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**UPDATED** Patch 12.7 Notes: EXP Revamp, Dead Front Revamp, Butterfly Wings, and more!

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Hello Warriors,


As promised, here's this weeks Patch 12.7. The next update will be sometime next week and include two new dungeons, a new player dungeon and a level 200 dungeon. 

You need the latest update to be able to log into the game. Either run the launcher to get the latest update, or if your launcher does not work, download and extract the manual patch below:

  • Manual Patch 12.7 (latest manual patch has all previous patches meaning you only need to download the newest one):


*** UPDATED: SERVER RESTARTED 12/09/2016 ** 

  • Dead Front [Hell] exp has been increased to be 3x as much as it was after the 12.7 updated.
    • We determined it needed more EXP (when testing Patch 12.7 we didn't take into account that we were performing a SOLO DF which gives a lot more EXP than one with 4 parties). 
  • Increased and fixed monster EXP in Arcadia. 
    • Fixed a bug causing the "Ghost" monsters in Arcadia to give much less EXP than they should. 
    • Increased all the monster exp further. 



1. EXP Changes

  1. Overall: Game EXP has been revamped. Monster EXP has been reduced but the exp needed to level has been reduced by the same amount. This means amount of time it takes to level up will be the same. The only exception to that is we made lower (<100) leveling a bit faster. 
    1. Because of this change characters that were over 33% will now be over 100%. Just kill one monsters and you will instantly level up. Consider it a free level on us.
  2. Arcadia:
    1. Monsters in Arcadia give slightly more EXP. 
    2. Party "EXP" bug that bugged the amount of EXP if you had too many players in your party has been fixed (in Arcadia and in all maps where it occurred). 
    3. Gold Dragons now give a considerable amount of EXP. 
  3. Dead Front [Hell] exp has been increased. This is now the fastest way to level up between 166~200. Deadfront is still every 4 hours and we will be adding a server time / Deadfront timer to to the website soon. 

2. Dead Front [Hell] Revamp

Dead Front [Hell] has been revamped once again. All monsters give more exp (see above) and there will be random automated "Special Dead Fronts" in which there are added obstacles. Special Dead Fronts happen randomly. 


  1. Dead Front is now the fastest way to level up between 166~200. 
    1. If you are lv 166~185 exp is extremely high
    2. If you are 185+ EXP is high. 
  2. Special Dead Front Info (Special Dead Front Event occurs randomly): 
    • Random Shadowkris will appear throughout DF
    • Stones will drop on the bridge, see if you can survive. 
    • D-Shop buffs will drop in the treasure area for PvP winners 
      • pAyLb5L.png
    • New obstacles will appear in PvP Arena 



3. New Butterfly Wings 

New Butterfly wings have been added to the D-Shop and are available for all classes. . They are available in the following colors:

  • Butterfly Wings Gold
  • Butterfly Wings Ice
  • Butterfly Wings Fire
  • Butterfly Wings Curse
  • Butterfly Wings Posion
  • Butterfly Wings Shadow



4. New Channel: Balance Testing Channel 

We've added a new Balance Testing channel. This channel contains no monsters and is purely for balance testing. This channel will be restarted for live-testing of game balance changes which means you should not play on this channel because at any time it can be restarted to implement balance changes for testing. This is a testing channel. 



5. Anti Hack Updated

Anti-Hack system has been updated to add the following protection features:

  • Name hack (whisper/shout name change) has been completely patched. 
  • Pet hack has been partially patched.
  • More anti hack updates will happen in the next few updates. These take some time because we have to make sure that they don't impact game performance. 


6. Miscellaneous 

  • All candy has been deleted from all characters. 
  • Candy and Argate chests have been removed from Parca Temple -- Shadowkris have taken their place. 
  • Loading screen has been updated. 
  • D-Shop banners have been updated. 
  • Siege time updated on server. 


    7. Bug Fixes 

    • All EXP Talismans (20%, 50%, 100%, 200%) have been fixed and now work properly. If you bought one when it was bugged you can open a ticket and request a refund in coins (include the character name you bought it on in the ticket). 
    • Party EXP bug in all maps has been fixed. 
    • DK Square portals improved so you don't get teleported into the wall when you are exiting the safezone. 
    • Fixed Segnale "Backwards Dash" skill cooltime. 
    • Fixed Concerra "Hellbust" bug (was flying up but not coming down)




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    Just now, {易碎}l4fragile said:

    those wings are cool!! :wub:

    talisman at last working and party exp nc nc!

    the anti hack ....hmmm......

    well ...the new df it would be awsome if there are more players participating...

    Now that there is an incentive to do Deadfront (fastest way to gain EXP) I'm sure it will be very popular. 

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    Just now, {VIP}Ysamich said:

    Server up? :D excited sorry :P


    Not yet, running cleaning procedures now to optimize the database so it is as lag-free as possible. I'll post here when the server is online. 

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