DK Square Guide + Rank Guide

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DK Square How-To and General Information


Go to any teleport NPC and click the DK Square option to find an open Lobby. DK Square is open 24/7 at all times. 

  • P-Points (see below)
  • Grade EXP (see below)

Level Divisions:

  • 50~75
  • 76~99
  • 100~130
  • 131~155
  • 156~170
  • 171~200

Information on how to do DK Square for those who don't know:



P-Point Exchange

Ranking Table


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1 hour ago, EGOMANIAC said:

Imposible to get any PPoints since noone never applies to dksq..

I see your post is from 1 hour ago. Unfortunately that isn't the most active hour of the day.

Majority of the players here are from Asia.

We have daily 10-20v10-20 dksq's and even more when staff members are hosting events.

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