characters
    have it, when they got it, how they got it, and more.


    Miscellaneous Changes

    • HP Bar UI updated
    • Inventory UI updated
    • Mail UI updated
    • Login UI
    • Minimap UI updated
    • Agency UI
    • Loading screen
    • Fixed bugged teleport strings
    • Fixed screenshake 
    • Added 3 new siege maps for upcoming Siege revamp
    • Improved client performance 
    • Updated Transup effects to newer version



     • Nitex  • zennou  • Fayth  • Zeshin  • Shantry  • Keith  • GFX DevQueen  • GFX Doqen

    This has been months of extremely difficult work. Thank you for everyone who supported us. Thank you for everyone who helped us.



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    So basically, the new set its hard to get lol. High Chance only on bosses. Low Chance on normal monsters. 

    I think it is still better to stick with Tera

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