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*** [FIX] [GUIDE] Slow Loading Windows 10 ***

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1 minute ago, KingHueso said:

what is best windows 7 or windows 10 for this game?

Windows 7, windows 8 and 10 are cancer and very unfriendly to dekaron. After googling for a bit, i read that some people moved the dekaron folder to usb drive and it fixed it. Try moving yours to another place (if you have multiple drivers ex. C: E: etc) or an usb drive if possible.

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On 5/23/2016 at 10:04 AM, Nitex said:


A bug with Windows Defender causes big programs to load slowly. Here is a simple picture guide to fix it on Windows 10 -- it is the same process to fix it for other versions of Windows but the bug mainly happens on Windows 10. 

Post here if you need any more help. 









Well i did this all the time everyday i try and try and try hehe still same result. i already re-install the game but still the same.

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