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How to maximize farming in parca (Solo)

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What you need?

Step 1. get  segu at level 200. have stats allocated dominant on str.

Heal - 250
Dex - leave it as it is
Spr - weapon requirements
Str - atleast 700 (need to be atleast Templar ranks)

Step 2. Utilize the egutt equipment you have and farm dils be patient
        to farm even if its 1-2 akris at a time. just make sure you
        have secured lachy to maximize damage you should have lachy at
        this point since your rank is at templar.

Step 3. if you have save enough dils for 195+10 weapon(random) is fine
        for additional damage you can buy 170+9 necks 3x or buy 180 x3
        necks clean and up them to +7 and v2+7.

Note :The Guide above is for new starter players that does not have any mid items yet (if you are full geared you can just go straight to the below tips)

Optimize your farming.

Having party is really fun, when you can join or find friend to farm together with
and sad to say this is only applicable to c2 and most of the time its fully occupied.

Now how to farm solo effeciently at parca c1?

|                                     |
|                                     | 
LM                              RM
|                                     |
|                                     |

let's assume the above square is the parca map where akris respawn. I had label
the akris respawn area. below is the meaning of those (RB,LT,MT etc.)

LT = Left Top Akris
MT = Mid Top Akris
RT = Right Top Akris

LM = Left Mid Akris
RM = Right Mid Akris

LB = Left Bottom Akris
MB = Mid Bottom Akris
RB = Right Bottom Akris

Traditionally players usually lure 8 akris and kill it in one go and wait 
for 6 minutes for the next respawn but this can be achieve if your in a party
or strong enough to take parca alone for yourself.

Now what you need to do is kill akris one at a time and cycle it every 6 minutes.

Remember with more damage you can kill akris fast, and if you kill the akris fast you can get more akris to kill. 

Mark your 1st kill and time it within 6 mins,


1st kill -  MT
2nd Kill -  LM

If your maximum time of killing akris is 2 mins then settle for 2 akris every
6 minutes. if you get more damage you can mark 3-5 akris in 6 minutes. 

The key is to mark the area where you kill your 1st akris, your 2nd and so on.
and cycle it every 6 minutes.

Personally my friend @rendel31 and I called this "pattern farming".

In my experienced in farming parca, I mapped 5 akris and kill it within 6 minutes
and cycle it.

5 akris = 25m 

And i farm maximum of 4 hours a day and able to get 500m per day. sometimes if im not too lazy for this repeatitive farming i get 1b in one day.

Enjoy I hope this tips will be helpful. 

But if you have a better way feel free to share.

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Posted (edited)

i like to farm c2 parca before when it's still 8 akrises. (now its reduced to 6)

That time, when im solo coz i farm at midnight and nobody is around, i lured the 5 akrises and killed in around 2 minutes. and then lured the remaining 3 akrises and kill, and then i wait for respawn again.

based on my timer it spawns every 6minutes and 30 secs after kill.

so 8 akrises x 5m = 40m per spawn at an interval of 6 minutes and 30 secs.

so 60 minutes / 6.5 minutes = 9 intervals/spawns in 1 hour

9 x 40m = 360m per hour..

imagine that..

if i could only farm solo for 3 hours a day. i have 1b in just 3 hours..


Unlike when i go PT with other people with 3 members.

1 hour = 90m

so it takes 12 hours to farm to get 1b each day, what a fuk.




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