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Optionetc.txt fatal error

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Hello everyone!


Well, I received an error recently, I got this error when I press X(switch skill slot) and also when I press "play now" in launcher. 

Every time I click the X button, the game freezes and i have to press alt-tab to switch to that error and click "ok" to go back to normal. It's annoying honestly.

The optionetc.txt is still in the folder, how come?

What should I do? Thanks everyone!



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what if you delete the file, then start the game. (make sure you make a backup file, copy and paste everything in that optionEtc into another new document).

edit: i just did that, and it created another optionEtc. If that doesn't solve your problem then might have to wait for nitex or someone else to try and help you.

edit2: if you want, you can try copying my optionEtc and see if that helps with anything.

Desktop Screenshot 2017.10.12 -

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In order to change between skill rows, the rows need to be blue like this.


If your rows do not look like this, then you can just click on this lock to be able to change them.


Once the rows are "un-locked," simply click on the number of the row you want to change. Like this:


After you make the changes you want to make, just lock the rows and skills again.


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