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A guild for both new and experienced players. 


We are an European guild with members from all over the contient.  

Our main focus as a guild is to help those in need, and to better the experience for all our members. 


Have you ever been in need of a helping hand while leveling, farming, raiding or just wanted someone to have a  friendly conversation with? Awaken can provide all of that. 

We are looking for both new and old players to join our community. 


There are some requirements in order to join us, and they goes as followed

-We only allow English in guild/ally chat, and prefer English being spoken at all times. 

-Mature players, childish actions and straight up dumbness wont last long in our community.

-Be active. This doesnt mean having Dekaron as a fulltime job, but be around and join our adventures

-We dont allow alt chars in our guild, however we have a seperate guild for alts. Meaning you will still be able to talk with all of us via Ally chat.


If Awaken is something you find interesting, leave your ingame name in the comments or hit me up with a PM. 


More about us


By joining our community we welcome you to our alliance ~M.A.D~

This alliance currently consist of 3 guilds. 

HELL, Awaken and ~M.A.D~


I'm currently working along with the other guildowners to better our experience together even more, this meaning we are planning events for our members. 

PK events with rewards such as Dill or items.  This doesnt mean ungeared people can't participate, it will most likey be based of the current GM events with chars below a certain level. 

You can read all about it in our community discord server. 


Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you again soon! 😉




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Hello. I used to play old dekaron...until it turn p2w. I left and came to this pvp type one. Looking for guide and i main a staff summy atm. In mitera seaching for final armors to upgrade. Hope u got alot of staff sumys users😎 plz add me into clan? Ingame summy is xanader 

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On 4/20/2019 at 3:43 PM, WhinnieThePooh said:

is alex still leader of MAD? 

is it worht coming back to the server? ppl will be active enough to actually farm efficiantly for everyone and not just 1 drop of 18% talis and we done?

I'm pretty sure Alex got banned a while back for attempting to sell his account, which obviously backfired.. 

Sadly, i'm barely playing this game anymore, and most of the guys in our alliance & guild have retired aswell.


I wouldnt say its not worth checking out, theres alot of newcomers around.  Find a few active recruits and its smooth sailing from there.  I might consider playing more often if people decides to come back



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@wid0mz Oh so M.A.D Alliance is European. wow.

I have seen alot of u the past few months. And i fact i was a member of HELL. And i meet Beastly.

I heard that when M.A.D disbanded, some members go to KRATOS and made alliance with SPARTA guild then i joined also. THen few days later the guild is dissolved. 

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