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    Segita Shooter El Mar

    Patch Notes

    DK Square Ranking System

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    New Transup & Skills

    Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

    Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.
    Ranking System Guide Rankings

    Patch 22.6: New Skin, New Wings, New Emblems, Balance, and more !




    Manual patch:  ?



    White Crystalline Skin



    • A new skin exclusively obtainable by competing in DK-Square has been added. DK-Square is the only way to obtain the White Crystalline skin.
    • [Skin Diamond] Random Box has been added to P-Point exchange.
      • Price: 15m PPoints
      • Rewards: 100% chance to get 1 of the following items:
        • [Skin Diamond] White Crystalline
        • [Skin Diamond] Frost
        • [Skin Diamond] Red Light
        • [Skin Diamond] Sap
        • [Skin Diamond] Tech


    All class new wings

    Commander Wings



    New costumes

                                     Royalty Costume (All Class)               Treaser Costume (Segita Shooter)                           Wedding Costume (Segita Shooter)




    Rondow Emblems



    Rondow Emblem 3                                       Rondow Emblem 4


    The Rondow Emblems are the best looking emblems we've added yet. Their stats are the same as other emblems and are intended for cosmetic purposes / character styling only.

    • Rondow Emblem Randombox has been added to the D-Shop.
      • 100% chance to get one of the following items:
        • Rondow Emblem 1
        • Rondow Emblem 2
        • Rondow Emblem 3
        • Rondow Emblem 4


    Balance Changes



    UI Updates





    • Increased droprate of Rondow Pieces from Rondow Whale and El Mar Tritone x2, lowered hp slightly on both bosses
    • Increased Akris on Ark and Yuki channel to 8, dil droprate was increased from 5m to 8m
    • Increased droprate in Ruins Of Baz on bosses Muldon and Lionheart,
    • now you will be able to get more Tatum Mavrics than ever
    • Increased amount of mobs in Shangri-La Sanctuary
    • Fixed the issue where Dread Laiden ego would spawn in Shangri-La Sanctuary
    • Fixed itemarmor minor bugs for multiple classes
    • Fixed Dark Rondow costume which wasn't in D-Shop
    • UI updates to character screen and skill screen
    • zqqYIiE.png
    • Credits to [GFX]Doqen for new White Crystalline Skin
    • [GFX]Saizu for the new character select UI and the new skill UI.



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    24 minutes ago, Cheat Engine said:

    was hoping for this new UI but the new UI update still looks sexi

    It is literally that ui, I am Saizu 😂 I have not redone the other skills trees I’m working on that tomorrow

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