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[Patch 12.3] Winter Contents Patch Part 1

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16 hours ago, Nitex said:

1. Dragons Attack Arcadia 

Three dragons have been added to Arcadia. Each dragon has 10 unique drops. The drags re-spawn every 6 hours.  

Gold Dragon Drops 10x:

  • Teragrace Set 
  • SIGLight Weapons 

Purple Dragon Drops 10x: 

  • All Defense +105 
  • Medial +123 
  • Defense Cube +90
  • Defense Bead +90
  • Defense Sphere +90
  • Defense Skull +90 

Red Dragon Drops 10x:

  • Lv180 Necklaces
  • Lv180 Rings 



about this just wanna know if random drop or it drop each item

PS:hope dragons can be killed without seg

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