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  2. Fun's Wish List (WTB/WTS)

    Updated (its a coconut)
  3. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT/B/S List

    Bumpy Dumpy!! <3
  4. Yesterday
  5. WTB/S

    Done all
  6. Summoner's Skill

    Ah ok thanks. No, I don't usually ask in-game, I go to forum.
  7. Summoner's Skill

    Hi, not 100% sure about this... However, if this is a 170 skill i assume from lowe for ppoints which can be obtained at dksq. Lowe can be found east of jordan near the low level weapon and armour npcs. if you reach the royal's afk spot you are too far east! Side note, i assume you've asked a player in-game already :s
  8. Summoner's Skill

    Hi guys, where can I buy Arrogans skill book? I can't find it to Giovanni tia
  9. 200 weap +10

  10. WTB/WTS List

    madam Hm squama for dils ?
  11. WTB 195+10 orb

    i have ligth wep +10 195 orb 4x inc dmage offer
  12. Bon3 WTS

  13. Dragon bone|TM|GA

  14. Bon3y smacks weak Thori :)

    trash player just wanted to abuse the OP state of DK right now especially vs an Incar who has no abnormal resist and is super vulnerable to their stunlock - not even worth the time of my bagi
  15. WTT/WTS

  16. WTB 195+10 orb

    mail my Wizzard Warsong with your price. Im not looking for any og stats just random lol
  17. Skills

    Ok thanks I was just curious
  18. WTB/WTS List

  19. Returning player with a few questions

    The memes have returned 1) Theres no NPC to exchange 170 and 180 plumes back to 140 once upgraded from 140. 2) MC2 is very rare drops from Kamats in Arcadia. No combining required. 3) 180 necks (Zeig) drops from the Red Dragon in Arcadia. It has a 5 hours respawn time. Lach is 1.5m PP at NPC Lowe in Ardeca - Check out this thread aswell
  20. msg me in game bro need donates
  21. Fun's Wish List (WTB/WTS)

    Sent PM on discord.
  22. Hydden Items

  23. Dannyboi's Weekly Boss Arenas

    Sorry, it's not easy to find a time that suits everyone. I can't do it later because every second saturday is siege and players need a chance to prepare for siege. And since this is a continuous event I can't steal every sunday away because sunday is often used for big events such as EXP events and tournaments. PM me on Discord if you have a suggestion for a better time that suits everyone. We're always open to suggestions and feedback
  24. No prolem being a returning player and brining a few old players they been asking me how much sets and other items go for.

    vit weap got higher price like 6-8b perf tera belt need 15b depends on the seller 180 def,fire neck 2-2.5b perf 200 weap cost 20-30b kinda high now that making DN need 43m making DN now are hard and need a really need a good amount of dils v2 SB perf right now are 4b +10
  26. Buying Gear Guide for Returning players and new players

    Thank you for posting these This is very helpful for new & returning players!
  27. Yeah the prices i posted are what i have bought the items for thanks
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