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Accusation with no proofs

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7 hours ago, Ximena said:

You're too kind with your words ser! Practice PvP? All right, I'll be mostly online this weekend ser :D 

You better do, cuz coming on when im sleeping, leaving a mp and then going off isnt helping xD


3 hours ago, Atlanti said:

Mikoto is weak :D:D but it doesn't mean he use hacks or other shit...sometimes he have just good moments playing his mage :D:D  ( love you <3 <3 )

Yeah unless some slut cs or some slut bagi (Roast cof cof) come to harras me QQ


36 minutes ago, AzaNezz said:

That Mage is weak, yes weak as in weak. :D 

If you found that Mage hard to kill, you would accuse the Beast as Shield Hacker then. :lol::lol:

Mikoto is weak level 1 and you are weak level 2. ahahhahaa :D:D:D

Ser love u too lmao

Why u dont come dksq anymore weak lvl 3?

Atlanti and AzaNezz like this

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