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[Guide]: All Pet Information

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All Pets Information Guide

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The strength of the pet is determined based on which tier it is categorized. The pet stats are as follows:


  • ↑10 Str
  • ↑10 Dex
  • ↑10 Spr
  • ↑1000 Max Shield
  • ↑1% Monster Damage Tolerance


  • ↑20 Str
  • ↑20 Dex
  • ↑20 Spr
  • ↑2000 Max Shield
  • ↑2% Monster Damage Tolerance


  • ↑40 Str
  • ↑40 Dex
  • ↑40 Spr
  • ↑4000 Max Shield
  • ↑4% Monster Damage Tolerance


[Common] Woody
4000 Dream Powders at Dream Powder exchange


[Common] Wiki
0.5% chance from all monsters in Mitera



[Common] Slime
1% chance from all Slimes in Parca Temple



[Common] Knight

800,000 Purchase Points on NPC Lowe


[Rare] Illias
6,000,000 Purchase Points on NPC Lowe



[Rare] Gigantes
0.5% Chance to drop from Dopple Marto in Abandoned City



[Rare] Ariel
1% Chance from Knowledge Spider Queen



[Rare] Demi

2000 Sap Bottles on Binalle Fairie


[Legendary] White Tiger (This pet is the only pet that is 100% non tradeable, for obvious reasons)
365 Daily Attendance Coins



[Legendary] Pet Atramentous
6% chance to drop from new black dragon boss Atramentous



[Legendary] DeuxMarble
2% Chance to drop from Deux Marble in Python Castle




Additional Pet Information:

  • Pet Eggs are no longer binded to your account. This means that you can sell them and vend them!
  • Hatched Pets and Sleeping Pets are bound to your account.
  • All pets have been deleted prior to this update to prepare for this new system.
  • Ocarinas
    • Ocarina of Eternity has been removed from the game.
    • Ocarina of Awakening (30-Days) price in D-Shop and Dragon Bone exchange has been increased.
  • All Pet Eggs will appear in the Agency.
  • More pets will be added in future editions of the Pet Revamp!


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