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    3. Name: AngelusMortus Class: AK Lvl: 200 Name: mamma Class: Seg Lvl:209
    4. could anyone tell me if the server is down? i can't connect to the server
    5. Bersalia


      SELLING Tech SPEAR PERF +10 ID = 20b Or Offer UP-SQUAMA (SEALED) = 13B(sold) MC HELM ALOK +10 (FIRE RESISTANCE) = 3b 4% PK PVP = 10b 300HP GEM = 1.8b or 8% light gem (sold) 8% Poison = 1.5b
    6. Last week
    7. Xela - Hunter / Lv. 210 Xann - VS / Lv. 210 Xope - DK / Lv. 210
    8. Huge thanks to @hardcoreftw and the rest of the staff team for helping organize this!
    9. +10 FULL VIT RW GLOVES 185-190VIT = DILS IGN : Halo
    10. HitlerJugend

      Sell HB

      HB Tera Set Perf = 13b Arch Falchion 4x Increased Damage 8% Gems = 15b / Fire Wand
    12. HelloSelf


      I reinstalled its working now thanks for the quick response
    13. Cheat Engine


      It might be but its also it might be not. Join Rising Official Discord : https://discord.com/invite/xGRQSphtDz and DM me (Engine#0001) so i can help you out.
    14. kulitoy


      1k dream powder =450m I have plenty. Pm me in discord : Sheeeesh#7132
    15. IGN: Xela Discord: Just call me Alex#3747
    16. How much pm me in discord Kirit0x
    17. Crush ko sana to kung di niya binenta gaunt
    18. Hello Beoble It's been a hot minute since I've positively contributed to the community, so here's one of my suggestions to MAYBE enhance the PvE aspect of the game.. [?] I'll give my opinion and suggested statuses on each item, of course they're open to tweaking by the staff members as they see fit, it's just a rough draft of what could be. We've had the Squama as a main ring for nearly 6 years, I know there's an upgrade for it but that also involves very little PvE, and no offense to the staff members, the work that was done is nothing less than amazing but constantly
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