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  2. IGN: Rozy lvl:210 Class: incar magician
  3. rokiux1122


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  5. How much you paying for $50
  7. IGN: Purugule Level :210 Class: Seguriper ------------------------------------------------------------------- IGN: Debhora Level :210 Class: Concerra Summoner
  8. Use your brain instead of spamming your skills and they will never bug
  9. i buy it in donation i added u on discord pls confirm
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  11. Guys did u notice that DK and Bagi dont bug skills in BR and PTM? They stop skills but u can use it after KB. And in pvp they bug skills so u cant use it after attack. And u need to change skill. They can even bug 2 3 skills so u cant use them. I think it is bug because i had same experiance with Bagi on some other server. And Gm manage to fix that. And on global is same. They can stop ur skills but they dont bug it. I think that is main problem of DK hes balanced now but only becasue of bug hes still op. Can u plz test DK and Bagi on BR ,PTM where they dont bug skills and in PVP where they bug it so u will see diference in using skills when u fight those 2 classes. And try to fix it if u can. ANd look carefuly what i mean. It is normal to those 2 classes stop ur skill when u try to use it and prevent ppl to use them but only while attcaking and KBcking. But after DK att and Bagi KB u should be able to use skill that was stopped wit that special attack. And as u see u can spam it 10 times and u wont be able to triger it only after few other skills. I know that some ppl will say it is normal skill att but it is not just test it in BR PTM and in PVP and DK sq and ull see diference that im talking about. And noobs that are here just to write shit about me plz dont anfver to this topic ty.
  12. makarimadima


    BAGI OSM SET +10
  13. NieteSepaphi - Aloken - 210
  14. xMajjic

    WTB Segu Sv2+10

    8b or 2x 170 plumes - Sold for $25 donation Buying Segu Sv2+10 boots
  15. padronia


    Sale > 2x 170 plume = 5b each Sale/Trade Random Tera [G] Seg +10 = Random Tera (any set for BAGI) + 10 Buy> Gaunt lvl 200 +10
  16. Selling: - 2x 180 plume = 13b each - segu osm [A] +10 - 180 1h axe +10
  17. zennou

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