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  3. Buying: DK perf set+wep (v3 mc2) = hb same DK rand set +195 wep(v2, no mc2) = dw same +$$$$$ (you gonna profit on this one for sure) Discord: winnieThePooh#2205 ign:SentinelPrime Or leave me your ign here
  4. Love the design, can't wait !
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  7. Anwmal0s


    BW=Dils/Other set Seg A->9B Seg Gloves->15b
  8. I am expecting the same, and although very excited, very worried about our cloud system.
  9. Since the previous patch came out, siege bug has been solved, but i still see a lot of players who don't know what siege is good for - so i decided to write a post about Ellonom event (aka siege event) in which i will explain how to get there and what you can get from here. It happens once 4h (usually, but there are times when it doesn't happen). In my time zone (gmt +3) i get to do it at 6pm, 10pm and 2am (rarely but still :)) ) . Note: at 2pm (for me) the event doesn't start. To participate in this event, first of all, u have to own the Zenoa Castle for which you have to fight an
  10. Defiantly going to make the game more fun, as the main server wont get this until some time next year (or longer). So MANY player will come back to enjoy the weird gun class in a old world battle game ! TIME TO PK SOME GUN RAIDING MANIACS !
  11. Hmm, can't give many hints right now.
  12. I'm so Hyped now Can't wait for this
  13. for real reset is the only way? last time i had only upped arrogans so i could stick to rest before reaching 200 but now? reset is a must. another thing do i get free reset cuz if i used my previouse i would need to acquire new
  14. Its probably the new class that DK Korea showed the trailer of It comes out...the 26th if im not mistaken? This could hint at either the Devs are ready to yoink it once it comes out Or they managed to somehow break something and are gonna implement it once it comes out or even sooner Who knows
  15. Its called Segita Shooter. It comes to Korean server on 10/23/2020.
  16. I think its a male ver. of segita hunter XD that is so cooooooool OWO IGN {VIP}III2pacIII
  17. Dear, Can you provide us with a hint. Is it a new class, map or maybe both?
  18. Most important thing i read : fixing frost bagi wep. Ty ,my bagi was so ugly so i couldnt win weekly pvp with it.
  19. Coming soon: the biggest update in Rising History.
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