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  2. Sorry its the scythe image above I am referring... cant design a gauntlet as a model... too hard
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  4. That's amazing, I also have a Curse skin design but not sure if this will be implemented but no harm in trying to suggest Here is the linke of the design
  5. So the pictures are clear. The pic at the left side is the current velikas gauntlet. Now, I wanna suggest to remove the thumbs for it not to look awkward, - and that shows in pic no. 2.. It much cooler not noticing the thumbs of each gauntlet placed on the right side of the fist. I wanna here feed back for you. Please like if you agree.
  6. might be difficult to do as it could get confused with current TF weps, but as soon as I first saw those weapons I love the looks of them while they're +10, would it be possible to get a new skin like or the same as that +10 twisted fate weapon effect?
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  9. yosoy

    Azure Knight.fw.png

    Hi sir. can u upload gif picture. like a home page . aloken page 2
  10. Discord -ilovecoodies Ign ilovecoodens
  11. Push making 181 lvl wings visual different compared to the 151 wings.
  12. Bump, push push more cosmetics. Love
  13. Bump bump bump blue emblems please
  14. Agreed, i like original DKSQ skin the most.If anything this DKSQ skin and those rocks or whatever those are probably contributing to the crashes on DKSQ.
  15. LiLDaddy


    DK SET PERF MC2/V3/FV G/200 HAMMER 7% GEMS = BAGI/HB/AK/DW PM ME {IGN}: {Shasa} or {GoodBoi} Discord: {LiLDaddy}
  16. Consider a remodeling on the dksq stage? For excample i like the old version of the desert dksq.
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