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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
apex47oTWo apex47oTWo 10/12/17 100% save trade! im sure!! AJKoerRising AJKoerRising
apex47oTWo apex47oTWo 10/12/17 very nice man! 100%honest August_8 August_8
Nitex Nitex 10/11/17 sold me some good items and didnt scam me. i didnt even need to call a MM [GM]Fayth 신앙 [GM]Fayth 신앙
Ybarro Ybarro 09/25/17 Cool guy..... Easy & Quick to deal with. Nice middleman & trader. I recommend you guys to buy from him. Rook Rook
[GM]Fayth 신앙 [GM]Fayth 신앙 09/13/17 GM please remove me in the jail..sorry i will not do it again.. xxxkatexxx xxxkatexxx
Raph Raph 09/12/17 #1 supplier of malakites [GM]Fayth 신앙 [GM]Fayth 신앙
iRayne iRayne 09/01/17 Nice Husshhh Husshhh
Shagrath Shagrath 08/09/17 Trusted player bought donations from him without mm just a video record!thanks. Threadss Threadss
Ybarro Ybarro 07/03/17 Great dealer of made to order stuff! Nice prices and always on time! Thanks for the cheap price of set and weapons! OptimusPrimO OptimusPrimO
Glock Glock 05/10/17 Cool guy. Hope he comes back soon Ceranon Ceranon
xSlasher xSlasher 04/23/17 He let me buy his set and wep in a low price . So i got strong because of him ty sir for the help .. GGWP09 GGWP09
iRayne iRayne 04/23/17 Good freind and guild member always keep helping :D xSlasher xSlasher
xSlasher xSlasher 04/23/17 GOOD PLAYER . B iRayne iRayne
{VIP}GoZiLa {VIP}GoZiLa 04/22/17 Traded donations for a 180 plume, real easy going and trustworthy. Quick trade and everyones happy :) xEphrum xEphrum
Tsunade2 Tsunade2 04/07/17 Bought donations from the player multiple times, very trustworthy. [GM]Fayth 신앙 [GM]Fayth 신앙
Julie Julie 03/25/17 goodbuyer Brazzers Brazzers
Brazzers Brazzers 03/25/17 +1 to this guy. no need MM and very trusted :) Julie Julie
[GM]Fayth 신앙 [GM]Fayth 신앙 03/13/17 good trader Brazzers Brazzers
Brazzers Brazzers 03/06/17 Bought A +9 DN Teragrace Armlet and +9 Teragrace Belt FS from this guy without an OPR. Very smooth deal and friendly. [GM]Fayth 신앙 [GM]Fayth 신앙
xOmega xOmega 01/16/17 Reasonable price. +1 {VIP}Voudou {VIP}Voudou
xOmega xOmega 01/16/17 it went very well. Stinson Stinson
Barnabas^ Barnabas^ 01/08/17 Smooth gracefully gracefully
SummyOfGuradin SummyOfGuradin 12/16/16 thanks Stinson Stinson
akxfolife akxfolife 12/16/16 Trustable seller! Keeping his words for reserving the items for buyer. {VIP}Voudou {VIP}Voudou
{VIP}Voudou {VIP}Voudou 12/09/16 sold him a pre made +10 item ....this guy is patient...i was too busy....he waited 3 days for the item...good buyer and trusted... and also a nc guy... {易碎}l4fragile {易碎}l4fragile