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    Segita Shooter El Mar

    Patch Notes

    DK Square Ranking System

    More Info

    New Transup & Skills

    Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

    Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.
    Ranking System Guide Rankings

    Patch 23.2: Hot fixes, New Content, New Cosmetics




    We're applying a mini-patch with some new content and cosmetics since we need to run some quick server maintenance to accommodate for the new summer-influx of players that we have been having recently.



    Manual Patch: http://dekaronrising.net/Update9ob2/ManualPatch/ManualPatch.zip




    Auto-Event System [BETA]

    @Karz1N has developed an awesome new feature for us called the auto event system. This will allow us to create automated events, spawns, and more in-game. For now, we are only activating it on the Silenos boss.


    • How it works
      • At the times below, Silenos will be automatically spawned on Ark. An automated announcement will also be shown to all players on the Ark channel.
    • image.png 



    Revamped: Cheribum Boss


    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Drop: Spell Plume, C Coin
    • Location:  Cherubim Nest


    New Item: Rainbow Kracion

    The final tier of the Kracion accessory is now the Rainbow Kracion. This can be exchanged by combining P coins, B coins, a special C coin (from Cheribum), and an Upgraded Spell Kracion.  PP exchange.





    Seguriper HD Update

    We are slowly updating all classes and models in the game to HD versions. With the last update we updated some Segnale models to HD. This update, it's Segeuriper turn!



    New Wings: Rainbow Commander Wings



    New Emblems

    Summer21 Emblem Randombox can be obtained from PPoint Exchange or D-Shop and contains one of the following emblems:

    • Rainbow Cloud Emblem
    • Dark Dragon Emblem
    • Dark Sun Dragon Emblem
    • Rainbow Dragon Emblem
    • Hell emblem

    Full size previews can be found here.






    Bug Fixes/Misc

    • Siege Castle Entry
    • Server performance improvements to handle large numbers of players in large DKS battles
    • DK-Square leave penalty accuracy has been improved (should be 100% now)
    • DK-Square leave penalty bug causing characters to get stuck ingame has been resolved.
    • Fixed rondow necklace upgrading fail bug
    • Fixed shield shove cooldown.


    Coming Soon

    • Bunch more new content.
    • Automated event system
    • Customizable Event-Notification System
      • image.png



    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Much appreciation to your hard work and effort in improving the game.

    However, I have a feed back regrading Rainbow plumes.

    If possible enhancing the Pk/Pvp tolerance  and critic resistance by an additional 1%. 

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