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Dark Lotus English Guild

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History Lesson!

Dark Lotus has been around 2moons back when lvl 60 Crespo dg was something; These days we're just a group of friends who like being stupid together, we're not hardcore gamers, but we are always looking for new games to play as an escape from our daily lives.

We set up the guild in dekaron rising as a continuation of our original guild.


Currently our guild holds about 12 members, a growing group of which are regularly active. We play Dekaron Rising in our own way trying to avoid all possible interruptions, with no expectation of seeing people active on daily basis. By request we do have a discord server we're happy to see new names on. Many of us, such as myself are EU/NA based players but we are willing to invite people around the world that speak English into our guild. 

Normally you'll find people online around the afternoon 16:00 UTC+3 but that entirely depends if we have work in the morning or our kids to parent. 

-Our aim as a guild is to stay together in all matters and games to play in the future.

-We have regular Dungeon runs on daily basis such as (Rudene and Cherubim).

-We hunt bosses and split the loot amongst ourselves in both dgs and boss hunts.

-We enjoy playing and learning as many different aspects of the game as we can, so if there's something you want help with, or you could teach us, by all means let us know :)

Our Requirements:

- Age of 18+

- Being patient and don't be greedy on loot.

- There is no obligation to voice-chat with us.

- Last but not least which isn't really special 180+10 weapon.

We hope to see your PMs you can whisper JohnyBravo in game or TwiztidBitch . 

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