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  2. Trading my Perfect DW set = Bagi with Full Crit Gauntlets Pm me inGame : {VIP}DoctorStranger Discord: Strygywyr#0935
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  7. "Wanderers taking a break during a sunset in a beautiful paradise." -Nairobii & ENER
  8. Hey i didnt get to pick up any souvenirs but ill be back home in a few days but here is a postcard of me in the Bahamas !
  9. my offer is full perf dw almost full fire pm me discord: Hellion#1447
  10. i have dw pm me in game now same ign
  11. If u would like to trade to VS with fv tb Discord: WinnieThePooh#2205
  12. Where the sea and the sun becomes one.
  13. First she didn't want to take pictures when we came to the place, then everything was fine
  14. how much want for the dk items ? pm me discord: Hellion#1447
  15. Sold segu. Still have perf bagi and ak
  16. Warriors! Now that the yearly 1v1 Overall Best Player Tournament is over (Congratulations to all the winners!) we would like to make a small event in game and here on the forums! Some of you may be familiar with these events as they are events we often do since you guys always enjoy them! Event 1: Summer Screenshot Event This event is quite simple! Take a screenshot of your character and try to make the screenshot as summer themed as possible! 3 players will have the chance of winning 25000 Dshop Coins! You will get bonus points (higher chance of winning) if you: 1. Your screenshot is summer themed 2. You are creative with your screenshot 3. You have a friend or maybe even a partner taking the screenshot with you 4. Have a nice sense of fashion (meaning guild emblem, costume/armor, weapon skin etc. all match and compliment eachother) Rules: All screenshots must be posted on this article You may submit more than 1 screenshot if you wish, however it will not increase your chances of winning and you also can't win more than once Your screenshot must be from summer 2020 Your screenshot must be from Dekaron Rising You must include your character name when you post your screenshots Do not post anything other than your screenshot submissions on this thread! If you have any questions about any of the events please PM Dannyboi on Discord Have fun! Dekaron Rising Staff reserves the right to add changes to the event and rules after the event has already started - Event 2: Defender Rokuens in Norak Event Room 1 and 2 How does it work? These Defender Rokuen statues will automatically spawn the Silverype monsters from Cherubims Nest dungeon. The Defender Rokuen in Room 1 will spawn a good handful of Silverypes, however there is no Regen field there meaning that PK'ing is allowed and possible. The Defender Rokuen in Room 2 will spawn less Silverypes than in Room 1, but there will be a Regen field in room 2 meaning that players can't die. The Defender Rokuens will only spawn on Ark channel To get there go to NPC Orz in Ardeca and teleport to Norak Event Note: avoid attacking the defender rokuens as that will prevent the silverypes from spawning. Anyone caught doing this on purpose will receive a warning. Continuous violations will be considered harassment and treated as such - Do not post anything other than your screenshot submissions on this thread! If you have any questions about any of the events please PM Dannyboi on Discord Both events will last 1 week and once the following countdown reaches 0 both events will end. The winners of the screenshot event will be announced 1-3 days after the event ends. Have fun and thank you all for your love and support!
  17. danny pls help to back my account TheCOnceRRa wala nmn aq nilalabag fare play nmn aq 

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