[Guide]: Dream Powder

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DKR Dream Powder Exchange System

New exchange items are periodically added to or removed from NPC Karin in Ardeca. The item you need to bring Karin is called Dream Powders. Dream Powders are tradeable and are common drops (33% Drop Rate) from all normal monsters in Doomed Maze, Python Castle, The Deadlands, and Mitera.

Dream Powder also drops from Normal Monsters found in the Ruins of Rudene Instance Dungeon.

Spider Queen also appears in the Secret Study of Doomed Maze, Spider Queen Information:

  • Dream Powder (High Drop Rate)
  • [Rare] Pet Ariel (1% Drop Rate)
  • Respawn Time: 10 Minutes



One of the spotlight items of this new exchange is the Parca's Shiny Tear. It's an upgrade of Angelic Soul, which means you can wear up to 4 Parca's Shiny Tears at one time!


In order from left to right (Parca's Blurry Tear, Parca's Bright Tear, Parca's Shiny Tear):

tSLGS3K.png 0r2gP9Z.png rJOR8GE.png

Angelic Soul Stats:



Dream Powder Exchange List & Requirements:

※ Parca's Blurry Tear: 1,000 Dream Powder and Angelic Soul
※ Parca's Bright Tear: 2,000 Dream Powder and Parca's Blurry Tear
※ Parca's Shiny Tear: 4,000 Dream Powder and Parca's Bright Tear
※ Panda Costume Ex-Box: 7,000 Dream Powder
※ 1-Day 100% EXP Talisman Ex-Box: 1,000 Dream Powder
※ [Skin Diamond] Purple Crystalline: 3,000 Dream Powder
※ Blacksmith's Mini-Talisman (+8% Fortification Success Rate): 500 Dream Powder
※ 6% Elemental Attack Gem Random-box: 500 Dream Powder
※ Travelers Backpack: 2,700 Dream Powder
※ Wukong Costume 365-Days: 8,500 Dream Powder
※ Wedding Costume 365-Days: 8,500 Dream Powder
※ Awakening Ocarina 30-Days: 2,000 Dream Powder
※ [Common] Pet Woody 30-Days: 4,000 Dream Powder
※ Santa Girl 15pcs: 150 Dream Powder
※ 18% Blacksmith's Talisman: 3000 Dream Powder



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29 minutes ago, KnightMar3 said:

[GM]Fayth if i farm Dream Powder in Python Castle then i use my summy and i follow my other char, it is  AFK or not? lguide me GM thank you:)..

You can use as many characters as you want to follow you for extra lure.

What you can't do and what is considered AFK farming is leaving your summoner with a pet that attacks monsters while you aren't there.

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