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they should reward helpful and kind players

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hey GM, Admins, Staffs,, i think that you should reward helpful players

the reason why i though of this is BCz

i just started awhile ago...

i kept on shouting for like 15- 20 minutes...

no one responded.. i kept on trying..

i went to Egutt Desert Solo..

suddenly a random player invited me..

then she helped me all the way.. 


im just saying.. and im the 27th player she helped 

i mean.. a little reward aint' bad right ???


Her ign is Krinzek (DK Level 197) Guild ~M.A.D~

sorry i cant upload pics idk how :(

thankyou and God bless 

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Not saying you should reward players for just being nice in the community, but if they did, then they’d have nothing to worry about in terms of giving rewards out cuz there’s almost no one willing to help you or even answer questions in game. Love the game, and I love playing solo, but I’d like to join a guild and find people that actually talk. 


Tldr: community is busy and active but not terribly helpful

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I've helped a few random people for no reason, especially in egutt.. but i dont think people should be rewarded for it.

If he/she decides to add you, you can return the favor one day and a great friendship comes out of it. Thats rewarding enough if you ask me😛

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