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New Feature: Weapon Skins

We've added a new system never-before seen in Dekaron. The Weapon Skin System lets you change the visual appearance of your weapon without losing stats, +, or gems!
Patch Notes

Tournament: 1v1 Strongest Warrior

Registration for the 1v1 Best Champion tournament has opened. Do you have what it takes?
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Major Update: Rising 2018 Patch

Major Update: Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0, new content, comprehensive gear balance, comprehensive skill balance, and much more!
Full Patch Notes

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Check out the new Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0 with EXCLUSIVE prizes for the top rankers in both Party Match and Battle Royale
Rankings How it Works
  • Dead Front: 12AM | 4AM | 8AM | 12PM | 4PM | 8PM
  • Colosseum PTM: 3AM | 9AM | 3PM | 9PM
  • Colosseum BR: 1AM | 7AM | 1PM | 7PM
  • Elonohm Sanctum: 10AM | 2PM | 4PM
  • [Event] Discord Giveaway System

    Weekly Discord Giveaways
    Win prizes just by joining our discord!
    What is Discord?
    Discord is a 3rd-Party application that we use to communicate with our players. All staff members are required to have discord. This is a place where you can chat with any member of the DKR Staff team and other players of our community. We have many channels for various languages, calling a middle-man to assist with a trade, suggestions, events, and more. How does the giveaway work?
    The giveaways will only be available for those that are members of our Discord. If you are not a member of our Discord, click on the link above to join. Giveaways will only be held in the #giveaways channel of our Discord. That is where you can check to see if a giveaway is active. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to react on the giveaway with a specific emoji. (The emoji used to react will be specified in the #giveaway channel) I've been chosen as a winner, how do I claim my prize?
    Send a personal message on Discord to: Fayth#0001 or Dannyboi#0001 Include your character name Can I give my prize to someone else?
    Yes, when you message us to claim your prize you may put the character name of any character you wish. What is the prize?
    Prizes will be announced in advance on Discord

    Patch 14.9: Dungeons Revamps, Braiken Castle Guild Wars, Anti-Hack update, and more!

    Updated Shadow Tower Dungeon, updated Cherubim's Nest Expedition, new anti hack, new gem glows, and more!
    Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Orf9HizMhHXwCkDvkuVx2-Ph4w1ElMa9/view?usp=sharing
    Anti-hack programs have to use some windows functions that trigger flags on antivirus programs. The only two ways around this are 1) contact antivirus programs and explain the situation or 2) digitally sign the anti hack program. Unfortunately, since we're not a formal organization, we can't digitally sign the anti hack, though we may in the the future. However, we have started to send emails to antivirus companies so they can help us resolve this issue. Please make sure to add C:/Dekaron Rising/ to your antivirus and Windows Defender exceptions. HOW TO ADD EXCEPTION IN WINDOWS DEFENDER: Open Windows Defender Security Center, and then select Virus & threat protection > Virus & threat protection settings > Add or remove exclusions.  Click the +  button, chose "Folder". Add the C:/Dekaron Rising/ folder. You may also need to add the Dekaron Rising folder to exceptions in other antivirus programs like Avast.
    Client Improvement

    Improved client loading speed on Windows 7/8 Fixed a bug where sometimes the client did not launch when you clicked "Play" on the launcher. The client will now always launch on the first try.
    Anti-Hack Upgrades

    We've significantly improved our anti hack features and added a new hardware ID system. We're very confident that with the new system in place, you will notice virtually no hackers in game.
    Note on Performance: We first released this new system with patches 14.84~14.89. An earlier version did cause some performance issues for a very small amount of players, but with Patch 14.9 the new system will not cause any issues.
    Rising Anti-Hack: If the anti hack detects any hacks (with 100% certainty) the player is automatically disconnected from the server and the anti hack logs information such as what hacks were used, what map the character was in, and more. If the anti hack detects anything suspicious the anti hack reports the suspicious player to the server where staff can investigate.
    Tower of Spell

    We have reworked the Tower of Spell dungeon for new players!
    Tower is a dungeon that increases in difficulty the higher up the tower you ascend, but the rewards also increase!
    If you are level 180+ with full +9 egutt set/wep and +7 necks from Mitera you should be able to survive in this dungeon as long as you are 3 or more players with a segnale!
    To teleport to Tower of Spell dungeon speak with NPC Rezeena in Ardeca (Next to NPC Orz)
    This dungeon will now be the best place to level from 180-190!
    The rework offers new features to the dungeon such as:
    Increased EXP the higher floor Increased dils from bosses the higher floor All main bosses now drop gold argates (more the higher floor) All mini bosses drop +7 level 180 weapons All monsters have a 2% chance of dropping a 6% gem Bosses on floor 1-3 also drop Dark Stones Bosses on floor 4-5 also drops Mana Crystallines The last floor boss also has a chance of dropping the Seal of Destruction rings
    Cherubim's Nest Expedition

    We have reworked Cherubim's Nest drops!
    We added new drops to this dungeon because the only reason to do this dungeon is for plumes and if you don't get a plume drop you will have this empty feeling of having wasted your time.
    The following changes are:
    Removed the Summoning Scroll from 1st optional boss Dikesel and added a 100% chance for him to drop 3x +0 195 blue sigmetal weapons Increased Kadirun Summon Scroll droprate from 40% to 100% Lowered Cherubims chance of dropping a Spell Plume from 50% to 33% Removed the Seal of Destruction ring from Ephri boss and added it to the last Tower of Spell boss Ephri boss now has a 30% chance of dropping an MC2 helmet and a 100% chance of dropping 10-12 Tatum Marvics All the Reaper monsters before Ephri boss chambers now have a 4% chance of dropping a +0 Tera belt or armlet
    Braiken Castle Guild War [NEW]

    Updated Braiken Castle for a massive upcoming event. Stay tuned, event will be announced soon.

    Small preview of the event:

    Qune Temple (Event Map)

    Qune Temple teleport has been added to Orz in Ardeca. This map will be used for another very special new event. More details will be announced for this event soon
    New Gem Glows

    We have added new and custom made gem glows for all elements!
    (click on pictures to enlarge them)
    Curse Gems Glow

    Fire Gems Glow

    Lightning Gems Glow

    Poison Gems Glow

    Ice Gems Glow

    Mixed Gems Glow

    Deux Marble Rework

    We have also reworked Deux Marble since we disabled Boxing Gloves because they were bugging certain bosses
    Deux Marble will still spawn on all 3 channels!
    The changes made are following:
    Dramatically increased Deux Marble HP Dramatically increased Deux Marble Damage Removed Boxing Gloves drop Deux Marble now has a 100% chance of dropping 10m dils Deux Marble now has a 100% chance of dropping a +0 osmium armlet or belt Increased his spawn timer to once every 4 hours  

    New Alliance of Glory Effects

    We've added new Alliance of Glory Effects (same as the new Guild of Glory effects from the last patch).
    Spirit - Enflame - Muze
     Toxic - Rainbow - Curse
    Pulse - Geo - Fiend
    Ember - Gravity

    Miscellaneous Changes / Bug Fixes

    All Grade Points in Under Crespo 1 has been lowered to make DKSQ more active Deadfront EXP has been lowered to fit level 166-180 to match the new Tower of Spell rework Slightly increased the dils dropped by all monsters in Mitera again Fixed 8% Blacksmith Mini-Talisman in Dream-Powder Exchange. Fixed bug with Weapon Skin System -- you can now go from Tech -> Purple Crystalline (was bugged before)  

    4v4 Party PvP Tournament [Event]

    You can only register "4" players for your team. No substitutions. To register simply reply to this thread with your 'Team Name', your 'Team Captain', and the names of the other 3 team members. You may register any classes and any guilds in your team. (A party of all Segnales is allowed, a party of mixed guilds is allowed)  

    Date & Time of the event:
    Tournament Starts on April 7th, 10am EST Registration ENDS on April 7th 9am EST Please calculate your time accordingly: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
    First Place: 50,000 D-Shop Coins and 1x Champion Weapon per Team Member Second Place: 30,000 D-Shop Coins per Team Member Third Place: 15,000 D-Shop Coins per Team Member *Note: First Place Winners have a choice to either receive a +0 Champion Weapon or change a +10 Weapon to Champion Skin with same options and gems.

    The PVP's for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the tournament will be best-of-3 matches meaning you have to win twice to be considered victorious. Participants are allowed to use ANY type of Weapon's. (Crystalline, Sigmetal, Skins) No substitutions. If a member of your team does not appear, your team will have to PvP without that member. All matches will be held in Lurile Channel meaning you can NOT use any types of buffs, fish, etc. What if one of us get disconnected and it's not my fault? Your team will lose that match. I am sorry but this can't be proven, and it's highly unlikely that you'll get disconnected in a short period of time. What if the other team was lagging? This happens very rarely and cannot be taken into consideration. People can't influence their connections and they're not doing it to gain an advantage. Also consider that their advantage can be your advantage too.  A reminder that many Staff Members will be supervising the event. Hacking or cheating will not be tolerated and will result in immediate bans left at GM discretion.

    Patch 14.8: Major Contents Patch

    New Tech Meldun Boss & Skin, new DK Square ranks, new exchange items, new guild effects, new costumes, new Siege winner flag, bug fixes, and much more!

    Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Orf9HizMhHXwCkDvkuVx2-Ph4w1ElMa9/view?usp=sharing

      New Weapon Skin [Tech]
    The newest weapon skin is here and it's called "Tech"!

    This is the latest weapon skin and the skin diamond drops from the new and unique boss "Tech Meldun"
    For more info about the Weapon Skin System click here:

    New Boss Arena

    Tech Meldun
    A Mysterious Tech Boss. No one in Trieste have seen anything like it. It seems to be collecting speciment samples of other creatures in Trieste. The boss fight is similar to a sumo wrestling ring/dojo (small arena) which means it is extremely punishing if you get knocked off the arena.
    Difficulty: Very hard Drops: [Skin Diamond] Tech Drop Rate: 33% Respawn Time: 4 Hours Map: Elonohm Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks:
    1) Normal melee attack that damages the player on impact
    2) Tech Meldun throws a boulder from long range which deals damage and stuns the target on impact
    3) An AOE attack that hits surrounding targets 1 time for heavy damage and knocks them down
    4) Tech Grenade. Tech Meldun throws a Tech grenade that will explode after 7 seconds dealing 80% HP damage to all targets in a large radius
    5) Passive Ability: Melduns Tech Plate Armor makes him somewhat resistant against Physical and Lightning  Tactics: Be careful that you don't get knocked off the arena, since it's surrounded by spikes that deals heavy damage. Be careful that you don't get stunned inside the range of the Tech Grenade. To dodge the Tech Grenade you must be at the very edge of the arena.

    Next Skin Boss Teaser:

    New Guild Emblem Effects!

    We added a variety of new guild emblem effects to bring more variety into guild customization
    The Guild Emblem Effects are following:
    Guild Emblem Effect - Spirit

      Guild Emblem Effect - Enflame

      Guild Emblem Effect - Muze

      Guild Emblem Effect - Toxic

      Guild Emblem Effect - Rainbow

      Guild Emblem Effect - Curse

      Guild Emblem Effect - Pulse

      Guild Emblem Effect - Geo

      Guild Emblem Effect - Fiend

      Guild Emblem Effect - Ember

      Guild Emblem Effect - Gravity

    New Costumes!

    We added the costumes that some of the newer classes were missing!
    The costumes we added is following:
    Wizard Swimsuit Costume Wizard Adventurer Costume Half Bagi Swimsuit Costume Half Bagi Adventurer Costume Dragon Knight School 2 Costume Dragon Knight Adventurer Costume Shadow Helion Costume for all classes Some Previews:


    New DKSQ Ranks!

    We have added 20 new DKSQ ranks!
    The new ranks provide a total of:
    +10000 Max Shield +20 Skill Points +60 Stat Points You can see the new and fully reworked DKSQ Rankings Table here:
    These are the newly-added ranks:

    New Siege Winner Reward!

    Added new Siege Winner EXCLUSIVE Flag Wings!
    At the end of each siege, the members of the winning siege guild will be automatically mailed Flag Wings adorning their Guild's Logo on the wings.
    These exclusive flag wings will expire after 14-Days. When a new guild takes ownership of the castle, the Logo on the wings will change to match their guild! Current Siege Castle Owners: SPICES

    Siege Participation Rewards New items for the Dragonoid Signet Exchange (Only accessible to members of the Castle-Owning Guild)
    New Dream Powder Exchange Items!

    New exchange rewards for the Dream Powder Exchange has come to Dekaron Rising!
    Check out the NEW exchange-Rewards below:
    Blacksmith's Mini-Talisman (8%) 6% Elemental Attack Gem Randombox Traveler's Backpack Wukong Costume (365-Days) ALL CLASSES Wedding Costume (365-Days) Female Classes Tuxedo Costume (365-Days) Male Classes


    Fixed the door in Doomed Maze so players no longer require a summoner/cs with recall to enter the Spider Room Changed the Meister Skill requirement from Purchase Points to Dils so new players aren't forced to go dksq with Egutt Gear Significantly increased the amount of dils dropped by monsters in Mitera for more farming variety Disabled the daily event in Aquarius that would spawn a 2nd tritone once everyday Fixed a bug that caused the anti spawntrap buff in DKSQ to only spawn at Richez Fort. It now spawns at Misera Fort aswell Fixed a small bug that caused the large water AOE in Tritones arena and large spike AOE in Yoshimas Arena to sometimes deal 100k+ damage Fixed the Cursed Azure Knight weapons that were flipped Fixed a small bug that caused the Cursed dualblade inventory texture to be invisible Added minor changes to Tritones arena Improved Yogmonds arena and made the boss more osmium player friendly Removed Love Armlet from the game (this was for the february valentine event) Removed Holiday Colosseum Belt from the game (this was for the Winter event) Removed Valentines Boxes from Ardeca and Parca Temple Improved Client Performance / Stability / Launch We identified a few bugs with the game client that were causing some issues and we've fixed them. This took a while but it was a high-priority fix.  Fixed an issue where sometimes the client would not launch on the first try Improved stability to resolve some crashes that occurred when switching maps/channels. Fixed an issue where sometimes the client would use excessive CPU power  

    1v1 Tournament Winners

    Hello Warriors,
    The Dekaron Rising Staff Team would like to thank everyone who attended, spectated, and helped with this extremely fun event
    1st Place: {VIP}CatMeow 2nd Place: {VIP}Zadyz 3rd Place: Joka Prizes will be sent within 24 hours. Click here for the original post.
    Tournament Results: http://challonge.com/xz0lj12m


    Patch 14.7: New Weapon Skin System + New Boss Arenas Pt.1

    We are very happy to present to you a system that is brand new to Dekaron, that no other server or even global has!
    The Weapon Skin System is a brand new system to Dekaron that we have coded from scratch. We hope you like it :).

    Manual Patch: Click Here to Download

      New Weapon Skin Exchange!
    The weapon skin system lets you change the skin of your level 200 +10 weapon without losing your gems or magic/noble/divine stats.
    How to change your Weapons Skin:
    Go to [GM]Katarina in Ardeca to see the weapon skin exchanges and what diamond you need Use the mailbox to send Lv.200 +10 weapon to [GM]Katarina Use the mailbox to send the appropriate Crystal to [GM]Katarina Relog and check your mailbox Please see the combinations below (or at [GM]Katarina NPC).
    Weapon Skins Currently Active:
    The base skin is the Purple Crystalline skin. You can turn any Lv.200 skin to Purple Crystalline using the item [Skin Diamond]Purple Crystalline. Once you have a +10 Purple Crystalline Weapon, you can turn it into another skin. With this update the system has 3 skins. We will expand this system with future updates. Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Maelstrom   =   Maelstrom Skin Maelstrom skin diamond drops from Tritone (see below) Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Red Light    =   Red Light Skin Red light skin diamond drops from Seleana (see below) Purple Crystalline + [Skin Diamond] Cursed   =    Cursed Skin Cursed diamond drops from Yoshima Diamechy (see below) (Cursed Skin OR Red Light Skin OR Maelstrom Skin)  + [Skin Diamond] Purple Crystalline    =  Purple Crystalline Purple skin diamond is in Dream Powder exchange    

    Click Here For Skin Previews

    New Boss Arenas

    The king of Aquarius. The ruler of oceans.
    Difficulty: Very hard Drops: [Skin Diamond] Maelstrom Drop Rate: 33% Respawn Time: 4 Hours Map: Aquarius Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks:
    1) Normal melee attack that damages the player on impact
    2) Tritone hits the target twice with his tentacle for heavy damage
    3) An AOE attack that hits surrounding players 3 times for heavy damage
    4) Minions. Tritone can summon Lantea warriors to help him in battle
    5) Tritone spawns lightning totems around his arena that hits any player caught within it's range for small, but fast damage
    6) Tritone may call down a powerful lightning strike to hit any players within range for high damage.
    7) Tritone spawns huge water AOE fields that will hit any players caught within range for 70% of their HP. This attack also has a small chance of hitting 90k damage, so don't get too brave. Tactics: Kill minions when he spawns them. Don't try to tank the huge water AOE fields, because they have a low chance of 1 hitting any player caught within range. Have 1 person tank the boss and 1 person constantly healing the tank.

    Yoshima Diameki
    Yoshima Diameki has taken over Tomb of the Black Dragon because he is trying to raise an army of dead.
    Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: [Skin Diamond] Cursed Drop Rate: 33% Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Map: Tomb of the Black Dragon Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks:
    1) Normal magical attack that damages the player on impact
    2) An AOE attack that deals heavy damage to all surrounding players one time
    3) Yoshima calls down a cursed Aldebaran to hit the player for high damage 4 times
    4) Death Grapple. Yoshima summons hands of the dead to hit and slow any players caught by it
    5) Minions. Yoshima may summon different types of minions. Bone dragons and skeletal bishops
    6) Special minion. Yoshima may summon a Dopple Mornie. This is a cursed segnale and she will attack the players and heal any allies near her. Yes that includes Yoshima too.
    7) Massive AOE spikes. Yoshima will summon massive AOE spikes that will hit any player caught within range for 70% of their HP. Tactics: Kill the Dopple Mornie first since she can heal Yoshima. Kill the rest of the minions so you only have to deal with Yoshima himself. Dodge the massive AOE spikes, since they have a small chance of dealing 90k damage to any player caught within its range.

    And we have more bosses and weaponskins coming soon aswell!
    Future bosses teaser:


    We hope you enjoy this update, a lot of work went into making it. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback, we'd love to hear it :).

    Massive DKR Siege, Update Coming Soon!

    Hello Warriors,
    Today Dekaron Rising has experienced one of the biggest Siege Battles ever!
    One guild defended, while 3 guilds fought against each other to attack Genoa Castle. (There were actually 2 other guilds that wanted to apply for siege as well but were unable to apply before the 3 slots were taken)
    DKR continues to be the number 1 Dekaron Private-Server despite the propaganda that other servers spread on our social platforms.
    We are also planning an amazing update that will be released soon, currently it is in the testing phase. The new update will add a new system that even Global Dekaron does not have!
    **If you have any screenshots from the Siege Battle, please comment them below!
    Application Time!

    Legend Chris!

    Partch 14.6: Colosseum Rankingsystem Update, Valentine Content, and more!

    Welcome to Patch 14.6 with updates to the Colosseum Ranking System, Valentine content, new player improvements, bug fixes, and more!
    We're releasing this update a little early to update the Colosseum Ranking System with some new content before the refresh. Next update will have more new content as we're working on some new systems, new player experience improvements, new bosses, and a lot more :).

    Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Orf9HizMhHXwCkDvkuVx2-Ph4w1ElMa9/view?usp=sharing

    Colosseum RankingSystem Updates
    The Colosseum Ranking System update was a huge success and we're happy to see so many people enjoying Colosseum now. We're implementing the two most popular suggestions we received. The first popular suggestion we received was to make it biweekly rather than monthly, and the second was to give the Top 10 PTM a better prize
    Ranking reset changed to BI-WEEKLY Rankings will be reset on the 1st and on the 15th of every month. The top 3 players will get the Top 3 reward, Top 10 BR will get their reward, and the Top 10 PTM will get their reward. Prize Updates New prize for Top 10 PTM rankers (see below) JANUARY PRIZES HAVE BEEN SENT! Top 10 Battle Royale players have been sent a Golden Hoverboard Mount (30 days) Top 10 Party Match players have been sent the new Gold Champion Wings (large) Top 3 players in both BR and PTM have been sent the Top 3 emblem. Rankings have been reset. Countdown till next reset will be added to rankings page.
    Valentine's Day Event
    Valentine Armlet  The Valentine Armlet is available at the Colosseum exchange (so it's time to get into Colosseum!). The Valentine's armlet is the strongest armlet in the game (stronger than Teragrace +9) and it is non-upgradeable. However, it is a timed item and will be deleted after 30 days.     Valentine Chocolate Chests  Valentines day chests added to Ardeca and Parca Temple!   Wedding Costume Sale (50% off!) Love is in the air! Now is the best time to get a tuxedo for your male classes or a wedding dress for your female classes!  Sale ends at the end of February
    New +7~+10 Glow has been applied We've updated the effect so that it matches more weapons and does not ruin item textures anymore. Anti-Hack Updates Activated new hack-detection on the server side to report suspicious characters to staff system (staff see StaffCP for more info) Updated client-side protection  

    New Player Experience Improvements
    Mitera Changes Dil Drop Increased from 25k to 50k~65k Argate drops added (high rate) EXP increased significantly ]  
    Castor Dungeon Removed We're going to be repurposing this dungeon. It's not newbie-friendly and dil farming there was being done by high levels. In the future we'll make it something more fun :).  

    New Wings
    Gold Mechanic Wings (Large) (All Class) added to D-Shop Red Mechanic Wings (Large) (All Class) added to D-Shop Helion Wings (Small) (All Class) added to D-Shop Helion Wings (Large) (All Class) added to D-Shop  

    Bug Fixes
    Ardeca is now a raid map again (accidentally disabled raids in the last update) Fixed Concerra Yakuta costume error Fixed Sealing Powder exchange at Blood Bottle exchange  

    Patch 14.5: Castor Dungeon and more!

    Castor Dungeon dungeon is back! Along with some other QoL changes :).

    Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Orf9HizMhHXwCkDvkuVx2-Ph4w1ElMa9/view?usp=sharing

    Return of Castor Dungeon

    Castor Dungeon has returned as the designated dil-farming dungeon by popular request.
    Simply go to the new NPC Rezeena by Orz in Ardeca to teleport to Castor Dungeon.
    Once you are there, enter one of the rooms and fight the mini-boss.

    General Improvements
    Shadowkris argate drops have been reduced to 1 each to improve the argate economy. Blood Magic Potions have been fixed and now provide a 5% boost rather than 10% for balancing reasons. Seleana Boss HP has been decreased by 32%, drop rate has increased from 25% -> 33%.
    DK Square Update

    A new buff has been added to the Richez and Miseria starting locations. This will help prevent spawn camping. DK Square Buff: +20% Movement Speed +50% PVP/PK Resistance 24 second duration
    Skills & Balance
    [Wizard] Dark Wide Fixed a major bug that was causing this skill to deal 9 extra hits. Developer Notes: We were testing new re-works of this skill on our internal testing channels. We added a change that was meant only for testing with the last patch. [Wizard] Dark Crystal Removed the custom animation that we added that sent the Wizard backwards. Developer Notes: In the past, Wizard suffered due to lack of mobility / working buffs so we added a backwards animation to help the Wizard with mobility. However, since Wizard has been improved and skill bugs have been fixed, this new animation is no longer needed. We believe it was detrimental to balance balance due to giving the Wizard an ability to dodge attacks every 7 seconds.
    Spring Ardeca has been applied. Normal weapon glow applied (removed Winter glow) Minor Parca/Hell Temple texture change. Changing channels in Parca Temple now sends you to Ardeca Dream Powder sale has ended, event items removed Game client performance has been improved Server maintenance has been undertaken

    [Major Update] Rising 2018 Patch

    Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0, Comprehensive Balance, New Content, and much more.

    Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Orf9HizMhHXwCkDvkuVx2-Ph4w1ElMa9/view?usp=sharing

    We are so happy to present to you our Rising2018 Patch (Patch 15). This is a HUGE patch and there's a lot of really cool and awesome stuff. The comprehensive gear balance project and the comprehensive skill balance project have been in development for MONTHS and we're so excited to finally share them with you.
    Colosseum Ranking System V2.0 Project Lead: @Nitex Summary: A brand new ranking system for Colosseum where there are brand new, exclusive prizes for the Top 10 Players in Battle Royale, Top 10 Players in Party Match, and Top 3 in both categories. Goal: Improve the competitive aspect of Colosseum and reward the best warriors with exclusive prizes. Comprehensive Gear Balance Project Lead: @[GM]Fayth Summary: A comprehensive stat revamp that has updated the stats on hundreds of items. Goal: Improve overall balance between gears and sets, specifically improving the gap between Osmium and Terragrace gear. Comprehensive Skill Balance Project Lead: @Dannyboi & @Dave Summary: A comprehensive skill revamp that has updated the stats on hundreds of skills. Goal: Improve overall balance between classes to make PvP and PvE more competitive and more fun. Acknowledgements:
    I'd like to really thank our staff team. The staff team has spent so much time working on this patch and I can't express how proud I am with how everything came together. Over the past few months of deliberating, decision making, and critical thinking, we have truly accomplished something great. I'd also like to thank our Balancing Team. We could not have done it without them! Being on the balancing team is no easy task, considering that the balancing team had to download a special patch every time we updated the balancing channel, re test the same skills over and over with different settings, and conduct hundreds of PvPs. Our balancing team was truly dedicated and unbiased. Finally, I'd like to thank the players. We appreciate your dedication and love for Dekaron Rising. Seeing our players enjoy the server motivates us to work harder to improve the game and add new features. The feedback and bug reports you provide are very useful, and your patience with support tickets is very appreciated.  

    Rising Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

    Rankings will begin on January 1st and be reset on January 31st. On January 31st, the top 15 players will be mailed an exclusive reward.
    Prizes will be sent at the end of each month when the points reset.
    What is the Rising Colosseum Ranking System V2.0?
    Every month, each character starts out with 0 Battle Royale Points and 0 Party Match Points. For every match, the character will receive B Points or P Points (win = more points, more kills = more points). Rankings will be displayed on the website (go to the top and click Rankings) to show which characters have the most Battle Royale Points and which have the most Party Match points. You will also be able to check your individual ranking as well. What if my character wins top 10 in both BR Ranking Points and PTM Ranking Points?
    In this case, the character will receive both prizes. Epic bragging rights. We will be adding more prizes as we see fit. Where can I access the ranking list & leaderboards?
    The website has been updated with a ranking page (see top navigating bar, look for RANKINGS). Alternatively, here's the link: https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/rankings/
    You can also check the in-game colosseum Ranking NPC -- however the NPC is only updated once a day and is not always accurate. The website ranking list is the most accurate and is updated after every match.
    At the beginning of each month, everyone will start with 0 BR Ranking Points and 0 PTM Ranking Points.

    Battle Royale Prizes:
    Battle Royale Top 3 -- 'Top 3 Colosseum Champion' 30-Day Head Emblem (+10 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal)
    Battle Royale Top 10 -- 'Golden Hoverboard' 30-Day Exclusive Mount
    Battle Royale Top 15 -- Your character name on the Top 15 Monthly Leaderboard
    Party Match Prizes:
    Party Match Top 3 -- 'Top 3 Colosseum Champion' 30-Day Head Emblem (+10 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal)
    Party Match Top 10 -- 'Golden Mechanic Wings' 30-Day Exclusive Wings
    Party Match Top 15 -- Your character name on the Top 15 Monthly Leaderboard
    Colosseum will be heavily monitored using new tools to ensure that the top 15 players are the ones who have earned their rank at the end of the month. Players caught attempting to cheat the system will be permanently banned from Colosseum on ALL of their accounts. The system will have new monitoring tools that will log who was in each battle. Added 'Basic Hoverboard' Mount to the B/P Coin Exchange at NPC Darin.

    Comprehensive Gear Balance
    Balance Team Notes

    Overall goal of this gear balance:
    To lessen the massive gap between Osmium and Teragrace. In the past, Osmium stood no chance against Teragrace. This mainly happened because Teragrace gave a very high amount of Heal stats whereas Osmium gear doesn’t give heal stats at all.
    Teragrace used to be more than 250% better than Osmium just calculating the heal stats alone. That percentage does not take into account the added vitality and other various stats.

    Miscellaneous Changes:
    Teragrace, TeragraceMC,  Speedboots V2, and Speedboots V3 are all required level 190. Kona Robin is now fixed completely, see details below Parca's Tear balance adjustment All emblems now have the same stats (Dshop emblems removed from Dshop and added to NPC Lowe obtainable by PP)

    Base damage of all weapons remain the same.
    All level 200 weapons have +300 base damage compared to all level 195 weapons.

    Rings and Necklaces:
    Affected stat -- Vitality, all other stats remain the same.

    Kona Robin -- Is now fixed completely.
    - Required Level 180
    - Untradable
    - Updated ISLimit, you can wear 4 of them at once.
    - All stats changed to what they were intended to be (See Patch 13.4 Notes)
    - Vitality matched to +9 Zieg Necklaces
    Parca's Shiny Tear -- Balance Adjustment
    - Reduced +3% PK/PVP Damage Tolerance to 2% PK/PVP Damage Tolerance


    Emblems {All Emblems stats modified to +10 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal also}
    DShop Emblems removed from Dshop and added to NPC Lowe.
    Reduced stats from +50 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal to now +10 Str/Spr/Dex/Heal
    MagicEmblem Sun Dragon (Body) MagicEmblem Curse Dragon (Body) MagicEmblem Aqua Dragon (Body) MagicEmblem Sun (Head) MagicEmblem Fire (Body) MagicEmblem Sun (Body) MagicEmblem Poison (Body) MagicEmblem Blue (Body) MagicEmblem Curse (Body) RARE MagicEmblem SunEnergy (Body) RARE MagicEmblem Moon (Head) RARE MagicEmblem PoisonLeaves (Body) RARE MagicEmblem Ice (Head) RARE MagicEmblem Fire (Head) Frost Emblem (Feet) Siege Winner Emblem
    Teragrace Changes:

    Teragrace Helmets
    ⤧ Heal stats removed
    ⤧ +5% Max HP reduced to +3% Max HP
    Teragrace Armors
    ⤧ Heal stats removed
    ⤧ Seguriper - Reduced +204 Str to +170 Str
    Teragrace Gloves
    ⤧ No Changes
    Teragrace Pants
    ⤧ Azure Knight - Heal stats removed
    ⤧ Segita Hunter - Heal stats removed
    ⤧ Incar Magician - Heal stats removed
    ⤧ Vicious Summoner - Heal stats removed
    ⤧ Segnale - Heal stats removed
    ⤧ Bagi Warrior - Heal stats removed
    ⤧ Aloken - Heal stats removed
    ⤧ Dragon Knight - Dex stats removed (DK Pants had an extra line of Dex that no other class had)
    ⤧ Black Wizard - Heal stats removed
    ⤧ Concerra Summoner - No change (CS Pants didn’t have any heal stats)
    ⤧ Seguriper - Heal stats removed, +135 Spr reduced to +98 Spr (Osmium has +48 Spr)
    ⤧ Half-Bagi - Heal stats removed
    Teragrace Boots -- Note: Osmium boots have Dex instead of Heal, adjusted stats to make the gap smaller. Osmium also does not have vitality stats.
    ⤧ Azure Knight - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality
    ⤧ Segita Hunter - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality
    ⤧ Incar Magician - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality
    ⤧ Vicious Summoner - Changed +48 heal to +78 dex, removed vitality (+10 VS Osmium boots have +68 dex)
    ⤧ Segnale - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality
    ⤧ Bagi Warrior - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality
    ⤧ Aloken - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality
    ⤧ Dragon Knight - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality
    ⤧ Black Wizard - Changed Heal to Dex, removed Vitality
    ⤧ Concerra Summoner - Changed +68 heal to +110 dex, removed vit (+10 CS Osmium boots have +90 dex)
    ⤧ Seguriper - Changed +150 heal to +96 dex, removed vit (+10 Segu Osmium boots have +56 dex)
    ⤧ Half-Bagi - Changed from +100 heal to +64 heal, removed vit (The reason why they still have heal stats and not dex is because +10 HB osmium boots have heal stats.)
    Speedboots V2
    ⤧ Stats matched to new Teragrace Boots
    Speedboots V3
    ⤧ Stats matched to new Teragrace Boots
    TeragraceMC Helmets
    ⤧ Stats matched to Teragrace Helmets

    Level 170 (Egutt) Sets
    All +9 Egutt set stats are now reduced. Osmium +8 is now stronger than Egutt +9! Osmium sets already drop +7 from Mitera. (Mitera Guide)  


    Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

    Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0 has been released.
    Our goal is to release the Rising Colosseum Ranking System V2.0 on January 1st.

    Rankings will begin on January 1st and be reset on January 31st. On January 31st, the top 15 players will be mailed an exclusive reward.
    What is the Rising Colosseum Ranking System V2.0?
    Every month, each character starts out with 0 Battle Royale Points and 0 Party Match Points. For every Battle Royale win, the character receives Battle Royale points. For every Party Match win, the character receives 1 Party Match point. The amount of points received depends on the player's performance (more kills more points -- to incentivize not just hiding until everyone has died). Rankings will be displayed on the website to show which characters have the most Battle Royale Points and which have the most Party Match points. You will also be able to check your individual ranking as well. Prizes: Top 15 Party Match: Exclusive 30 Day Colosseum Champion Wings Top 15 Battle Royale: Exclusive 30 Day Colosseum Champion Mount. What if my character wins top 15 in both BR Ranking Points and PTM Ranking Points? In this case, the character will receive both prizes. Epic bragging rights. We will be adding more prizes as we see fit. Prizes  will be sent at the end of each month when the points reset. The points will be aggregated at the end of each day (server time).
    Colosseum will be heavily monitoring using new tools to ensure that the top 15 players are the ones who have earned their rank at the end of the month. Players caught attempting to cheat the system will be permanently banned from Colosseum on ALL of their accounts. The system will have new monitoring tools that will log who was in each battle.
    The 30 Day Colosseum Champion Wings will be exclusive wings for the winner (we may have other exclusive prizes as well).
    Website functionality will be updated with the rankings in a few days (definitely before January 1st). On January 1st, everyone will start with 0 BR Ranking Points and 0 PTM Ranking Points.
    Example of what the rankings will look like (NOTE: This one is (All Time) but it will be monthly).

    Happy Holidays!

    All characters have been mailed a few gifts courtesy of the staff team.
    It has truly been an eventful and amazing year, and we wanted to take a moment and thank you for being a part of it. We could not have done this without the tremendous support, passion, and enthusiasm you've shown for the Rising.
    We've sent every character the following 3 gifts to celebrate the holidays with you.
    Rising Staff Team


  • sTJQ1vT.png
  • serverfeatures.jpg

    • Channels: 5 channels
    • 12 Classes
    • High EXP
    • High Drop Rate
    • High Upgrade Rates
    • Farmable D-Shop
    • Thousands of players
    • Exclusive Features (not found on other servers)
      • Colosseum Ranking System
      • Working Crystalline Weapons (special effects)
      • Upgraded UI: More F slots, better HP bar
      • Comprehensive Balance (6 months of work to balance classes)
      • Multi-location Channel System (lower MS for all players)
  • New Player FAQ

    This is a little something something called the Dekaron Rising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    The Rising Staff Team is constantly working on projects to make it easier for new players to learn Dekaron Rising, and thats why we made you this super awesome FAQ thread.
    This will be updated everytime a new patch is released.

    Q. I am a new player here! How do I get started?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. Where is the best place to farm Dils?
    A. One of the best ways to farm dils is by killing Shadow Kris in Under Crespo Main. To get there teleport from Makaio in Ardeca to Parca Temple and then from Parca Temple to Under Crespo Main. Shadowkris drops 5mil dils and commonly drops Copper Argates and Silver Argates while also having a slim chance of dropping a Gold Argate.
    Also check this link:
    Q. What are the succes rates of Options?
    - Magic 1: 80%
    - Magic 2: 60%
    - Noble: 40%
    - Divine Noble: 20%
    Q. Where do I find Gold Argates?
    A. Gold Argates are rare drops from monsters in The Deadlands, Space of Pilgrimage and Under Crespo Main. Gold Argates are mostly farmed by killing the Nymphs in Draco Desert. There are 2 Nymphs in Draco Desert and each drops 6 gold argates.
    Gold Argates also drops from all bosses in Tower of Spell dungeon (higher floor = better drop). Tower of Spell is the recommended place for new players to farm Gold Argates.
    Q. Where do I find Copper and Silver Argates?
    A. Copper and Silver Argates are incredibly common. People sell them for less than 3mil for a full stack. They are very common drops from Shadowkris (Parca Temple).
    Q. How do I get 151 wings?
    A. To get the level 151 wings you have to go to The Deadlands and farm 300 Mithrils. Mithrils are common drops from any monster in The Deadlands. When you have 300 Mithrils go to NPC Ishtar in Ardeca and exchange them for level 151 wings.
    Also check this link:
    Q. How do I get dshop wings?
    A. To get Dshop wings (or any other dshop items) farm dils and buy them from other players. When doing dshop or donation transactions, always remember to call a Dekaron Rising Staff member to help ensure a safe transaction and avoid anyone from getting scammed.
    You can also simply donate for coins and buy them directly from the Dshop store.
    Q. What is the best class for farming?
    A. The most commonly used class for farming is the segureaper. The reason for this is it's high DPS and ability to heal itself. Segureaper is a great all-around class.
    Q. What are Dragon Bones and where can I get them?
    A. Dragon Bones are uncommon drops from Cuff Juliegh and Juliegh monsters in Draviss Fields. You can either sell them to other players or exchange them at NPC Stacy in Ardeca for Blacksmith and Alchemist Protectors.
    Q. What are Draviss Artifacts and where can I get them?
    A.  Draviss Artifacts are uncommon drops from Cuff Juliegh and Juliegh monsters in Draviss Fields aswell.
    There are 2 types of Draviss Artifacts. Dravis Normal Artifact & Dravice Authentic Artifact. You can exchange these at NPC Stacy in Ardeca for a variety of Dshop buffs.
    Alternatively you can also sell the artifacts to other players for dils.
    Q. How do I get Daes Arie ring and how do I upgrade it?
    A. To get Daes Arie ring go to Egutt Desert level 100 area and farm 300 beads of deal. Then exchange those into the Ring of Jebaheu at NPC Ishtar in Ardeca. Then farm 1500 Narukes in Egutt Desert level 181 or 160 area and exchange your Ring of Jebaheu and 1500 Narukes into the Daes Arie ring.
    To upgrade your Daes Arie ring into a Tiesto Arie ring, a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline is required. Dark Stones and Mana Crystallines drops from Tower of Spell bosses. When you have a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline go to NPC Luster and NPC Kaylor in Rest of Admirers to upgrade the ring.
    Q. How do I get Seal of Destruction and how do I upgrade it?
    A. Seal of Destruction is a very common drop from Neo Deux Marble boss in Tower of Spell Dungeon. To upgrade Seal of Destruction into a Signet of Chaos you need a Dark Stone and a Mana Crystalline like with the Daes Arie ring. It is worth mentioning that the Signet of Chaos ring is very common and people often sell them for only 200mil.
    Q. How do I get Noble Soul and how do I upgrade it?
    A. Noble Soul drops from the Lionheart boss in Egutt level 160+ Area. This boss is very strong and I recommend you get someone to help you kill it. Unlike Daes Arie and Seal of Destruction, you can equip up to 4 Noble Souls at once.
    You upgrade the Noble Soul the same way you upgrade your Daes Arie and Seal of Destruction.
    Q. I'm new here what class should I make?
    A. You should make the class you think is coolest!
    Check this link:
    Q. Where do I find crap gems for socketing equipment?
    A. Crap gems are common drops from the monsters located down in the left cornor of the Aquarai Map. To get to Aquarai, teleport from NPC Makaio in Ardeca.
    Q. How do I get Squama and Lach?
    A. Squama and Lach are obtained from NPC Lowe in Ardeca. Squama and Lach costs Purchase Points which are obtained in DKSQ. DKSQ is a PVP Instance where 2 teams face eachother in a 30 minute battle.
    Squama costs 900k Purchase Points.
    Lach costs 1.5mil Purchase Points.
    Also check this link:
    Q. How do I upgrade my Squama and Lach?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. Where do I find level 170 Necklaces?
    A. Level 170 Necklaces are average drops in Mitera as +7.
    Q. Where do I find 180 Necklaces?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. How do I get Teragrace Accessories?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. How do I get emblems?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. Where do I find Speedboots V3?
    A. Speedboots V3 drops from Mellias boss in Underground Temple. To get to Underground Temple, teleport to Mitera from NPC Jerome in Ardeca and head to the portal and the top left of Mitera. Mellias is extremely strong and you will need party to kill him.
    Q. Where do I find level 180 Weapons?
    A. Level 180 weapons are rare +7 drops from all monsters in Mitera.
    Check out this guide for more information about Mitera:
    Q. Where do I find level 195 Weapons?
    A. Level 195 weapons drops from the Gold Dragon boss in Arcadia, Kamat monsters in Arcadia and from Dikesel boss in Cherubim Nest dungeon.
    Q. Where do I find level 200 Weapons?
    A. You can buy level 200 weapons from NPC Lowe in Ardeca. They cost 2mil Purchase Points. Purchase Points can be obtained by participating in DKSQ.
    Alternatively you can buy them for 12.5k coins in the Dshop.
    Q. Where do I find +90 resistance gems?
    A. +90 resistance gems are common drops from the purple dragon boss in Arcadia
    Q. Is there somewhere I can see the DKSQ ranks?
    A. Yes there is! Check this link:
    Q. What is Siege and how does it work?
    A. Check this link:
    Q. What are Blood Bottles and how do I get them?
    A. Blood Bottles are exchangeable misc items dropped by all blood enemies in Parca Temple. Blood Bottles can be used to exchange at NPC Binaelle Fairie in Parca Temple for various goods or sold to stronger players for dils.
    Q. What are Dream Powders and how do I get them?
    A. Dream Powders are exchangeable misc items dropped by all enemies in Python Castle, Doomed Maze, The Deadlands and Mitera. Dream Powders can be used to exchange at NPC Karin in Ardeca for various items or sold to stronger players for dils.
    Q. What are Skins and how do I get them?
    A. Weapon skins is a feature unique to Dekaron Rising. To change the skin you need a +10 level 200 purple crystalline weapon and a skin diamond. There are currently 5 different types of skin diamonds with more to come in future patches:
    [Skin Diamond] Maelstrom [Skin Diamond] Red Light [Skin Diamond] Purple Crystalline [Skin Diamond] Cursed [Skin Diamond] Tech Skin Diamonds are obtained through our unique endgame PvE content that offers extremely hard but fun bossfights. For more info about how to change the skin of a +10 level 200 weapon check NPC: [GM]Katarina next to West Mailbox in Ardeca.
    For more info on Skin bosses check the following guide:

    New Player Guide

    You should start this guide after you have downloaded, created an account, and created your character. To download and create a GAME account, go here: http://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/home/
    Video Tutorial:
    The first thing you should do when you spawn in Ardeca after you make a character and gave it a name is following:
    Open your map (M)

    1. First thing to do is to open your map (M) and go to the Ardeca town exit (big green arrows on the map)
    2. As you venture out of the town Ardeca, simply open your map (M) and follow the green arrows to slay the different level Akris on the map until you are level 60. (make sure to grab the "newbie buff" at the gate exit/entrance to ardeca. simply walk over it. Also remember to pick up the dils drop from Akris)
    3. Once you are level 60+ return to Ardeca.
    4. First thing you should do now is to go buy the skills for YOUR class. (skills are only 1 dil each and skillmasters are located at cordinates 400 : 80)
    5. Once you have bought your skills, you will need as many potions you can get for your level. Also buy 100 return scrolls while you're at it. Head to the merchant NPC "Arenar" who is located at the coordinates 285 : 147 in Ardeca town. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you always save dils for teleportings)


    Alright you have made it this far and the easiest part is over and you are now level 60 and have bought your skills and potions.

    6. It is now time to use the Egutt Desert scroll in your inventory (or go to teleporter NPC "Jerome" located in Ardeca town at coordinates 350 : 142 and teleport to egutt desert from him)

    7. Once you arrive in Egutt Desert you are currently in a safe zone. (However players can attack and kill each other here still)
    8. Go to the NPC "Commander" and teleport to the level 60+ area.
    If you die too many times in egutt desert level 60+ area, and you feel like giving, up here is the 2nd choice:
    As you stand in Ardeca it is time to visit your old friend NPC "Makaio". Teleport to Draco Desert lvl 54+. (This will cost you 3500 dils.)
    Keep slaying the monsters in this map until you think you are strong enough to take on the monsters in Egutt Desert once again.
    9.  Once you have leveled from level 60-80 click your return scroll you bought earlier and return to Ardeca.
    10. Once you have returned to Ardeca re-enter Egutt Desert and teleport to the level 80 area this time. Keep leveling at the level 80 area until you reach level 102 then use another return scroll and return to Ardeca.
    11. Once again re-enter Egutt desert and this time level from 102-120. At level 120 return to Ardeca again.
    12. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 120 area. Level from level 120-140 then return to Ardeca again.
    13. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 140 area. Level from level 140-160 then return to Ardeca again.
    14. Re-enter Egutt Desert again and enter level 160 area. Level from level 160-181. Here you also farm your new set. +9 Level 170+ set, weapon and accessories. Monsters have high drop rate.
    You have now completed my new player guide!
    You should now be level 176-180 and fully equipped with your new +9 170 set, wep and accessories. You are now ready for the next step.
    This is also where the new player video tutorial ends and if you watched that then what comes next is the more specific details I promised you in the end of the video.
    Now you have to do two things:
    1) Level up to 200
    2) Farm and get geared
    You can level up from 176-181 in Egutt Desert level 160 area (same place as you farmed your 170+ items)
    Or you can go to deadfront from 166-180. Deadfront is the best EXP from level 166 to 180 so keep an eye out for Deadfront announcements in game or check the timer on our forum front page.
    Once level 180 the best place to level is in Tower of Spell dungeon.
    When you are level 190 the best place to level is Parca Temple. To get to Parca Temple speak with NPC: Makaio in Ardeca. Parca Temple is level 190+.
    As for farming and getting geared you're gonna be spending of lot of time in Miteria
    Open your inventory and use your Miteria scroll (or go to NPC "Jerome" coordinates 350 : 142) Monsters in Miteria drops the next gear sets but only +7. You can farm these and upgrade them later on. The gears are called Osmium and is the 2nd strongest gear in game. Osmium can be upgraded all the way to +10. You will also find level 180 +7 weapons here and level 170 necklaces, rings etc.
    Once you have +10 osmium and 180 wep you can start competing with other players.

    For more details about Mitera please check out this guide:
    I will make a list of other places of interest here:
    Tower of Spell dungeon - Tower of Spell has been reworked and is now the best place to level from 180-190.
    Besides that, Tower of Spell is now also the best place for new players to farm gold argates so they can upgrade the gear they farm in Mitera.
    Tower of Spell also offers other unique drops such as:
    Dark Stones Mana Crystallines 6% gems +7 180 weapons All resistance gems and guard bijous Seal of Destruction ring Check out this introduction/walkthrough for the Tower of Spell dungeon:
    The Deadlands - In The Deadlands you will be looking for "Mithrils". Mithrils are common drops from all enemies in The Deadlands and are used to exchange at NPC Ishtar in Ardeca for level 151 wings.

    Crespo Abyss - In Crespo Abyss / Under Crespo 1 you can farm Grade Points which gives your character higher rank. When you rank up you are rewarded with extra statpoints. You get 3 stat points each rank. (IMPORTANT: The higher rank you are the harder it is to farm Purchase Points in DKSQ later).

    Parca Temple - In parca Temple you can find Shadowkris near the waterpools. Shadowkris drops 5m dils and a few argates.
    Another type of enemies that spawn in Parca Temple are Blood enemies. The easiest Blood enemy to deal with are the Blood Silverypes. The Blood Silverypes are more common in the right wing in Parca Temple. Blood enemies drop Blood Bottles which you can exchange for various items at NPC Binaelle Fairie who is located next to the teleporter NPC Conrad.

    Abandoned City - In Abandoned City you will be farming for wing fragments to upgrade your level 151 wings. Fully upgraded level 151 wings have the same stats as Dshop wings. The exchange NPC is located at the Abandoned City entrance.
    To get to the Abanandoned City speak with NPC Orz in Ardeca.

    Aquarai Ruins - In Aquarai Ruins you can find the so called "crap gems" which are gems so bad that they serve no other purpose than to increase the success chance of you creating a socket in your armor or helmet. 1 gem = 5% more chance of succes. You can sacrifice up to 5 crap gems which is a total of +25% increased chance to make a socket.

    If you have any questions about anything you feel I forgot or didn't specify in the guide feel free to join our Discord and shoot me a PM there!
    Please check out the links below. They will help you even more I guarantee you!
    Link to Dils-making guide to Dekaron Rising:
    Link to Frequently Asked Questions thread:

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