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[Patch 12.6] Double DK Square, bug fixes, and more!

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23 minutes ago, koolrool69 said:

manual patch ser?


Refresh and it will be at the top of the patch notes. It takes us a few minutes to make and post it. Thanks. 

23 minutes ago, haziqzas said:

1. where is ?
now elite sentinel can kill new trainee and get a point in dksq rather than kill for 30 times just to get 1600 point???? hmmmm
ive been issued on this thing before update 7.7, ser r u blind??

I don't understand what you mean by this? High ranked players aren't supposed to get points from killing low-rank players. 

19 minutes ago, {VIP}KimTan said:

kote, Unfair for doing Spam points for High Ranked (Elite Sentinel) :D

I don't understand what you mean by this. 

17 minutes ago, Eddiemagic said:

seg 195 back skill  colddown time 70?? is mistake??

The 195 backward's dash skill cooldown should be the same for all dashes and all characters. If it's not then it could be bugged.

9 minutes ago, {VIP}KimTan said:

Server down ??

Just put the server back online. Enjoy! 

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Just now, SMOKE said:

seggy backward dash doesn't fixed yet?

still 70s cd?

@Nitex hoped next patch will be fixed.

thank u for the awesome update.

loved the double DKSQ.:D

I'm sorry, I didn't know it was bugged. Please create a topic in the bug report section for bugs so I don't forget them. I always look at that section before releasing an update (unless I don't have time and it's important for the patch to be released as soon as possible). 

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