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    [CLASS GUIDE] How to Play DragonKnight


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    Dragon Knight GUIDE











    Hello Rising warriors, you may know me as {VIP}QueenInori or PoisonFlora (Concerra Summoner) I been playing DragonKnight for quite a while and I have the experience to make this guide. For either those old players or newcomers to the class. Will learn a new few things I will be explaining the following:


    • Why you should try the DragonKnight Class.

    • 2 Different DK playstyle for you to try, with various stats build.

    • PVE Aspect

    • Skill Tree / Skill Bar Set-up  / Combos.

    • What do you bring to a Massive PvP/PK

    • 1v1 and More Tips and Tricks


    Since you came here to learn and be a better player let’s get started. “Being a person is getting too complicated time to be a dragon!”



    I. Why you should try the DragonKnight Class.


    If you love reckless action, a child destroying people and dragons! OH boy this is the class for you. DragonKnight is known for the fastest dps in the game while dealing high amounts of critical damage to the opponent. As well tanking.Don’t get me wrong we do have our cons, like we have to constantly rebuff and move around the map to be effective. Not saying that you have to run all the map like I seen other dragon knights do and they waste valuable time in buffs. With all that said if you practice you can be a great as a DragonKnight.



    Don’t mind the people who say that this class either takes no skill to play or is to boring I am sure that you will find that hidden power inside that child. Let’s get ready for some action!


    II. 2  Different DK playstyle for you to try, with various stats build.


    • Balanced Stats  DEX 80 / Heal 300 / Rest on STR.

    This is the one I mostly recommend you and the reason behind it is, Dragon Knights have to simply stay near their opponents to be able to activate and successfully hit with their pulses. You do plenty of damage while you can take a lots of damage like a real dragon!


    Explanation: With this stat build you mostly want to rebuff defensive buffs as many times as possible so you can tank while getting close to the opponent (This includes speed buff) In other words, you will do a combo and take some distance so you can rebuff. Below I will explain what each skill does + the math.



    Aide Rush: Speed Buff Increased by 55%

    Duration: 52s

    Cooldown 10,5s

    Priority: HIGH


    This is key to be a successful dragonknight it makes you get faster or your allies to your opponent. Mostly you want to buff yourself first to be able to combine with pulses and stun the enemy.



    Preventer: Increases Player Damage Tolerance of yourself or appointed player by 9%.

    Duration: 30s

    Cooldown 15s

    Priority: HIGH


    This skill is the most pk tolerance you will be using, because it has a longer duration even though has less % than the shorter one and the animation is faster.  Before going in you should always have this on.



    Tunreis 2: Decreases nearby ally’s PK and Monster Damage dealt by 16%

    Duration 14s

    Cooldown 31s

    Priority: Medium


    This is mostly used with a pulse activated and taking damage, because the low duration and slow cast animation, as a bonus it can help allies too. I still say is the least buff you will be using of defensive.


    Critical Egis: Increases your Critical Resistance by 15%

    Duration 50s

    Cooldown 20s

    Priority: HIGH


    Since the game has turned really crit damage, this is a must do every time you can alongside with speed buff. (You should always click at the enemy to be able to activate this or simply switch type A and click it or press the number and click outside to activate)


    Inori what about Damage buffs!?


    There there, we will get to that in a bit, remember this is the balance build and is a recommended you create a balance into damage buffs and defensive.This is my favorite build over all and I highly recommend it to any newcomer.  



    Best Build for PK/DKSQ

    Good Damage


    1v1 scenarios will mostly end full hp or ¼ shield depending on how you play



    Can lead sometimes too long pvps and constant rebuff which sometimes can get tiring.



    • Full STR Stats  DEX 80 / Heal 100-150 / Rest on STR


    This sounds fun! I wanna try it Can I?


    Yes, of course you can but have in mind You will need the gear for it example

    Full Tera Build (SB) +10 /195 Weapon +10 (Any Gems that combine with armets) / +9 Tera Belt and Armets / +9 Def Necks and Resistance Necks (Geiz, Zeig)


    This Build is mostly used for PK/PVE with a combination of Dshop buffs and food buffs.



    Explanation: This DragonKnight Stats Build is considered to be the funnest to play, since you can delete people in matter of seconds, is high risk high reward build. As that is mentioned you are going to do the famous reckless all in. With barely defensive buff active because who needs that am I right!?



    Obortan: Your Melee ATT will increase by 1000 base damage (2%)

    Duration 60s

    Cooldown 14,5

    Priority: HIGH


    This is considered the most important buff you should have active using this class it helps you to maintain that damage




    Critical Rise: Increases Critical ATT of yourself or ally by 5%

    Duration 30s

    Cooldown 15s

    Priority: HIGH


    This boots up your Critical damage (NOT DAMAGE) So remember you will need to do CRIT in order for this to take effect try to always have it on you for obvious reasons.



    Obortan - Rage: Increases ATT and Critical hits for yourself and party members by 10%

    Duration 30s

    Cooldown 31s

    Priority: EXTREME


    This buff combined with Critical Rise can make any dragon knight do so much damage. Any time you see your opponent waste time or go back and run rebuff this immediately. BOTH ATT And CRIT!


    As mentioned above this is the core base of STR Buffs. The only important buff you shall do as FULL STR is Critical Egis, to take less damage it doesn’t matter the pk resist it just makes you lose time of your potential damage.


    This build in PK / PVP it matters every second you activate it, because if you forget to rebuff they will delete you and your damage is reduced by a lot.



    INSANE Damage

    Fun to play



    Low Defense (even though is higher than other classes)

    Barely defensive buffs in you   

    Keep track of buffs constantly



    I will mention this in the guide but personally I haven't tried it Heal Build, since people say it barely does damage. So I don't think it should be a thing unless the meta in rising changes I will update build path.



    III. PVE Aspect

    Dragon Knight in PVE is actually pretty good, we currently don’t have boxing gloves (and won’t ever have) Doing pulses and aoe attack like Whole Strike, can lower any mobs HP pretty fast I have never used a segu in my life to farm and I know they are the most effective one. But if you started to use dragon knight and don’t want to make a segu. Well don’t worry you just need the balance build and you're good to go.





    IV. Skill Tree /  Buffs / Combos.



    cPGIdzYfZbMxfGIsQ7a1-bulqG7R6ZXPOueLKgjx KlSKekbjO9M-HH2JbHEldmTPG2L2py3NlGng7Wv6 P3hNdm55gTXzS1Cu6qdv933UI0Bu_DtPHXMkB5aD hloFOk6tbuFCdJvHImeeL3NTeJvUPhNSyCekzlWo 42siAqn-Eu7ymNAv8yke-OZR19CjNrVS8cuES--n CFYOhKGFU65kJpfBuReWDJmEU-WxCw4GHTNeiMdj wEsi9fNFJCuv6LhHng1EQEI8zzJUikvUrpFS8eqO 0XMKpbMYuP4QnjTc8yhoueeenH461namMNzvtiYB XI-ybbI_3vxU1nadsCqVQcuVfMPwPUEHMCf9e0Hy r6qVsYsFkb6pthjhhCbsDWp5CgzR60IEg49_LR6p



    pPy9uKCE9yAF7OMFpno_qEFJc8ytICwztI8fz8C4 6ufLhRVAKTifaTMpxOu9sm013daC_TAaGd8hV_rt qzKL01OwOVhTCPRZnzsa-uM-h3w3eUh4qatqCxlh KdLVyjiitYK0JN8JplaLSy4w2aDhQLmz6wX1Rfk6 fe-ZFvMQn0OAdlBefSEXBnxfu1lYn-v3Ljq-gvKK LTZUvivB0EP0q_gEbpLJjAKoeF83nLVhemwV9O7M (ALL Helion’s Max too)



    fFyA4uXLNEUxQ6iHKGhFlrsVEjlRbmoSxFABabWa K3UfRoo6I491KYqQsjTm5PAzPs5PmjW6WD-Le_uj oYBWHt3UTfftgEnpCMB_aG8SDRmaMCTjhlu9IRvc bq_1rIhAIh6GB0LTbPQ_mnY355FG5pfv7dwdhhKK v5vVfSJjMlqRhQms7wUVvFnbhhrrYkgwCYefJ02f jWl-RE1PtXVIsuztqPTNQZ3u2rJI6g7ZZ1NtFnA5 vAYG17tJrBGPM3xB031idko7GwDL46vzdHaUKAQj



    G-gj1z7vhEFOnQDqoRLO8jGfbEiUCPkSbnmLG2-F rs7EOrDs_tROfSPHrOK4Aw2iFebOlLy38WSD6R89  1x7TtZgDOyRM1euu3Vbgm57Bqt0LkChS4fSjb5Ab 6lwvvoxu3JNDHOuJMuhpwRiJbW-Ta7StBQm634vN u4mog7de_mGiWE13-TxaMZhlF7DjHv5ViR-K-fBU seFlEmbVke14kXAioqpmDsfCcso9OtrjOPMoiWNl 9--NVJJxL_m-YiQqTvlNFiBJhQhFRcbD125NY7fL IDQ5NbvgWP7P9C5OHPOED7recYUQiT8lU0Jw5dmg _RK4VxDs6YPOIQSKG3KcrMeN9gwd_edA7cdsw5Ow 2Tnl7pyztoTZNBRSlUYf7HqwLyYsn2pN5NCdla-X ajw0H_oWrO3w_5HE8qTOYnNrmh44HJiSoCp08Ls6








    Buffs are extremely important and I will demonstrate how you can combine then and use them effectively with this combos.



    If you are in a rush to buff do  bq_1rIhAIh6GB0LTbPQ_mnY355FG5pfv7dwdhhKK fe-ZFvMQn0OAdlBefSEXBnxfu1lYn-v3Ljq-gvKK qzKL01OwOVhTCPRZnzsa-uM-h3w3eUh4qatqCxlh v5vVfSJjMlqRhQms7wUVvFnbhhrrYkgwCYefJ02f 6ufLhRVAKTifaTMpxOu9sm013daC_TAaGd8hV_rt Only if you are in a rush on a pk and need to help allies faster or do a 1v1. Pretty basic because it covers all you need for a quick shoot speed, attack, crit, resistance.  


    IN Party PVP You should do the 3 bar completely Don’t make the mistake doing them really early can cost you a match always remember that.


    1. Basic and effective combo: 9--NVJJxL_m-YiQqTvlNFiBJhQhFRcbD125NY7fL XI-ybbI_3vxU1nadsCqVQcuVfMPwPUEHMCf9e0Hy seFlEmbVke14kXAioqpmDsfCcso9OtrjOPMoiWNl jWl-RE1PtXVIsuztqPTNQZ3u2rJI6g7ZZ1NtFnA5 G-gj1z7vhEFOnQDqoRLO8jGfbEiUCPkSbnmLG2-F _RK4VxDs6YPOIQSKG3KcrMeN9gwd_edA7cdsw5Ow wEsi9fNFJCuv6LhHng1EQEI8zzJUikvUrpFS8eqO

    NOTE: Combo can be canceled by other skills or abnormal resistance since is really high at the moment at 15% that causes less stuns.


          2. Lower defense and stunlock to single damage: seFlEmbVke14kXAioqpmDsfCcso9OtrjOPMoiWNl jWl-RE1PtXVIsuztqPTNQZ3u2rJI6g7ZZ1NtFnA5 G-gj1z7vhEFOnQDqoRLO8jGfbEiUCPkSbnmLG2-F u4mog7de_mGiWE13-TxaMZhlF7DjHv5ViR-K-fBU CFYOhKGFU65kJpfBuReWDJmEU-WxCw4GHTNeiMdj 3-6NO4uD9ZXQOj0A9H9BRLfA9AeRIR7H2GVnTfq7

    NOTE: Since the 1 pulse lowers defense the longer the stay you want to stun lock with the 2 mentioned then for more dps Resistance Pulse and then single target skill Heavy Crash Last attack is a knockback IF you need to disengage.   


           3. Increase Damage and Crit Rate:  9--NVJJxL_m-YiQqTvlNFiBJhQhFRcbD125NY7fL XI-ybbI_3vxU1nadsCqVQcuVfMPwPUEHMCf9e0Hy  _RK4VxDs6YPOIQSKG3KcrMeN9gwd_edA7cdsw5Ow seFlEmbVke14kXAioqpmDsfCcso9OtrjOPMoiWNl jWl-RE1PtXVIsuztqPTNQZ3u2rJI6g7ZZ1NtFnA5 CFYOhKGFU65kJpfBuReWDJmEU-WxCw4GHTNeiMdj




    9--NVJJxL_m-YiQqTvlNFiBJhQhFRcbD125NY7fL P3hNdm55gTXzS1Cu6qdv933UI0Bu_DtPHXMkB5aD jWl-RE1PtXVIsuztqPTNQZ3u2rJI6g7ZZ1NtFnA5 G-gj1z7vhEFOnQDqoRLO8jGfbEiUCPkSbnmLG2-F wEsi9fNFJCuv6LhHng1EQEI8zzJUikvUrpFS8eqO _RK4VxDs6YPOIQSKG3KcrMeN9gwd_edA7cdsw5Ow


    NOTE: This are quick combos that can be done but always have in mind you can changed ALL combos depending on the situation.


    You may have in mind “Oh why don’t you use this one Inori 1x7TtZgDOyRM1euu3Vbgm57Bqt0LkChS4fSjb5Ab in a combo well first of all I like fast and effective over slowness I do have some slow combos but being honest they can be avoided so easily and this stun can be blocked so easily.


    1x7TtZgDOyRM1euu3Vbgm57Bqt0LkChS4fSjb5Ab 42siAqn-Eu7ymNAv8yke-OZR19CjNrVS8cuES--n This 2 skills can be chained together since both can be activated at a Distance.


    P3hNdm55gTXzS1Cu6qdv933UI0Bu_DtPHXMkB5aD KlSKekbjO9M-HH2JbHEldmTPG2L2py3NlGng7Wv6 This 2 can either be to follow or disengage, example need to dodge a certain skill or even use it double jump to confuse opponent you can do it and both hit pretty hard.




    V. What do you bring to a Massive PvP/PK


    Dragon Knights can bring a lot of stuff to the table once it comes to a lot of people together you bring so much dps and still be able to resist so much damage is surely fun to play as this class in those situations.


    1. AOE Damage

    2. Movement speed

    3. Lock Stun an Opponent you want to take down first.

    Remember to always buff SEGS / SEGU / MAGE / HB 1B4z5WwDcG5zgEKCVUN1nVHEIjHu7GCYvt5Uj1Na so they can either sleep, aoe stun, slow etc. Be a team player and you could even save them.


    Sometimes I feel like dragonknight is like my 2 most played class a Concerra summoner, since we can combine combos with stuns and concerra is mostly a stun in a combo. Hope you understand what I mean!



    VI. 1v1 and More Tips and Tricks


    1v1 is all about do a combo, run away and rebuff is mostly how dragonknight works, for example if a HB uses a Reflect skill you should always wait until it ends or at least 3-5s before its ending to go in and do a combo Remember you have infinite speed.


    1v1 vs Dragon Knights play a smart pvp you should use pulses and stuns effectively while your opponent used a pulse and never catched you. Use their cooldown and abuse mistakes. For example you can bait dragon knights to go in and make them waste a pulse etc.


    Never forget to buff this makes a lot of dragon knights lose in pvp because they don’t measure right the seconds of buff and either they don’t have enough defense or damage.


    I Hope you enjoyed the guide on how to become a good dragonknight feedback is accepted

    this is my first ever guide to help people in a game. Since I had many request, Guide will updated if I find something interesting thanks a lot.




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    The problem is, charge diss sucks for us pinoy who has 300ms+. Always fail. But thanks to forward dash, defense crash, and Heavy Attack we can get near. Thanks this helps a lot Idol RIku :)

    PS: Can you post a video of you pvping another class or same DK. Well video helps a lot too. Thanks and God bless :D 

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    11 hours ago, choy054 said:

    The problem is, charge diss sucks for us pinoy who has 300ms+. Always fail. But thanks to forward dash, defense crash, and Heavy Attack we can get near. Thanks this helps a lot Idol RIku :)

    PS: Can you post a video of you pvping another class or same DK. Well video helps a lot too. Thanks and God bless :D 

    Having problems with charge diss,  P3hNdm55gTXzS1Cu6qdv933UI0Bu_DtPHXMkB5aD use this to get closer to the opponent,  KlSKekbjO9M-HH2JbHEldmTPG2L2py3NlGng7Wv6  and this too it has way lower cool down and faster animation. For low MS they are some programs that help reduce it latency fix etc. 


    9 hours ago, TrueOne said:

    Damn dude thought charge egis was useless I test it on alt and even i attack to my dk the crit stats stays same could you tell me how it works

    You mean that it doesn't activate? You should go to game settings and check the option self target skills, I can screenshot it if you want. 

    3 hours ago, yawasumoka said:

    thanks for this great guide,I can finally play my sleeping DK

    btw,can you give me skill build?what to max and what not?

    Hi there, thanks for the feedback all the skills that appear in  IV. Skill Tree /  Buffs / Combos. are the ones u should max 

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