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  • Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    Patch 14.1 has been released with new content, new items, bug fixes, and more.
    Manual Patch will be posted in the first reply in this thread (scroll down).
    1) Parca Temple Under Attack
    Parca Temple has come under attack once again and needs warriors to defend it. Binaelle Fairie gave her life to save Parca, and we must do everything in our power to save it! Shockingly enough, Binaelle Fairie has returned from the dead by using the power of Blood Magic.  She has mastered this dangerous, powerful art and is now using it to help the warriors of the Rising defend Parca.
    Developer Notes
    Parca Temple is one of the pillars of Dekaron, and the map's chambers open up a lot of possibilities. We also wanted to add a new way for players to get more D-Shop items for free by playing the game (in addition to the 4 D-Exchanges we already have), so we've set up an exchange system that you'll see below. We're going to keep adding content to Parca, such as boss chambers.
    New Monsters

    Difficulty: High Drops: Blood Bottles Blood Bottles are not tradeable and can stack up to 5000. Drop Rate: High  
    Blood Bottle Exchange
    Binaelle Fairie is not a fighter herself, but she doesn't let that get in her way of saving Parca. While she can't fight herself, she can use her Blood Magic to create special items for you to help fight off the monsters attacking Parca.

    New Boss: Seleana
    Binaelle Fairie's arch nemesis... Seleana. She tried to take over Parca once before and she's back to try again. Will she succeed?
    Difficulty: Hard Drops: Red Light Weps (see below) Drop Rate: 25% Respawn Time: Every 4 Hours Channel(s): Ark Attacks: Seleana has 4 atacks, one of them being a super attack. Super Attack: Warning will appear above your character when she is about to use her super-attack. This warning is courtesy of Binaelle Fairie, who is doing anything she can to help you defeat Seleana. If you do not dodge the super-attack, it will one-hit kill you.

    Naturally drawn to dark energy, it seems that the Shadowkris have migrated to Parca Temple. There seems to be a flock of 8 of them.
    Developer Notes: Moving Shadowkris to Crespo Abyss did not work out as intended. We have moved them to Parca Temple and have adjusted their drops for economical reasons. They drop less argates now (since argates have dropped significantly in value, which was an issue because newbies farm argates to sell them). We will continue monitoring the game economy and making the necessary changes to improve the overall experience for both established players and new players.

    2) Red Light Weps
    Seleana's weapon is made using the power of Red Light. When killed, her energy can be used to create weapons that the warriors of Rising can use to their advantage. Kill her for a chance to get a rare Red Light Weapon!
    Stats on Red Light Weapons are the same as those on Crystalline Weapons
    Developer Notes: Seleana is an extremely fun boss and we had a blast testing her. We decided to make her drop new Red Light Weapons as we thought they would be really fitting. They have the same stats as Crystalline Weapons since Crystalline just came out and it wouldn't make sense to add a weapon that was even better so soon. We like to give people the cosmetic choice and opportunity to get a pretty rare item.

    3) New Consumable Buff: Blood Magic
    Binaelle Farie's latest creation: Blood Magic. This potion provides the warrior +10% All Magic Resistance. This potion also has special in-game effect when used. Relogging or switching channels does not remove this buff.
    She will exchange it for Blood Bottles or D-Shop Coins.
    Developer Notes: Prior to this, we had 2 consumables that increase magic damage but none that shielded against it. We have added this one to help balance that out. 10% was determined to be a good number during testing, however it is subject to possible change. We also added a really cool effect to it.

    4) Blue & Red Dragon Weapons
    New Dragon weapons have been added to the game. Red & Blue Dragon Weapons have the exact same stats as Crystalline, and now Red Light weapons. However, they will be exclusive and very rare event only rewards. Events with these weapons as prizes will be announced on the website and launcher. We're considering making them a reward for the 2v2 PvP tournament, so you should apply to that if you haven't already!


    5) Devil Wings
    Found in the shadows of the besieged Parca Temple, these special wings appear to have been crafted using blood magic. They are a brand new pair of wings with animations/effects working on all characters. 

    6) Misc
    Map UI (M) has been updated Raids have been re-enabled in Ardeca (accidentally disabled in last update) Khaleesi is back online. Additional client optimizations have been made.  

    A lot of time was put into this update, we hope you enjoy it! As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions we are always open to them.

    Double D-Shop Coins

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale has started:November 18th to November 29th.
    Hi players,
    We're starting our traditional Cyber Monday ~ Black Friday coins sale. The sale is activated starting from this post. November 18th to November 29th.
    This is the only donation sale we do all year.
    Donation page: http://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/donate-vip-subscription-2/
    Thank you for supporting the server. Rising has been open for 5+ years thanks to your generous donations.


    2 vs. 2 Tournament

    How will it work and how to register:
    You need 2 players of different class You need a name for your team To register please comment this thread your team name, name of the two characters on the team, and each of your classes Fights for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will be best of 3 matches, meaning it's enough to win just 2 matches to Win All matches will be held on the Lurile channel  
    1st Place 60k Coins to each player + RARE Red/Blue Dragon Weapon to each player + Statue Designation 2nd Place 40k Coins to each player + Statue Designation 3rd Place 20k Coins to each player + Statue Designation Registration:
    Starts on 16th November Closes on 30th November 11:00 PM GMT+1 Bracket will be posted on 1st December 15:00/3:00 PM GMT+1 Time:
    15:00 GMT+1/3:00PM Fights will be held on 2nd and 3rd December
    Fights can be held on either day 1 or day 2, depending on how many players apply. The days of which matches are on which day will be announced shortly after registration closes.  
    Participants are allowed to use any type of weapon, including but not limited to Crystalline and SIGMetal Disconnections during matches: If one of your team members disconnects during the match, your team will lose that match. I am sorry but this can't be proven, and it's highly unlikely that you'll get disconnected in such a short period of time. What if the other team was lagging? This happens very rarely and cannot be taken into consideration. People can't influence their connections, especially not to gain an advantage. Also consider that their advantage can be your advantage too.  For fairness, each match will be supervised by a minimum of two staff members. Hacking or cheating will not be tolerated and will result in immediate bans. All matches will be held on the Lurile Channel so you should not expect to be using any buff items. You will have choice when reciving weapon:
    1) Replace a level 200 weapon that you have with Red or Blue Dragon +10 Weapon- same options and gems
    2) Receive Red or Blue Dragon +0 Weapon



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