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  3. T>200+10 shield full AR = 200+10 shield full block Discord : {VIP}AYouTw#9661
  4. Noua

    Buying Donations

    WTB 50$ = 8b 75$ = 11b Message me here Discord: Noua#3379
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  6. oki oki enjoy pm me when ur back
  7. Fayth

    Coming Soon: Update 20.0

    Rising Warriors, Over the course of the next couple of days we will be testing a new update on our private servers that will feature new content, performance upgrades, and small bug fixes. This update will be arriving soon, but may be split into two parts for developmental reasons, so keep an eye out on our Discord Server for further #announcements and #server-status regarding when the servers will be restarted to apply the new updates. The first part of the update will contain performance upgrades while the second part of the update will feature new content and bug fixes. We estimate that part one of these upgrades will be applied to the live channels before next Wednesday July 24th, 2019. Small teasers might be shared on our Discord as well leading up the release of Update 20.0. Thank you for supporting Dekaron Rising while we maintain a fun and safe gaming environment! Dekaron Rising Staff
  8. How much seg set in dills , pm me
  9. sorry beb...will be ingame on monday beb... its out of town.
  10. bebs when u come online? T_T PM me on discord @ Spud
  11. Noua


    what is your discord? please see my message ty
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