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  3. I would love to suggest Endgame Bagi skills these skills are very op that is why i call'em endgame skills ^^ I have 7 Endgame skills I will tell you what they do and what their name is : Dissaster : Bagi warrior jumps and slams the ground dealing massive aoe dmg his hit is so powerful that he summons a volcano beneath the target the volcano starts burning the target even if he steps out of the volcano for 20 secounds it deals 300 health per secound the volcano deals extra fire dmg and slows the target. Meteorite : Bagi warrior jumps and slams the ground dealing massi
  4. offer below or in direct msg ty
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  6. Pm me ingame: Mean Or discord: Doqen#5285
  7. My mouse issue seems to be fixed. Good Job Devs, You can rest now.
  8. One user reported that the mouse issue was resolved for him. Since I can't replicate the issue on my computer, please message me on Discord so that I can send you some test clients for you to try to see if it resolves the issue. I can compensate you with coins for your time/help testing.
  9. So still no Egutt, OSM or Tera for shooter?
  10. im experiencing a mouse lag(when i rotate my screen it just freezes) after those shooter updates. im not sure which one caused it cuz i didnt log in for a week and its pretty much unplayable. is there any solution for this ?
  11. HB perf high AR V3 15B MC2 (guard gem)15B Armor 10B Pant(hp gem)10B Glove10B (60b all) CS mc2 V3 perf, random A, P, G V3 (fire res) 15B MC2 (guard gem)15B Armor 8B Pant (hp gem) 7B Glove 4B (49b all)
  12. No skins for shooter yet, sorry. This is a valid point. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Would like to ask is it possible to add + shield value also on tera pieces and osm pieces to make it uniform all across armor sets? Like osm can have +200 shield on each piece, tera can have +400 shield on each piece, while rondow at +1000 shield per piece. This is a new stat addition (+ max shield) and I think +5k shield total for a full rondow set is a big difference as you'll get more than 5k shield overall (due to shield multiplier from tears). That's just my take on this when I first saw the changes relative to tera. Other than that, its a great job overall, I appreciate the new conte
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    @LiveTKillWhat do you mean ?
  15. i have the same stutter after the update after 10 minutes ingame whenever i change the camera angle with right click it drops my frames nothing i can do against that ? redownloaded all latest drivers, pc should be able to run 50 clients at the same time without any frame drops
  16. Warriors! Manual patch: ? Performance Issues (Freezes, low FPS, crashes) - FIXED Freezing issue on all characters when near a Segita Shooter (or multiple) Low FPS when all characters were near Segita Shooter using skills Low FPS/Freezing in El-Mar Low FPS when playing Segita Shooters and casting skills Freeze when playing Segita Shooter and casting a skill for the first time. Other various freezes and low FPS. Client crash when using normal attack in A mode on Segita Shooter. Siege Revamp Preview We're work
  17. Please test the latest update and respond to the poll above. Thank you for helping us make the game as great as possible.
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  19. Can anything be shared with regards to rondow v. V3/MC2 ? As it stands, V3/MC2 are losing their place (/value), along with the need to kill bosses or run dungeons.
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