[Class Guide] ROAD to Azure Knight

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This Guide is for players who are passionate in playing Azure Knight and also for those who wants to try and explore this class.The Guide is well based on my playing perspective and how would I play Azure Knight(AK).  I am hoping that this could give basic knowledge to players who wish to try playing AK. 

To start with I will identify common issue in playing AK


  • Switching weapons
  • Delay casting skills (Charge Shock )
  • Interrupt Skills

primary reason you are probably experiencing this issue above is due to high MS or fps drops. With that said to play AK effeciently is to have a good MS and Stable fps.  You can find some tutorials here in forum how you can reduce your latency or lag issue.  

You can search the following:

  •  how to add zdkrc.exe file on DEP
  •  how to excempt rising folder on Windows Defender & AntiVirus
  •  Also how to turn off Windows Firewall.
  •  How to change Visual Effect on your windows and set it for better performance 
  •  And how you can utilize and setup a virtual memory

(I am not sure if there is a detailed guide for numbers 4 and 5 here in forum but you can definitely search it in google. In Addition you can also try installing Leatrix_latency fix)

Alright so before you begin playing AK make sure you have the above settings set on your computer (the above settings is for people who does not have high end specs on their computer. I am not sure if it will make a big difference for those who have good computer specs however you feel free to try)

Alright! Lets Begin!


Road to Pro Azure Knight
AK is a very unique and complex class as it has 3 mastery that you can choose from


FC6SzgS.png   Protection Mastery - Specialized on 1 hand and shield Weapon.
MChDYW0.png  Destruction Mastery - Specialized on 2 handed Weapons.
 uszswtO.png  Dual Weapon Mastery - Specialized on Dual wield Weapons.


Types of Weapons AK can Equip

  • Sword (Available in 1 handed and 2 handed)
  • Mace (Available in 1 handed and 2 handed)
  • Axe (Available in 1 handed and 2 handed)
  • Shield

Traditionally AK is played with 2 mastery combination as of the following:

  • SS+2h = sword/shied and 2 handed weapon combination (Recommended Axe)
  • AS+2h = Axe/shield and 2 handed weapon combination (Recommended Axe)
  • MS+2h = Mace/shield and 2 handed weapon combination (Recommended Axe)
  • SS+Dual = sword/shield and Dual Wield weapon combination(Recommended Axe)


Now AK are best played with 3 mastery which they called it in game as TRI Build! I know right?
like wtf!? is that even possible? Well lets find out together and unlock the secret. for now lets focus on the basic.


Very Important:

Speaking of basic, since AK can wield multiple weapons you need to have a primary weapon, just like how you use slippers at home even though you have shoes going out, once you're home you use your slippers.  same goes for AK (but not with the slippers ^^) as this is the common mistake of players who just started using AK.  So please bear this in MIND your primary weapon will always be AK with his shield.  2handed weapon and Dual wield weapon are your secondary you only use them when you are going for the kill so always be on your shield. 

Primary Weapon -  Should be with a Shield 
Secondary Weapon 

  • 2 handed Weapon
  • Dual Wield Weapon.

(Note: AK are very soft when they are on 2h and dual weapon, and if you stay long on this equipment without attacking you can expect high crit damage will spam on you and get knock back alot)


What are the stats allocation!?

I tried two types of Stats Build as of the following:

Full Str

Heal - 10
Dex - 175
Spr - (Weapon Requirement)

Pros - High destructive damage combine with high dps of AK can do a bit of tank, cant compete with pvp.
Cons - Less HP, high chance of getting Knock back not good for dksq, and bit squeezy...

(Note: if you want to try this build make sure you have the end game gears)


Dominant on Str Build (Personally recommended)

Heal - 200
Dex - 175
Spr - (Weapon Requirment)
Str  - Put every last stats point you got.

Pros - Decent defense and can tank, more HP, not easily knock back, good for dksq and pvp with decent damage.
Cons - less damage on pve.


Feel free to play around with your stats build and do some fine tuning until you are able to get the perfect fit for your playing style and preference.
(Note: You can get free stats regen by farming 50x illussion fragment at land of illusion "WiseGon" has a high drop rate)


What Skills I need to Max!?

AK has a variety of skills and has their own uniqueness,  However what i recommend to max are  the following skills: Note:(Make sure to Max the Mastery and the passive skills)


Protection Tab:

tm1lD9f.png  Sword Defense - If used with (AS -extra blocking ability)(SS-Increase resistance to all attribute)(MS-Extra guard ability)
Counter hit - cast 2 steps away from opponent to hit and chance to lose his target.
Shield Shove - Stuns the opponent
Protection Sanctuary - Resist 20% damage received for 15 seconds.
Air Spirit -  Increase party movement speed for 30 seconds
Health Spirit -  if used with (AS - Increase max shield)(SS-Increase Defense)(MS-Increase Max HP)
Sharpen Spirit - if used with (AS - Increase Attack)(SS-Increase Critical)(MS-Increase all Status)
Point Target - Greatly increase attack accuracy and critical ability of party member for 1 minute.

QIMOZf2.png Sacritection - Increases PK tolerance by 30% last for 12 seconds.



YCvrNw2.png Air Smashing - Quickly slashes enemy 6x (Just my playing preference)


Destruction Tab

By708Ga.png  Armor Breaker -  Drop's Defense for 9 Seconds
Break arms - Disable skills for 3 seconds
Charge Shock - Approach enemy instantly and stun for a short period of time
Guidance - Increase accuracy and Critical damage
Heavy blow - Shocked/Stun enemy with 60% chance 



8OxkKUf.png Fury of Rondow - Greatly drops the guard and block ability of opponent 
fOYdaCr.png Genocide -  Decrease defense for 10 seconds
5n3kxbf.png SolarEvil - when use with (Sword -Drop target defense) (Axe - Blow) (Mace - Drop target attack)
k5kBz2J.png Sonic Massacre - when use with (Sword -Drop target accuracy) (Axe - Blow) (Mace - Drop target critical)
VbRMz6Q.png Wrist Chop -  Reduce the attack for 9 seconds and if used with (Axe - Blow)


Dual Tab

5sq9O1B.png Cyclone Slash - Spin body towards the enemy and hit 4 times
1buNBwu.png Energetic Blade -  Slash at distance decrease targets movement for a short duration


Honor Tab

WNpKgn7.png Attack Acceleration - Increase critical rate for 22 seconds
g67kpPI.png Health Strengthen - HP recovery for 15 seconds
50goRT3.png Insensibility - defense makes defeat not to happen by enemy's for 180 seconds
RzvmIOv.png Wind Rush - Increase movement speed for 46 seconds


Transup Tab

GLgf8mJ.png Barad- Transformation (increase all stats,movement speed, all elemental resistance, and defense)
qMRi2tc.png  Penetrate- quickly dash at target 12 meter range and reduce targets movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds
ZdPSksC.png Soul Blade- Quickly unleash giant spirit sword and slows the target.
KfgQFLs.png Storm Wave- Deliver 5 blows
mW1JUpa.png  Violence Flick - Quickly Stab target multiple times.


Grand Meister Skills (Dual)

UmZtPE5.pngEdipeer -  Decrease guard by 650 for 8 secs
i1YDdHH.pngSlimbit - critical damage of target will drop by 20% at Max skill level it stun lock and the target's guard rate and block decrease by 15% for 3 sec.
BwCQkYC.pngVelox -  Quickly strike enemy and decrease targets critical rate by 500 at 70% chance.


Grand Meister skills (2 Handed)

rc72dGX.pngAsuwin - Stun lock at 1st strike and reduce target's critical resistance by 20% for 7 seconds.
digcOMU.pngGrandis - Deliver 5 huge blows.
m0OFzyS.pngMagnum - 

These are the skills I personally tested and filter them based on (Skill animation, cool down duration and skills status effect.). Feel free to descover other skills that will fit to your playing style and preference.




Combo Rotation Guide

Alright! so we manage to filter out the skills we need now is the time to explore the combination that will best fit to our pvp gameplay preference. so let's start with buffs.


This are the buffs that you shouldn't forget when doing pvp's 




50goRT3.png - Do not forget using this as this is every important for AK not be easily interrupt in casting skills and be knock back easily.

WlGlEXq.png - You can use this buff even if your specializing in Protection Mastery and Dual Mastery combination just equip a low level 2 handed weapon. This is a very useful buff it increase Accuracy and your Critical Damage

o57KGBr.pngbDPmcrt.png  - For this two buffs, I would recommend using Mace 1 handed weapon plus shield to take advantage getting additional HP and Increase overall Status effect.



Alright since this is all about combo rotation we need to decide an entry so we can connect our chained combination skills. I can think of 4 possible entry and this are the following:

(A) ry579zr.png 

(B)  IxyXo7N.png

(C)  ry579zr.png  +  YbBDgdy.png

(D)  YbBDgdy.png  +  ry579zr.png  


My recommended entry is (D) YbBDgdy.png  +  ry579zr.png  you may wonder why and ask what is the difference between entry (D) and (C), Well that is a good question. My answer is, for me this is a perfect balance when you are on a defensive state and offensive state.  and why is that? Just imagine you are using entry (C) every time you stun the opponent and follow up to lose his target and when you switch weapon to connect your chain combo skills the opponent is already 4 to 5 steps away from you and you need to get near again to connect your combo. because you just lose his target but you did not pinned him. So if you had use entry (D) just by having a good grasp of how far is the reach of the counter hit YbBDgdy.png skill there is a big chance that you will cancel your opponents target and also his chain combo followed up with ry579zr.png Shield shove you have atleast 1-2 sec be able to switch weapon and do your chain combo and this entry is also good for aggressive melee opponent. For entry (A) this is also good however you will have struggle to get near your opponent if you get stun lock by him and he is just about 2 steps away from you. one good example is with Hunter. Entry (B) this an aggressive entry which is really good to connect with your chain combo right away however with the slight fps drop or increase in MS this will fail.


Execute Entry and Switch (Tab key) to your specialized Mastery


2 Handed Mastery chain combo


By708Ga.png digcOMU.pngvovcq7a.pngrc72dGX.pngm0OFzyS.pngmW1JUpa.png




This are some of the chain combo for 2 handed mastery, there is a lot of variety of combo you can make just need to practice and test them until you get the perfect fit for your play style.


My recommended combo


I like this combo sequence, what good with this combo is whenever i get to successfully execute my entry and follow up with this combo, it slows the opponent due to Soul Blade, follow up by break arms to make opponent unable to use skills, and stun lock them with asuwin and continue to grandis, magnum, all the way to violent flick for maximum dps.


Dual Weapon Mastery






This are some of the chain combo for Dual Weapon mastery, there is a lot of variety of combo you can make just need to practice and test them until you get the perfect fit for your play style. I know someone who's very good in Dual Weapon Mastery can even win against 2 handed weapon mastery.


My Recommended Combo



I just want this sequence when i execute my entry and follow up with slimbit it stun lock the opponent and with edipeer it decrease the guard rate of the opponent i used cyclone slash as it has fast skill animation and can sometime knock back the opponent it also spins towards the enemy which is a good thing as velox can easily connect and end it up with violent flick.


Important Reminder:

QIMOZf2.png  - Always use this buff whenever available. (How to use it press "E" to self target and cast the skill)

1iAXnDC.png  - This is very useful it can help you resist 20% of every damage received by you and party members use it whenever available this is very handy when being sleep and in dksq.


(I do not claim that the above combination are the best combo sequence out there, this are base on my playing experience with AK and my combination that best fit with my playing style. Feel free to make your own adjustment and combination that would best fit with your preference. Let us explore together and share knowledge of our experience in using AK.)


My Personal Skill Bar


Now lets put everything we've learned together and take this action into the next level!


How to do Tri Build!?

The logic behind tri build is bridging the 2 offensive mastery combination skills to maximize offense.

 example base on the rotation guide above.

The combination goes like.

           Entry                                    Chained Combo 

YbBDgdy.png +ry579zr.png >  ZdPSksC.pngvovcq7a.pngrc72dGX.pngdigcOMU.pngm0OFzyS.pngmW1JUpa.png>(So what goes here??????)        


So if you can see the above illustration after the chained combo it leads having AK to be on idle and no other choice but to run waiting for the cool down of his skills while receiving spam hit at the same time. So to compensate that idle time and maximize offense and damage AK needs to bridge the two mastery. 

The Tri build formula for that:

           Entry        <              2h  combo                                                <      Entry             <  Dual combo

YbBDgdy.png+ry579zr.png > ZdPSksC.pngvovcq7a.pngrc72dGX.pngdigcOMU.pngm0OFzyS.pngmW1JUpa.png > YbBDgdy.png+ry579zr.png>i1YDdHH.pngUmZtPE5.png5sq9O1B.pngBwCQkYC.pngmW1JUpa.png

and Vice versa.


How to achieve the above formula!?

is by keeping your inventory window open and holding one weapon to switch it with your shield. just like what is shown on the image below.


Note : You may think that the weapons were equip in an unusual way, It is for my personal preferences as I am more comfortable placing my inventory window on the right side of the screen, I equip the weapons that way so it will be more easier for me to switch the 1 hand weapon with my shield and vice versa. You are free not to follow this setup if you may find it uncomfortable. 🙂

AEtD7Hn.png   8xspsV4.png



On a Final Note:

Even though there is a recommended combo sequence, there would be such cases and situation that you will be making your own combo sequence. Hoping to see more AK players in the future.



Alright on pve guys do not expect much on AK doing a high damage on mobs if you plan using it for farming. though it will do adequate damage to kill mobs.  AK are best in a party for pve as it is better in tanking and taking up hits while other party members do the most damage.

Can AK do solo farming?

Of course it can,  to do more damage make sure to equip lach necklace / Marlbry Ring and 3x 170 +9 necklace or 3x 180+9 necklace and make use of the dual mastery skills to do more damage and maximizing DPS.  

(you can also do full str build to maximize your damage).

Useful Tips

  • You can combine this to increase your monster damage tolerance.

           Vf1y0l2.png - This increases 20% of your overall damage and monster damage tolerance

          I5E1r8X.png?1 - This increases your parties monster resistance.

          sWazimD.png - It increases 10% of your resistance against monsters. Also make mobs change their hostility towards you. (If you plan to do Dead Front Dungeon and it has 2-3 parties inside you can spam this skill to get the chance stealing the ownership of the boss and able to get the experience and Grade Points.)


Some PVP Strategy

Alright this is my personal strategy I do not claim this will work best for everyone but if you can pull it off I will be glad that it works for you too. Feel free to comment below of your own strategy and I will be more than happy to add them in this guide.

Beating Hunters

We all know that pvping hunter is pretty much annoying as they are very slick and very hard to catch given they are range class and their skills has an unusual movement they are just like rabbit that keeps on jumping from one side to another and coping up with their movements is pretty damn hard.  so here are some essential skills that you can use in beating them up.

qMRi2tc.png YCvrNw2.png IxyXo7N.png ZdPSksC.png i1YDdHH.pngrc72dGX.png

This skills helps you get close to hunters and slow them and lock their movement and be able to perform your chained combo and also make some good use of your dashes skills, so goodluck and enjoy.


Beating Bagi

Alright beating up bagi is we need to understand their strong point which is their resistance buff

065535f861c08a3ab7db50763a5e4356.png  this allows them not to be stun, silence, sleep and other debuffs for 28 seconds and its pretty much enough time for them to destroy you with their combos as your stun, silence has no effect with them and which is close to impossible to counter it.  With that said, we can use it against them. How? pretty much simple do not confront them head on for 28 seconds let their resistance buff ran out be on your shield all the time to avoid getting much damage once they catch you.  So once their buff runs out you can pretty much connect your chain combos be able to stun them slow, silence etc. repeat the same method and you can definitely beat them.

You will also notice when a bagi is about to be defeated and all their shield has been drained as they will use this skill.

e2a94ee9e1102d351fad182fced795ac.png Vitality Drain this gives them 50% resistance to all damage by exhausting 70% percent of their total shield for 7 seconds. In short they wont be using this on the early exchange of attack. So once they use this its your signal that they are about to be defeated. So goodluck and enjoy.


That's all folks for my guide, I am hoping this could help new players to AK to have a little bit of understanding how to play this complex class.  do not be afraid to explore and discover skill combination and stats build until you find the perfect skills & stats tuning that will best fit your play style. 


You may also check my video as per the link below:





By: {VIP}iiDagger





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Great guide @iiDagger

Perhaps you can also add some info about Azure Knight regarding the PvE aspects of the game.

I also would like to point out that all 3 AK builds are viable, although Tri build is the most popular build due to it having the highest consistent DPS out of the 3 builds.

We would like to send you some coins for this guide. Do you want them on {VIP}iiDagger?

Once again, thank you for the guide.

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40 minutes ago, Dannyboi said:

Great guide @iiDagger

Perhaps you can also add some info about Azure Knight regarding the PvE aspects of the game.

I also would like to point out that all 3 AK builds are viable, although Tri build is the most popular build due to it having the highest consistent DPS out of the 3 builds.

We would like to send you some coins for this guide. Do you want them on {VIP}iiDagger?

Once again, thank you for the guide.

Hi Danny, thank you for pointing that out, I will work on it. 

for the coins? yap you can send it to {VIP}iiDagger.  thank you so much

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