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[Patch 12.6] Double DK Square, bug fixes, and more!

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1 hour ago, {易碎}l4fragile said:

yep its pro for castle holders .....maybe disable it for tournaments/events?

its like the sign/pride/reward for castle holders so people know members in that guild is stronger and to defeat them requires more than that and maybe lets try the taste of it for a while since nitex change everything many times....

^^V peace  :)


So it has to be harder to win a normal pvp against at least 1 of the members that joined the winning siege team, just because of this emblem? That seems very fair and balanced. 

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23 minutes ago, llkooltjg13 said:

yeah but i dont care bout looks of wings lmao.. costumes i do. if i knew they were gona be same stats as 102/151 i wouldve waited. i like look of 151 on most classes

 but its oh well...

yes...but things changes...its the only permanent thing in life...new items also change when its time to....everything will change....

but yes the wings add to dshop....

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10 hours ago, Julie said:

I dont think so sir, cause most of the people here including me bought dshop wings because of their options. thats why you cant buy it in dills because it has very good opt than the ordinary wing.  

uhhmmm......yeah..your right bro ....me too i bought it because of the given stats on dshop wings and also the fashion :)

for now nitex made it same stats for the normal wings....but people who like the fashion of dshop wings will buy them but less....

and because it doesnt expire like the costum santa and the bear they never expire :)

and i have friends buy 5 costumes 5 wings...donators and none donators .....but its good to put it on dshop and also fine if not...for the newbies.....its up to nitex :lol::rolleyes:

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