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Character stat build guidelines

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While I might not be the best at making a guide such as this I thought i'd make an attempt to give guidelines on how to build a pvp char for 170 dk sq. So please enjoy my little story :)


I'll add one disclaimer first. Me making a guide does not mean I will openly reveal what builds I have on my own characters. I've spent alot of time on perfecting them for my playstyle and don't even recommend other people to use it. Also the Dragon Knight is a little different so I will add information about her at the end.


Part - 1

Now let us begin with the basics. There are 4 stats for each char.


Str - Increases melee dmg / crit rate

Dex - increases long-range dmg / guard rate / block rate / crit rate

Heal - Increases you max heal and max shield

Spr- Increases magic dmg / mp


Which stats are most important depends on which class you play. The impact of a stat point that is used is different for every class aswell.


Let us start with an analysis of 2 different classes and how they compare.


EB02GU7.jpg WxR3BZ0.jpg


Both of these characters are the exact same level with the exact same % are lvl 100 and do not have any mastery, skill and stat points used and both have a lvl 1 weapon equiped. This gives us a nice vanilla picture of how they compare on a basic level.


Beginning with the stats you see that there is a slight difference in base stats for each char this gives you a subtle hint as to what stats are most important for your char. Now keep in mind that skill mastery's will change a couple of things but let us look at this picture as it is. 


Thier atk is almost identical the Bagi Warrior has 341 ~ 342 atk while the Segeuriper has 340 ~ 342 atk. This means that at a basic level when thier str and weapon are equal they wil have the same amount of melee dmg. That means that even though skill mastery changes thier maximum atk, they should still recieve the same bonus from 1 Str point


Looking at long range atk you start to see a difference. Now you have to keep in mind that neither the Bagi Warrior nor the Segeuriper uses long-ranged attacks. However the Bagi Warrior still requires Dex (which increases long-range atk) to be able to equip it's weapon. For this reason you notice that the long-range atk of the Bagi Warrior is significantly higher than that of the Segeuriper. Although it is irrelevant for both characters to have it, I wanted to point out this difference.


The Bagi Warrior required Dex to wield it's weapon. Looking at the Segeuriper class you notice a magic atk that is far above that of the Bagi Warrior. While the Bagi Warrior has only 75 ~ 75. The Segeuriper has a massive 318 ~ 320. This is because the Segeuriper also is a magic based class and benefits from points put into Spr. That is why it is also a requirement to wield it's weapon.


Next up is defence. Defence is your resistance toward both melee and long-range attacks. When you hold your cursor over the amount of defence you have it will show you a percentage of how many % resistance you have to these attacks.




The Bagi Warrior has naturally higher defence than the Segeuriper. As you can see the Bagi Warrior has a defence of 375 while the Segeuriper only has 275. Added to that is the fact that the armor of the Bagi Warrior also has much higher defence ratings so the gap between thier defence grows much bigger (even though here The Bagi Warrior already has a whopping 36.36% higher defence than the Segeuriper.


Now we get to magic resistance. This is the amount of resistance you have towards magic attacks. Holding your cursor over it tells you once again the amount of resistance you have against magic attacks.




From this you can see that the Bagi Warrior is much more designed to be a tanker class while the Segeuriper focuses on attacking in multiple ways. Every class is different and this is simply an example so we can discuss class differences.


Moving on we have three very important things: HP, MP and Shield. In PvP both your Shield and HP need to be taken down in order for you to die rather than only HP when fighting in PvE. This is what allows PvP to last longer otherwise the fight would be very short. Every skill uses MP. The more MP you have the longer you can keep using skills before you have to use an MP potion.


Looking at the examples above you can see the amount of HP, MP and Shield are quite different for both classes. That is because every class gets a different amount per level and all have a different base amount. Comparing that of the Bagi Warrior and the Segeuriper you can see the Bagi Warrior has higher HP and Shield while the Segeuriper has higher MP. Hinting at thier forte.


Here is how the amount of HP and MP  is distributed for the classes:


Azure Knight - 38 HP per level / 28 per Heal stat point - 8 MP per level / 6 MP per Spr stat point

Segita Hunter - 34 HP per level / 26 per Heal stat point - 7 MP per level / 5 MP per Spr stat point

Incar Magician - 30 HP per level / 22 per Heal stat point 14 MP per level / 10 MP per Spr stat point

Vicious Summoner - 36 HP per level / 24 per Heal stat point 11 MP per level / 8 MP per Spr stat point

Segnale - 28 HP per level / 22 per Heal stat point 12 MP per level / 9 MP per Spr stat point

Bagi Warrior - 56 HP per level / 32 per Heal stat point 8 MP per level / 6 MP per Spr stat point

Aloken - 37 HP per level / 27 per Heal stat point - 9 MP per level / 7 MP per Spr stat point

Concerra Summoner - 36 HP per level / 24 per Heal stat point 11 MP per level / 8 MP per Spr stat point

Segeuriper - 36 HP per level / 25 per Heal stat point 10 MP per level / 8 MP per Spr stat point

Black Wizard 30 HP per level / 22 per Heal stat point 14 MP per level / 10 MP per Spr stat point

Half Bagi - 47 HP per level / 30 per Heal stat point 14 MP per level / 10 MP per Spr stat point


This is where we start talking about how to build your character. HP is a very important factor in PvP. The amount of HP you have decides at what point you experience "Knockback" (A point where your character is overwhelmed by damage and moves backward in pain disabling you from taking action). This threshold is different for every character. I will list them for you here holding 10k HP as guideline for calculation.


So if my character has 10k HP:


Azure Knight - Threshold 10% of maximum hp = 1k dmg

Segita Hunter - Threshold 15% of maximum hp = 1.5k dmg

Incar magician - Threshold 14% of maximum hp =1.4k dmg

Vicious Summoner - Threshold 12% of maximum hp = 1.2k dmg

Segnale - Threshold 12% of maximum hp = 1.2k dmg

Bagi Warrior - Threshold 10% of maximum hp = 1k dmg

Aloken - Threshold 13% of maximum hp = 1.3k dmg

Concerra Summoner - Threshold 14% of maximum hp = 1.4k dmg

Segeuriper  - Threshold 12% of maximum hp = 1.2k dmg

Black Wizard - Threshold 14% of maximum hp =1.4k dmg

Half Bagi - Threshold 10% of maximum hp = 1k dmg


Based on this you can see that classes that get alot of HP naturally also have a lower threshold and require more hp do negate the "Knockback",


I always build my chars with the help of this list. It helps me calculate a "target". You have to set a target where you do not want "Knockback". As an example on a Segeuriper, if I set a target of 3.5k. That means I need to calculate how much heal I need to be able to take hits up to 3.5k. That would mean on a Segeuriper I will need 3500/12*100 = 29166,67 HP


You probably will not be able to decide on a threshold right away because you do not know how the character reacts in pvp yet in the beginning. Luckily you have a stat reset that you can use when everything is satisfactory.


Also do not forget to be realistic even when you put all your points into Heal people will be able to do enough damage to "Knockback". That is why I recommend setting a nice target based on gear you plan on using for an extended period of time. 


The gear that you use will play a large role in setting this threshold. Because Helmets, Armlets, Spell Kracions, wings etc. can give you extra Heal. Also ofcourse having great defence allows you to put that threshold lower allowing you to put more points in a desired stat like Str so you can do more dmg.


Although I have to add that magic classes do not benefit that much from putting points into the Spr stat. So personally I would simply put points into Heal on those classes but ofcourse everything is up to you.


Short video increasing HP with wings negates "Knockback":



Now keep in mind various classes have things that can help them with the threshold. Like Segita Hunter can raise thier HP with a skill and Azure Knight has an HP mastery skill that increases max HP by 15% while also having a skill called "insensibility" increasing the threshold by another 13% when it is maxed.


For my characters I always find the threshold I am personally comfortable with after playing with a character for a while and put the rest of my points in whatever increases thier dmg output. You could also try things like increasing Dex on a Physical character to increase critical and guard rate if you want to try things out. In the end it is all preference.


This is where my special Dragon Knight guide starts so pay attention! The Dragon Knight has an amazing skill called Defeat Reject negating ALL kb. Now look at the dk you will notice something amazing about their status:




The Dragon Knight status is best optimized using the following technique:




First you need to log out. As shown in the image above.




Now press the delete button and type I agree as shown above.


Congratulations! Your status has improved from pedophile to normal human being! You did great!


Thanks for reading :) Feel free to give me feedback on how to make it more clear or better. Please don't troll on it thanks  ;)


Part - 2

We will now look into what happens when those stat points are used and how it affects classes differently. Again I will be basing it on the Segeuriper and the Bagi Warrior so see this as an extension of part 1.


Let's look at thier weapon requirements (this is again without any mastery)






They now have weapons of a similar level. However the Segeuriper requires much more stat points for it's weapon than the Bagi Warrior. This means the Bagi Warrior has more stat points to use freely.


Observing the pictures reveales that the weapon of the Segeuriper (Scythe) has higher max atk ~ 643 than the weapon of the Bagi Warrior (Gaunlet) ~ 618. However has a lower minimum ~ 587 vs 605. When we look at thier atk 1348 ~ 1406 vs 1393 ~ 1406. You see that thier atk is still quite similar. Even though the Bagi Warrior has higher str, the Segeuriper still has the same Max Atk. This is caused by the fact that the Scythe is naturally a stronger weapon than the Gauntlet in terms of it's Max Atk. Yet the Minimum Atk of the Bagi Warrior is higher which is caused by it's weapon having a higher Minimum Atk rating.


So what happens when we start using those stat points and adding mastery? Let's find out (please bare in mind I will be ignoring thier buffs for the sake of the guide):






Again with the Atk we don't see anything fascinating. The only reason the Bagi Warrior is ahead of the Segeuriper at this point is that it's masteries develop at a slightly lower level.


However we do see some key features that have changed. The most obvious being the HP of the Segeuriper. Because as if by magic it increased by a massive 25%! Keep this in mind when you make a Segeuriper. It's mastery will allow it to gain more HP.


Moving on we see both classes have a couple of numbers that have become higher after adding the mastery. One thing for both classes is their Elemental Resistance. You can see both classes experienced an increase but while the Segeuriper only has Curse Resistance (which is thier native element), the Bagi Warrior has full Elemental Resistance. Once again hinting that the Bagi Warrior is more designed to be a tank (note the defence increase of around 15% as well). 


This amount of resistance translates into a percentage of resistance you have towards an Element.




The percentage is the amount the incoming dmg will be reduced. As an example if your opponent in pvp has a gem in it's weapon that states "66 Poison Damage" with 10% Poison Resistance you will reduce that damage by: 66/100*10 = 6,6Leaving only 59,4 Poison Damage.


Now let's look at a couple of things you have to consider when using you stat points. Items such as earrings for example (note that these stat points do not count towards weapon requirements):


JpanFKY.jpg LYS8Ewd.jpg


If you are at a stage where you cannot afford a Spell Kracion which simply increases ann stats by +70. You need to make a choice as to which earring you will use. Only 2 earrings and be equiped in your main tab. Also the amount of stat points varies for every type of earring. For example the two earrings in the pictures are the exact same level. However one gives +15 stat points (Amber) and one gives 9+3= only 12 stat points (Bordeaux). If you plan ahead (with the example above) your stat points you could for example decide to put 3 str points into heal beforehand and then use the Amber. You end up with +3 heal and +12str total. Instead of only +9str and +3 heal. PLANNING IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING PERFECT!


Also items like a helmet can have an HP option on them:




So take everything into consideration when building a character!


The last couple of things to discuss are Hit, Critical, Block, Guard and Vitality.


Hit - Percentage of chance you hit the target and not get a "miss"

Critical - Percentage chance you score a "Critical Hit". This damage is coloured blue. The amount of critical dmg depends on your vitality.

Block - Percentage of completely blocking the enemy attack.

Guard - Percentage of guarding you opponents attack by a percentage decided by vitality.

Vitality - Decides the power of your "Critical Hit" and your percentage of guarding incoming damage.


That's all for now folks. Thanks for reading and I hope you perhaps got a little wiser ^^.


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Thanks guys! I really appreciate that you guys like it  :D. Will be adding a couple more details later. That will mostly be about how the bagi and segu compare when we start using the stat points and adding masteries. Also a little bit about those little words above HP. Crossing my fingers this guide will help alot of people :).

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