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MrFisty's OPR Application

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General Questions

  • What is your main character's in-game name?

    • MrFisty

  • Where in the world are you located?

    • UK

  • What time zone are you located in?

    • GMT

  • How long have you been playing on this server? How long have you been playing Dekaron itself?

    • I’ve been playing Rising for 3 years on and off and Dekaron itself for 6 or 7 years.

  • What times will you be able to get ingame? (Be specific please: Days/Times etc)

    • Monday – Wednesday 7pm onwards due to university

    • Rest of the week almost all day if I have nothing on

  • Have you ever been banned, and if so why?

    • No

  • How much time each day do you spend on the forums, or in-game?

    • At current if I am on my computer the forums are open however my phone is broke (for now) so I cannot use them when I am out of the house.

  • Can you get on skype?

    • Yes

  • Do you have Fraps, or some other sort of video recording software?

    • I have bandicam but it kind of sucks so considering other software.

  • Have you had previous experience for the role you are applying for?

    • A long time ago before I started rising, on servers I cannot remember, so due to my bad memory let’s say no.

  • Explain why you think you would be a good person for this position.
    •  I have vast game knowledge and often use it to help others.
    • I know when I can mess around and I know when to be serious which is a good quality for those with responsibility.
  • What made you consider this position?

    • I see many people shouting for long times for a middleman and I feel that with the amount I am online I can be there for them.

    • I feel there are not many staff members in the UK or UK time zone, all be it that it Is not a popular time zone with deka, it would be good to have someone there for those players.

  • What would you bring to the community and staff team?

    • Some new event ideas

    • An active online and forum presence.

  • What do you expect to gain from this position?

    • Very little in terms of rewards but hopefully I will help revitalise the server so we can enjoy the game.

  • Staff are required to use as excellent grammar and spelling as possible. Are you capable of this?

    • Everyone makes mistakes every now and then but I try my best when it comes to grammar.

Open ended GM/OPR Specific Questions

  • You're throwing a hide and seek event, after 15 minutes you realize you're in a location players cannot get to, how do you react?

    • Before beginning the event, I would test all the locations to ensure players can reach them. However, if I did make a mistake I announce that I made a mistake and restart the round with a new location and offer an extra round to compensate.

  • You're throwing a Last man standing event, and a group of players are accused of cheating through collusion, what is your response?

    • I would let the event finish then review the video from myself and ask if anyone else has any video of the event to be used as proof for either side and from that determine if there was collusion or not. If there was collusion I the people involved would get the relevant punishment and I would restart the event.

  • An angry player has an issue that you unfortunately cannot help him with. When you tell him this, he becomes irate, and starts to insult you. What do you do?

    • I would ask them to calm down and tell them who can help them or try and find out what they need to know for them. If the insults continue I would either block them or jail them for a short period.

  • While going about your duties, a flock of players surround you and begin to ask a series of questions and make several demands, assuming you have no urgent responsibilities, how do you deal with this situation?

    • I try my best to answer the questions as I usually do. As for the demands, it would depend on the type. If they were demanding items I would simply say no as it is against the rules, however if it was an event I would see how many people were online and enquire with senior members of staff if the event was allowed.


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