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New Feature: Weapon Skins

We've added a new system never-before seen in Dekaron. The Weapon Skin System lets you change the visual appearance of your weapon without losing stats, +, or gems!
Patch Notes

Tournament: 1v1 Strongest Warrior

Registration for the 1v1 Best Champion tournament has opened. Do you have what it takes?
More Information

Major Update: Rising 2018 Patch

Major Update: Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0, new content, comprehensive gear balance, comprehensive skill balance, and much more!
Full Patch Notes

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Check out the new Colosseum RankingSystem V2.0 with EXCLUSIVE prizes for the top rankers in both Party Match and Battle Royale
Rankings How it Works
  • Dead Front: 12AM | 4AM | 8AM | 12PM | 4PM | 8PM
  • Colosseum PTM: 3AM | 9AM | 3PM | 9PM
  • Colosseum BR: 1AM | 7AM | 1PM | 7PM
  • Elonohm Sanctum: 10AM | 2PM | 4PM

is dekaron rising more active than the other server .?

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This server is extremely active and the staff members host events almost daily. 

Post questions in the 'Questions' section next time please, or you can send me a private message on forums. :)

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Yes Dekaron Rising is the Best Private Server and most active .. GM's and Staff are super friendly and understanding just dont break the rules cause your going to jail if you do that ..

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Yes. We have the most active player base (you can see this just by logging in and comparing how many players have online to other servers). 

Rising pioneered A9 - no server had A9 until Rising made the files work. Unfortunately our files ended up leaking after 9 months of being the only A9 server, but we retain our player base since we have been the longest running A9 server and everyone knows we're the most skilled in terms of development. 

In fact, sometimes we get so many players online that a channel crashes :) (but don't worry, we take care of it). 

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