[Class Guide]How To Achieve PRO LEVEL At Vicious Summoner

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                  ~Welcome( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Summoner~



What is this Guide about ?

This guide tutorial provides information that I have collected over 10 years as well as tips that will change your current knowledge and emotion we have about Vicious Summoner  that information and tips will increase your experience and will evolve your skills and mechanics to the next level as one PRO but none can predict the unpredictable it all depends on your training and your experience for all other classes, Dekaron Rising is a reaction game you must have really good reaction that is why I'm here to unlock your reaction and skills with some basic information and tips, so let's get started!


Why are you playing Vicious Summoner?

It all began at 2moons-2007  I played Vicious Summoner for the first time I've seen that character I knew it it will be an interesting and amazing adventure because of the mystery the eyes and the appearance have won my heart, I couldn't resist for over 11 years and we still writing history together, it will be forever one of my favorite characters, the gaming experience with this character will be unforgettable, I gave him my dog's name which was Xantos. Greetings Xantos wherever you are we will meet again one day.



Does Vicious Summoner have a story ?

Yes, an interesting one.



Why should we play Vicious Summoner ?

Vicious Summoner is an unique class with amazing techniques which makes him incredibly strong is probably the best class it will increase your interest for playing Dekaron Rising for sure is probably the only class that can fight and win all other 11 classes with higher chances and the reason is because he has equal defense and damage and you can make the gaming play-style as you wish you got the opportunity to chose physical damage or magic damage and the most awesome if you decide to pick one of the 2 type of damage the defense doesn't change at all remain strong, in other words it can be an immortal class.sYBb0YM.png                                                                                                                                                                       L25suOB.png                               



What are the best stats for newbies to use?

This is the build that I used to reach level 193:

1-15 level add 75 STR stats for wep requirement and damage(at 15 level you will have 75 STR)

15-20 level add 25 HEAL stats  for more health(at 20 level you will have 25 HEAL 75 STR)

20-30 level add 50 DEX stats for wep requirement(at 30 level you will have 50 DEX 25 HEAL 75 STR)

30-39 level add 50 STR stats for wep requirement and damage(at 39 level you will have 125 STR 50 DEX 25 HEAL)

39-40 Add 2 SPR stats for level 2 staff to use chakra and skills(at 40 level you will have 6 SPR 125 STR 50 DEX 25 HEAL 3 stats left)

40-50 add 50 STR stats for wep requirement and damage (at 50 level you will have 175 STR 25 HEAL 50 DEX 6 SPR)

60-70 add 50 HEAL stats for more health(at 70 level you will have 75 HEAL 175 STR 50 DEX 6 SPR)

75-90 add 75 STR stats for extra damage(at 90 level you will have 275 STR 75 HEAL  50 DEX 6 SPR)

90-100 add 50 DEX stats for wep requirement(at 100 level you will have 100 DEX 275 STR 75 HEAL 6 SPR)

100-130 add 150 STR stats for wep requirement and damage(at 130 you will have 425 STR 100 DEX 75 HEAL 6 SPR)

130-160 add 150 Heal stats for health(at 160 level you will have 225 HEAL 425 STR 100 DEX   6 SPR)

160-179 add 95 STR stats for damage(at 179 level you will have 225 HEAL 520 STR 100 DEX   6 SPR)

179-180 add 3 dex for wepon requirement(at 180 level you will have 225 HEAL 520 STR 103 DEX   6 SPR 2 stats left)

180-195 add 80 heal stats for more health(at 180 level you will have 305 HEAL 520 STR 103 DEX   6 SPR)

190-200 add 50 STR stats for more damage(at 200 level you will have 305 HEAL 520 STR 103 6 SPR)



*TIP Did You Know?

You can cast skills by using Control Type A Mode with Shift+Z without target and Shift+X for Control Type B to cast skills to the target.





What are the best PVP Builds?

Their are 4 very special builds for Twinblade Summoner. (For Staff Summoners I recommend Full Heal as it is the best)

1. full damage(is risk against all classes)

2.150 heal(Is medium against all classes)

3. 300 heal(is good against all classes)

4. 600 heal or even more to tank lots of damage(you will never die) I recommend you to use heal build as it is the best for Vicious Summoner.



*TIP Did You Know?

 Remember it is not all about damage as long you survive you will always do damage its about time to get victory.



What is your courent build ?

My current build is for farming and tanking monsters.





 What is my skill bar?

My TB skills placed


My Staff skills/buffs placed




*TIP Did You Know?

You can switch skill slot sets (Lower(1)) with z and (Upper(2,) with x keyboard buttons or even (3)but mine is locked but you also can decide how many skill bar you want and which one u want to lock image.png.3b5db4c1905bb85ecc1c949938f8abfe.png 



Whats the best chakra Placement ?

The best position for your chakra is to be placed Triangle the debuff always close to target.


*TIP Did You Know?

You can recall yourself with recall skill by targeting yourself with E hotkey it makes your enemies losing target on you.


Which Chakra's should I use for PVP?

nMY2d5k.pngThese are the best Chakra's to use for PVP against Physical Attack Classes, they increase your defense and attack damage, decrease critical damage, guard, block, and critical to the target and you increase critical for yourself.


*TIP Did You Know?

Did you  know swiching on staff you get 5% more poison resistance


woHAgJq.pngThese are the best Chakra's to use for PVP against Magic Attack Classes, they decrease critical damage , guard, block, and critical chance to the target, increase critical change for yourself and all resistance which reduce magic attack.


*TIP Did You Know?

Against Magic attack classes you should use DKQ Pants and Boots.




Does Vicious Summoner have any Defensive Skills?

 RFkzGNg.png>SrW0Fn2.png    Perfect Defense Combo Darkness>Shadow Revenge, Darkness decrease attack and Shadow Revenge raises  missile resistance really good combo for tanking damage.


What's the type of Combos ?

oUY5DKD.png>gkE1AcD.png>f4C8bUh.png>iqw3UQt.png>EcT7nwV.png>KOVpmUk.png>EcBkWf8.png>mK8h4d1.png Best Damage Combo,you increase your critical chance,decrease vitality of the target,decrease poison resistance of the target,increase poison attack,damage with fast reduce of defense,fast damage with stun in the end so u can continue with defensive combo or hp drain combo.

69bsMzG.png>jzcFpb6.png>hQNrUSK.png>bMowJUo.png Best HP Drain Combo,you decrease by 75% the target to have recovering healing and you make the target bleed with 3 skills which is really annoying he can't do anything he can be full shield but 0 shield

jzcFpb6.png>RFkzGNg.png>iqw3UQt.png>EcT7nwV.png>KFw6APr.png>EcBkWf8.png>mK8h4d1.png>hQNrUSK.png>CX1XqnB.png Fast Damage Per Second (DPS) when many mobs



*TIP Did You Know?

Secret of Shadow Revenge: SrW0Fn2.png use on Control Type A Mode (no selected target) when the target is not close to you or on Control Type B Mode (selected target) when the target is next to you and the reason is for not wasting time to chase the target and to not lose chakra range,you have to practice this is really useful strategy in fights.


What combo you use ?

My combo is combination and depends when target is close or not also depends of my reaction at the moment i always try figure whats best combo to use to do as much damage in the less time but not dying or earting alot of damage.

The most recommended combo that I use is this one.




Why Vicious Summoner is so Unique ?

Vicious summoner have the most techniques that can be used to beat all other classes for example.

12kPAVVw.pngSoul Link reduce your incooming damage by 21% when your pet is activated.

2DhBEMgc.pngRemove Cursed Remove sleep/stuns if your timing it correct on yourself.

s3uHVzq.png Blood Bats recover you alot of hp very fast in short time.


Can you give us combo vs all classes ?

The vicius summoner combo is not always the same depends on the situation and reacton u got when you pvping,but always remmber guard yourself damage or guard and debuff and damage if you can but always don't risk at least your are sure your appoiment will die your goal will be always to survive or finish the battle.

1RFkzGNg.png>jzcFpb6.pngSrW0Fn2.png>iqw3UQt.png>EcT7nwV.png>KOVpmUk.png>mK8h4d1.png>EcBkWf8.png69bsMzG.png>RFkzGNg.png>SrW0Fn2.png>f4C8bUh.png>CX1XqnB.png>69bsMzG.png>hQNrUSK.png>bMowJUo.png>OeOsKSy.pngWhen the target comes super fast lose to you.

 2SrW0Fn2.png>RFkzGNg.png>jzcFpb6.png>f4C8bUh.png>iqw3UQt.png>EcT7nwV.pngKOVpmUk.pngmK8h4d1.pngEcBkWf8.png RFkzGNg.pngSrW0Fn2.pngf4C8bUh.png>CX1XqnB.png>69bsMzG.png>hQNrUSK.png>bMowJUo.png>OeOsKSy.pngWhen the target comes medium cloose to you.

3SrW0Fn2.png>hQNrUSK.png>CX1XqnB.png>OeOsKSy.png>oUY5DKD.png>gkE1AcD.png>f4C8bUh.png>iqw3UQt.png>EcT7nwV.png>KOVpmUk.png>mK8h4d1.png>EcBkWf8.png>RFkzGNg.png>SrW0Fn2.png>f4C8bUh.png>CX1XqnB.png>hQNrUSK.png>69bsMzG.png>bMowJUo.png>OeOsKSy.pngWhen the target playing safe.

*TIP Did You Know?

Auto potions is actually boosting your performance on pvp and increase reaction on pvp by 1%.



How to control my pet ?

You can control your pet with the below hotkeys



What items to use ?

I always focus on last wich are the best items best is to be  made by my own or be buying if i can ,but most inportant is to play correct Vicious Summoner ,he has the power to handle perfect geared  targets users by just usuing a second hand gears and not perfect.



*TIP Did You Know?

TB have 5046 more defense than staff, switching to staff you lose 5046 defense.



What's the best strategy in fight and wars ?

There is 3 catigory of strategy for that pro users use.

1 ALL IN they try finish the battle as fast they can because they full damage build.

Whats the best strategy against all in users ?


You always buff yourselff and with guard/defese/resistance to tank their damage after that you debuff them and trande the damage if you dont have time for debuff just trande damage.


2 Passive users are playing safe and running alot for buffing before they debuff or trande damage.

What's the best strategy against passive users ?

The best solution is to play passive and chase for debuffing and damage when he's running and buffing himself.


3 Debuffing target or stun/sleep before attacking

What's the best strategy agenst Debuffing/stun/sleep users ?

As vicius summoner you have chakra and very good passive wich reduce the cooming damage you have to be passive and try to remove stun and sleep with Remover Curse skill stay always in your chakra range and try to avoid and dodge as much damage you can then when you find opening do your combo.



*TIP Did You Know?

Dodging skills which cause your character damage is the most important thing that will drive to the victory.


Anything else that will increase my performance ?

Don't forget to Cosmetic Vicious Summoner it will increase you gaming performance by 5%.


           Example of my VS




Thanks for your time to read this guide !

 Cheers to everyone😍




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This is an amazing guide. I've added it to the list of guides in the main menu bar.

I really like how you included pictures and took the time to include skill icons.

To reward you for this guide, I'd like to send you $50 worth of coins (61,500 or 70,725 if you have an active {VIP} subscription). Please let me know the character name you would like the free coins on.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words !


On 6/8/2018 at 4:44 PM, DeepClearEyes said:

great guide

U really like VS, dont u? 

Thank  you,yeah VS is the most powerful and strongest class in dekaron but requires experience and special skills wich improve your mechanics for all other classes and i love that.

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Followed your guide.


How can i use staff? I can only use twin blades. I dont have any spr


(sorry this is my first time palying the game)

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4 hours ago, Ceres said:

Followed your guide.


How can i use staff? I can only use twin blades. I dont have any spr


(sorry this is my first time palying the game)

Hello @Ceres,

I believe you need a minimum of 6 SPR to equip the lowest staff. You need a low-level staff to cast the chakras and debuffs.

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7 hours ago, Fayth said:

Hello @Ceres,

I believe you need a minimum of 6 SPR to equip the lowest staff. You need a low-level staff to cast the chakras and debuffs.

Mmm! Okay. I'll look for a low level staff.

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