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  • Dekaron Fan Art Forum Event

    It's time to be creative!
    We ask you to create your very own Dekaron Fan Art. It can be anything Dekaron related as long as you made it yourself.
    It can be a boss, a character anything is possible!
    You can draw it in hand, on photoshop (or other creative softwares) or anything like that! The possibilities are endless!
    There will be 3 winners!
    1st Prize - 40000 Dshop Coins 2nd Prize - 30000 Dshop Coins 3rd Prize - 20000 Dshop Coins Rules:
    You can't steal from google or anywhere else. The Fan Art must be yours The Fan Art must be high quality You are not allowed to just take pictures from google and photoshop them together Submit your Fan Art in a reply on this thread! (Include your character and discord name, but NOT on the fan art itself) An in game screenshot is NOT fan art A Dekaron Rising logo is not fan art You may submit as much Fan Art as you want to!
    The more creative you are the higher your chance of winning!
    The more effort you put into the Fan Art the higher your chance of winning!
    The Fan Art can be Dekaron only, however Dekaron Rising Fan Art scores extra points!
    Additionally (depending on the fan art) we may use it for future projects, patch notes or even our in game loading screen!
    This thread will be locked in 2 weeks and then you will no longer be able to submit anymore fan art!
    Good luck!
    3 different examples of Fan Art (We didn't make these):

    If you are still not sure what Fan Art is try to google: "What is fan art"
    Pinned / Featured

    Weekly PVP Event

    Hello Warriors
    The new Weekly PVP Event is finally here.
    How it will work:
    There will be a rotation of three kind of PVP Events
    1v1 PVP Event 2v2 PVP Event 3v3 PVP Event Every week there will be the Following kind of Event (Example : First Week 1v1 , Second Week 2v2 , Third Week 3v3 , Fourth Week 1v1 ...)
    The Registration will be made before the event starts.
    The event will be held every Sunday , one and half hour after the Sun Boss Event , so at 3.30pm UTC+2 , the first time will be on the 20th of May
    - Check your time at: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20180401T133000&p1=215&p2=1411&p3=145&p4=248&p5=241&p6=136&p7=179&p8=37&p9=49&p10=446
    The event will be held at Ardeca on Channel Lurile , which means no d-shop buffs , no candies and no fishes.
    1st - 14k D-Shop Coins  2nd - 10k D-Shop Coins 3rd -  6k D-Shop Coins In case of 2v2 or 3v3 each member of the Top 3 teams will get the corresponding prize.
    No substitutions If a player WINS in a Weekly PVP Event he will be able to join on the next one. If players get disconnected during their fight i'm sorry to say that the fight will count as a lose. Any kind of Cheating is strictly forbidden and the player will get hard punished. You can only register in one team , changing team after the registration or after a lose is not allowed. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Best of luck to those who are going to prove themselves in the Arena.

    Patch 15.2: Verdia Temple, New Weapon Skin, UI Upgrades, and other Miscellaneous Improvements

    Completely re-designed Parca Temple, New Weapon Skin, Massive UI Upgrades, and other Miscellaneous Improvements!

    Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HQZBSHuLRqfjLdMxYgOlk84uFIr-A62e

    Verdia Temple

    This is part 2 of the Dekaron Rising Parca Temple Lore.
    You can read part 1 here:
    Click on pictures to enlarge them!
    Lab Chief Verdia offered to help getting rid of Seleana from Parca Temple, however what we didn't know was that Verdia has gone mad from her Sap experiments. To get rid of Seleana, Verdia released her newly crafted Sap Gas into Parca Temple!
    Well the Sap Gas got rid Seleana, but it also turned Parca Temple into one BIG mess.
    All the creatures of Parca Temple have mutated and turned into atrocious beings!
    Once again it's up to you guys to aid Binaelle Fairie in purifying Parca Temple. You can do that by killing Lab Chief Verdia and bringing Sap Bottles to Binaelle Fairie for unique rewards!
    The Parca Temple rework includes features such as:
    I. New items on Binaelle Fairie Exchange!
    Verdia Uniform Costume (2000 Sap Bottles)* [Skin Diamond] Red Light (2000 Sap Bottles)* Divine Ventus Token (2000 Sap Bottles) Gemcraft Booster (400 Sap Bottles) *These items are only obtainable from the Sap Bottle Exchange

    II. Parca Temple has received a completely new texture overhaul!

    III. New monsters in Parca Temple!
    You can lure as many of these monsters as you can survive, which allows better solo capabilities!

    IV. Slime Nest!
    We added a small area in Parca Temple where Slimes spawn. Slimes have a 1% chance of dropping a Slime Pet!

    V. Debuffs & Cocoons!
    Warriors! Be careful when wandering behind the safety barrier in Verdia Temple! Wandering around in the Sap Gas may poison you and reduce the effectiveness of potions and other healing attributes!
    As the Sap Gas continues to spread, Cocoons will spawn every 4 hours! Most of these are guarded by a fresh but weak Sap Testee. These Cocoons have a 100% chance of dropping 6 Sap Bottles, so keep an eye out for them!

    VI. Blood Bottles have been changed to Sap Bottles!

    New Weapon Skin: Sap

    We're extremely happy to see that all of our players enjoying the new Weapon Skin System that we created. It wasn't an easy task to make (and we're the only server that has been able to do so), but we're glad it was worth it. Since the Weapon Skin System was released, we've created 6 new skin possibilities to allow you to truly make your character look exactly how you want it to.

    The latest Weapon Skin has arrived and it's called [Skin Diamond] Sap
    To get your hands on this skin you must kill Lab Chief Verdia in Parca Temple!


    New Boss: Lab Chief Verdia

    Lab Chief Verdia
    Lab Chief Verdia has begun her evil Sap gas experimentations in Parca Temple. She uses poison and traps to best her foes.
    Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: [Skin Diamond] Sap Drop Rate: 33% Dils: 10m Respawn Time: Every 4 hours Map: Parca Temple Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks:
    1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact
    2) A long range attack that damages the player on impact
    3) A linear AOE attack that damages all players in a straight line 1-3 times. This also drains the HP of all targets hit for 30 seconds
    4) Traps. Verdia summons Sap Shurikens all around the edge of the arena, which will kill anything caught within their range
    5) Poison Eggs. Verdia has 4 Poison Eggs in her arena. These eggs will randomly spawn poison bombs around the arena
    6) Passive Ability: Being experienced with poison experiments has made Lab Chief Verdia resistant towards Poison. Tactics: Stay away from the edge of the arena. Try to take out the poison eggs and then focus on Verdia afterwards. Have 1 person tank the boss and 1 person healing the tank.

    Trieste Wings

    The wings of Trieste have made it to the D-Shop. There are four versions, all work on ALL classes.
    Trieste Wings (Medium)
    Trieste Wings (Large) Trieste Wings Rainbow (Medium) Trieste Wings Rainbow (Large)  

    Massive UI Upgrades

    We've upgraded the game UI with both new versions and some new versions.
    Character select UI upgraded to new version Character create UI upgraded to new version Custom notice UI added to login screen Login UI upgraded to a custom version Socket creation UI upgraded to new version Option creation UI upgraded to new version Option removal UI upgraded to new version Argating UI upgraded to new version NPC conversation UI upgraded to new version Buff bar UI upgraded to custom version Debuff bar upgraded to custom version Loading screen UI upgraded to custom version Party UI upgraded to custom version (Thanks to @Roku)

    Miscellaneous Changes

    Updated Loading Screen Updated Login Screen map Greatly improved the amount of Purchase Points and Grade Points that are obtained in DKSQ from killing other Players. (All ranks now give more PP/GP per kill) Minimum Level Requirement to enter DKSQ is now Level 190 Fixed +875 HP & MP Gems Fixed +100 Elemental Resistance Gems Spikes in DKSQ have been removed Fixed a bug that made the players unable to buy Imperial Potions from Binaelle Fairie [Skin Diamond]'s now show their price when vended in a personal shop Fixed [Skin Diamond] Sun description Fixed some bosses that had buggy attacks Added Dragon Knight Soaring Wings to the Starter Box Fixed the Dragon Knight Meister skills that still costed PP instead of dils. They now also cost 1 dil ea. Raid members required to enter Cherubim's Nest have been lowered from 12 to 4 Slightly lowered drop rate of Sap Bottles from monsters in Parca Temple, since we added Cocoons Fixed a bug with the Blood Templar and Templar of Light Costumes for Dragon Knight   Half-Bagi Maelstrom Katar -- Left Katar now appears with the Maelstrom Skin instead of Purple Crystalline Removed 7% Attack Gem Random-box from D-Shop Removed the Khaleesi Channel Fixed Blood Magic D-Shop Buff Description (Increases All Resistance by 5%, not 10%) Fixed Rapid Fire, it no longer interrupts opponents from being able to use skills for the duration of the skill