Suny recruiting Guild members !

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                                                                                                                               Known as 


                                                 Guild ~Rise~ recruiting members

 1.We looking for Friendly and kind people.

2.We looking for fairplay people.

3.We looking for people to respect our Rules!

4.We looking for newbies or max,geared or ungeared!

5.We looking for people to have fun together.

6.We looking for people that can help guild members.

7.We looking for people that can share tips,advice for guild mattes.

8.We look for people that like Green color !!!

9.We looking for Alliece Guilds.

10.We don't Invite KOS people(and those are those dumbas people killing newbies)

image.png.73db019664f15f8da651100b5ed9b84e.pngSoon we will hunt you boys Expect us

Our Rules



If you want join PM or join our Discord Channel


As you see i'm very kind and friendly person free to share everythink i know with you.


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